________________ Can Add IMEI Or Serial Numbers To The Zero Touch Portal?

  1. End-Users
  2. Resellers
  3. Resellers and carrier partners
  4. Customers

Correct Answer:

  • Resellers and carrier partners

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  1. Using Android Enterprise Versus Device Admin (DA) Is Recommended For All Deployments Going Forward Because:
  2. __________________ Is A Standard For Enterprise Customers To Recognize Android Devices That Perform Against Enterprise-Grade Testing And Integrate With Enterprise-Focused Features. (Fill In The Blank)
  3. The Following Enrollment Methods Are Supported With Android Enterprise:
  4. Restricting Applications From Communicating Directly To Each Other Is An Example Of What Android Security Principle:
  5. Google Recommends Which Of The Following Methods To Securely Manage, Deploy Or Host In-House Company Applications?
  6. The Android Open Source Software Stack Is Built On:
  7. The Identity Method That Is Preferred For G-Suite Customers:
  8. ‘Sideloading’ Is The #1 Risk For Introducing Malware And PHAs Onto Your Device.
  9. The Advantages Of Hosting Private Apps On Google Play Include: (Select All That Apply)
  10. Hardware-Backed Security Does Which Of The Following? (Select All That Apply)
  11. __________________ Ensures Key Generation, Key Import, Signing And Verification Services Are Kept Separate From The OS. (Fill In The Blank)
  12. Using A Pin + Hardware Key To Derive Encryption Keys Is Called ________________.
  13. COPE Devices Provide: (Select All That Apply)
  14. Google Play Protect Includes: ​(Select All That Apply)
  15. ____________ Ensures Keys Created With A Newer OS Cannot Be Used By Older OS Versions.
  16. Android 8.0+ Includes ___________ To Not Allow Downgrading OS To An Older Less Secure Version Or Patch Level.
  17. The Identity Method That Is Preferred For G-Suite Customers Is Referred To As:
  18. ___________ Is A Collection Of Google Applications And APIs That Help Support Functionality Across Devices And A Requirement For Android Enterprise.
  19. To Make Android Even Safer, Google Shares Source Code For Security Fixes Every ______ Days With Partners And Publish Updates For Nexus And Pixel Devices.
  20. ________________ Can Add IMEI Or Serial Numbers To The Zero Touch Portal?
  21. The Newest Enrollment Method With The Launch Of __________ Is ___________:
  22. As Users Are The First Line Of Defense Against Any Mobile Threat, EMM’s Can Employ Policies That Can Force:
  23. In Order To Gain User Buy In For Work Profiles, Explain To Users That IT Cannot Monitor ____________ . ​(Select All That Apply)
  24. Some Of The Advantages Of Hosting Private Apps On Managed Google Play Are:
  25. Devices With A Work Profile Differentiate Work Apps From Personal Apps By A:
  26. How Many Managed Google Play Accounts Can A Customer Get For Free From Google For Use With Their EMM?
  27. Please Select The Most Accurate Statement As It Pertains To Managed Google Play Accounts:
  28. Google Play Protect Scans ___________ Apps That Are Installed Onto A Device:
  29. As It Pertains To Shared Device Use Cases, Support For _____________ Was Added In Android Pie (9.0) Kiosk Mode.
  30. _____________ Establishes Best Practices And Common Requirements For Devices And Services, Backed By A Thorough Testing Process Conducted By Google.
  31. True Or False: During Deployment Planning, Determine Scope Of Testing And Timelines For Different Stages Of The Deployment.
  32. When Enrolling Devices Using The NFC Method, Organizations Can Use __________ To Transfer Configurations To A New Device:
  33. Managed Google Play Provides Organizations Complete Control Over App Visibility And Distribution By:
  34. Android Devices Utilize A __________, To Run Privileged Or Security-Sensitive Operations Such As PIN Verification, Secure Storage Of Encryption Keys And Verified Boot.
  35. Before Deploying Android In A No Connectivity Environment, You Should Strongly Consider:
  36. During The ____________ Process, Each Bootstage Cryptographically Verifies The Integrity And Authenticity Of The Next Stage Before Executing It.
  37. What Is The Proper Method A User Should Follow In Order To Add A Work Profile To Their Personal Device?
  38. What Are The Are Two Identities That Can Be Used With Android Enterprise?
  39. Android Enterprise Recommended Ensures Devices Are Up To Date With Regular Security Patches Delivered Within _________. Android Enterprise Recommended Devices Are Also Guaranteed To Get At Least ______________.
  40. All Android OEM’s That Opt To Use Google Mobile Services (GMS) Must Adhere To A _________ And Successfully Pass ____________.
  41. The feature that gives IT control over company data while allowing workers to keep their pictures and apps private is called:
  42. __________________ enables large-scale Android deployments across multiple device makers with no manual set up. (fill in the blank)
  43. With Managed Google Play, You Can: (Select All That Apply)

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