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Articles Page 39

Articles Page 39

  1. What feature would you set up to collect company-specific data such as Member Status?
  2. What does the time lag report indicate?
  3. What are UTM parameters?
  4. What are the four scope levels available for dimensions and metrics in Google Analytics?
  5. What analysis tool would you use to analyze the behavior of new customers vs. returning customers on your website?
  6. Views can include website data from before the view was created.
  7. True or False: When you share a link to a custom report, you share the data in the report.
  8. True or False: When a new view is created, it will show the historical data from the first view you created for the property.
  9. True or False: The order in which filters appear in your view settings matters.
  10. True or False: Once a view is deleted it cannot be restored.
  11. True or False: If you have updated your tracking code to analytics.js, then no additional configuration is required to track subdomains.
  12. True or False: If a user views one page of a website, completes an Event on this page, and then leaves the site, this session will be counted as a bounce in Google Analytics.
  13. To send data from a web-connected device like a point-of-sale system to Google Analytics, what would you use?
  14. To recognize users across different devices, what feature must you enable?
  15. To collect how many times users downloaded a product catalog, what would you set up ?
  16. The User ID feature lets you associate engagement data from multiple devices and different sessions with unique IDs. In order to use the User ID feature in Analytics you must
  17. The User ID feature is commonly used with which of the following website scenarios?
  18. The Solutions Gallery allows you to import or share which of the following reporting tools or assets?
  19. The Measurement Protocol is a standard set of rules for collecting and sending hits to Google Analytics. Using the Measurement Protocol you can
  20. The Google Analytics SDK or tracking code sends campaign and traffic source data through a number of different fields. Which of the following is one of the fields used to send campaign or traffic source data?
  21. The Google Analytics Data Model consists of users, sessions, and interactions. In this hierarchy, interactions include:
  22. Smart Goals are created automatically by Google’s machine-learning algorithms
  23. Sharing a Custom Report will share the data in that report.
  24. Segments are subsets of your Analytics data. Which of the following are not true of Analytics segments?
  25. Segments are applied before sampling in reports.
  26. Scenario: The Google Merchandise Store recently launched a mobile responsive website and started a few new ad campaigns. When looking at their overall traffic in Google Analytics, they noticed that they have a bounce rate of 85%. Which of the following dimensions would be useful when analyzing their traffic to determine the cause of this high bounce rate?
  27. Once you have deleted a view, you have a limited number of days to restore that view.
  28. Once Google Analytics has processed the data it collects, you can still recover any data that was filtered out.
  29. Metrics cannot be paired with dimensions of the same scope.
  30. In the multi-channel funnel reports, which of the following metrics would be most useful in measuring how many conversions were initiated by Paid Search?
  31. In Multi-Channel Funnel Reports, which channel could NOT be credited with a conversion?
  32. In Multi-Channel Funnel Reports, conversions and ecommerce transactions are attributed to the last campaign, search, or ad that referred the user.
  33. If you wanted to track what search terms customers used to find products on your website, what would you set up?
  34. If you want to track users and sessions across multiple domains, what must you set up?
  35. If you define a Destination Goal for a newsletter sign-up, and a user completes the newsletter sign-up three times in three separate sessions, how many Goal conversions will Google Analytics count?
  36. If the Google Merchandise Store sets up a URL goal of “/ordercomplete” and a Match Type of “Begins with”, which of the following pages on www.googlemerchandisestore.com will NOT count as a goal?
  37. If a user watches a video with event tracking three times in a single session, Analytics will count how many Unique Events?
  38. If a user visits the home page of a website with a video embedded and leaves without clicking on anything, Google Analytics will count this session as a bounce.
  39. If a filter excludes data from a view, that data can never be recovered for that view.
  40. How would you track visitors coming from an email or newsletter campaign?
  41. How would you reduce the time it takes to compile reports in Google Analytics?
  42. How would you determine the mobile ecommerce conversion rate for paid traffic (CPC)?
  43. How does Google Analytics credit a channel that contributes to a conversion prior to a transaction?
  44. Google Analytics uses which model by default when attributing conversion values in non-Multi-Channel Funnel reports
  45. Google Analytics filters are applied in the order in which they are set in your view.
  46. Google Analytics can identify that two sessions are from the same user if
  47. Google Analytics can collect behavioral data from which systems?
  48. Filters may be applied retroactively to any data that has been processed.
  49. Filters let you include, exclude, or modify the data you collect in a view.
  50. Each dimension and metric has a scope that aligns with a level of the analytics data hierarchy — user, session, or hit-level. In most cases, it only makes sense to combine dimensions and metrics in your reports that belong to the same scope. Which of the following is a valid dimension / metric combination?
  51. Custom Reports will NOT let you do what?
  52. Custom Dimensions can be used as which of the following?
  53. By default, which of these traffic source dimensions does Google Analytics capture for each user that visits your website?
  54. By default, which of these is NOT considered a “source” in Google Analytics?
  55. By default, which of these is NOT considered a “medium” in Google Analytics?
  56. By default, which of these are NOT Remarketing audiences that you can define?
  57. By default, when will Google Analytics NOT be able to identify sessions from the same user?
  58. By default, when does an Analytics session expire?
  59. By default, Google Analytics can only collect behavioral data from web-connected systems.
  60. Auto-tagging is used to collect data from which kinds of traffic?
  61. Auto-tagging is a feature that is used with which type of traffic?
  62. Assigning a value to a Google Analytics Goal allows you to do which of the following?
  63. Adding filters to a view in Google Analytics allows you to
  64. A visitor comes to your site but stops looking at pages and generating events. Which of the following will occur by default?
  65. You’re currently targeting all inventory in one campaign through an “All products” group. How should you find campaign optimization opportunities?
  66. You want to prevent your ads from appearing for certain search terms. How would you do it?
  67. You should use multiple ad groups when you want to:
  68. You can use custom labels in a product data feed to:
  69. You can use campaign priority to:
  70. Why is it a best practice to set a bid for the “everything else in all products” product group?
  71. Why can’t Ellen see any benchmark data for her new Shopping campaign?
  72. Which is a required attribute when submitting a product to Google Merchant Center?
  73. Which is a reason why Annie’s Google Merchant Center account would get suspended?
  74. Which email contact does Google use to notify merchants about account warnings?
  75. Which devices can Shopping ads appear on?
  76. Which can you sell on Google Shopping?
  77. Which AdWords campaign settings should Sarah choose in order to sell products to California residents only?
  78. When preparing to submit a new data feed, you should:
  79. When creating a file to upload to Merchant Center, what format is accepted?
  80. What’s the best way to indicate in a feed that a product is on sale for a limited time?
  81. What should Brian take into account when optimizing the ‘title’ attribute for his new line of bicycles?
  82. What is a best practice to reduce the processing time of a new feed?
  83. What information do you need to enter in Google Merchant Center to create a Shopping campaign?
  84. What does impression share indicate about a product group?
  85. What does Google Merchant Center use as the primary way to contact users with important messages, such as feed disapprovals?
  86. Vivian owns an art supply store and traffic for her “painting” product group is increasing. What is one thing Vivian should do to optimize the performance of her painting products?
  87. To subdivide products in Shopping campaigns using your own set product structure, you should use:
  88. To maintain an active data feed, you must update the feed every:
  89. The attribute ‘identifier exists’ and value ‘FALSE’ should be used for:
  90. Suzie owns an apparel store and has decided to sell her products online. When Suzie creates a Google Merchant Center data feed, what unique product identifiers will be accepted?
  91. Shopping campaigns use:
  92. Shopping ads should be used for:
  93. Shopping ads can be targeted to:
  94. Sally is promoting her online store that sells vintage goods and custom artwork. What does she need to include for unique product identifiers?
  95. Ryan’s shoe store sells a variety of shoes. His “active shoes” campaign is reaching the daily budget cap by the early afternoon. What should Ryan do to get more traffic for his products?
  96. Ruth is going to sell products that Google considers adult-oriented. How should she label her content?
  97. Ricky is an online golf equipment merchant who just created a new Google Merchant Center account. When Ricky creates his first data feed, he must add unique product identifiers for his products. Which combination of ‘gtin,’ ‘mpn,’ and ‘brand’ is valid?
  98. Product groups are eligible for the Bid Simulator:
  99. Peter has finished subdividing the product groups in one of his Shopping campaign’s ad groups. What bid should Peter not use for the remaining “everything else in all products” product group?
  100. Nicole’s analysis shows that 5 brands currently in her “All products” group are performing especially well. What can she do to capture more traffic on these valuable brands?
  101. Multi-client accounts (MCAs) in Google Merchant Center allow advertisers to easily:
  102. Michael was notified that his products were disapproved due to incorrect prices. Which of the following may have caused the disapproval?
  103. Merchants use Google Merchant Center for which purpose?
  104. May is in the process of expanding her store to support more territories. May’s Google Merchant Center account was suspended after adding new data feeds. Why was her account suspended?
  105. Matt is preparing for his store’s big holiday sale. What should Matt do to make sure the products that are on sale are organized on Google Shopping?
  106. Marie’s new camera product falls into two different Google product categories. What should she use for this attribute?
  107. Jane is planning to add a popular brand of watches to her online store. To help differentiate her products from her competitors, Jane should do which of the following:
  108. In order to offer products in different countries, you should:
  109. In Google Merchant Center, a target country is the country where:
  110. If Sam doesn’t enable conversion tracking for his Shopping campaigns, which bidding option below will be available to him?
  111. If a product doesn’t have an image available, you should:
  112. How should Chris estimate how a different bid amount would impact his store’s online traffic?
  113. How could you increase the number of conversions your Shopping campaign receives for about the same total cost?
  114. How can you lose your claimed URL?
  115. How can Helen provide free shipping for a small group of promotional products?
  116. How are product groups used in Shopping campaigns?
  117. Google Merchant Center is used to:
  118. Google Merchant Center is used for:
  119. Google Merchant Center can be used to:
  120. For a Shopping campaign, you can use AdWords to:
  121. Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC) bidding should be used to:
  122. Custom labels can be a great way for you to:
  123. Catherine is preparing to release a new line of toys that’s currently available for pre-order only on the landing page. Why is Catherine’s data feed getting disapproved for incorrect availability?
  124. Campaign priority should be used when:
  125. Brian is expanding his store to include antique goods. What should he do if there isn’t a unique product identifier available?
  126. Bob is seeing low traffic for one of his product groups and daily spend is low. What could he do to help increase impressions and traffic?
  127. Ben is creating product images. A common best practice is to:
  128. At which level can you add promotional text to Product Listing Ads?
  129. According to Google Shopping Policies, what can be included in promotional text?
  130. You can use a mobile specific display URL to:
  131. With YouTube Mastheads you can get 100% share of voice, not just on the desktop YouTube site, but also across screens with:
  132. With a business in an eligible country, call conversions help advertisers understand the value that calls from their ads are driving by counting calls of a minimum duration to a Google forwarding number as conversions.
  133. With a business in an eligible country, advertisers can use Website Call Conversions to track calls to a Google forwarding number on their site from users who arrived there from any source.
  134. Which of the following is true about mobile optimized sites?
  135. Which of the following is true about apps?
  136. Which of the following is the main reason an app advertiser would want to use a 3rd party conversion tracking company?
  137. Which of the following is NOT true about an app URL scheme?
  138. Which of the following is NOT a type of mobile ad extension?
  139. Which of the following is incorrect about AdWords cross–device conversions?
  140. Which of the following is a way for an advertiser to monetize their app?
  141. Which is a benefit of using server–to–server app conversion tracking over an SDK?
  142. Which flexible bid strategy might help improve the chances that your ad gets to the top of the page?
  143. Where can app ads run?
  144. When you use a flexible bid strategy, it will automatically optimize your bids based on:
  145. When should an advertiser use an app extension instead of an app promotion ad?
  146. When conversion data shows that mobile drives more value, you would _____ your mobile bid. When conversion data shows that desktop drives more value, you would ______ your mobile bid.
  147. What will you need before you can set up conversion tracking for calls from an ad or from a website (assuming Google forwarding numbers are available in your country)?
  148. What time of day does mobile usage generally peak?
  149. What is an app install ad?
  150. What is an app engagement ad?
  151. What is a lightbox ad?
  152. Viewable impressions:
  153. Usage data allows advertisers to:
  154. To understand the full value of mobile, you must take into account:
  155. To track conversions in an app, you can add the AdWords Conversion Tracking SDK to your app. SDK stands for:
  156. To re–engage users with an app, use the following strategies:
  157. To find the right mobile bid, you would calculate:
  158. Third–party analytics companies can reduce complication for advertisers by providing them only one SDK to add to their apps.
  159. The two types of conversions for YouTube on mobile are:
  160. The path to conversion on mobile is not the same as on desktop or tablet due to ALL of the following EXCEPT:
  161. The mobile video Masthead is a homepage ad similar to the desktop video Masthead and will appear on the homepage of all of the YouTube mobile and tablet properties, including _____.
  162. The Mobile App Analytics Behavior reports give you data about:
  163. The Mobile App Analytics Acquisition reports give you data about:
  164. The conversion optimizer for apps allows:
  165. The codeless conversion tracking solution is usually recommended for app downloads on Android OS over SDK or server to server solution when speed and ease of implementation is a priority.
  166. The App Overview report is a summary of the most salient data from all of the Mobile App Analytics reports. Use this report to:
  167. Sitelink extensions:
  168. Showrooming refers to:
  169. Showing your ads on top of the mobile page in search results is beneficial because:
  170. Setting up Mobile App Analytics requires:
  171. Select the one way NOT to track app conversions.
  172. Once an advertiser opts in to advertise with our search partners (the default setting) in their campaign network settings, they should use _______ to have their ads populate within Google Maps for Mobile.
  173. Mobile presents an opportunity for a more targeted marketing message because you have an understanding of context such as time, location, and proximity of the customer.
  174. Many successful mobile sites have large “touch targets” for clicking that take into account ______.
  175. iOS App Install confirmation is a feedback mechanism which enables customers to receive confirmation from Google every time an iOS app install event can be attributed to an AdWords ad click or view. Why would an advertiser use this solution?
  176. iOS app conversion tracking cannot be set up using:
  177. In AdWords, you can create and manage video campaigns targeting mobile devices by using ___.
  178. If your campaign is running on the Display Network, your ads:
  179. If you want to reach certain categories of apps with in–app display ads, or if you know the apps you want to target, you should:
  180. How do upgraded URLs help advertisers with 3rd party conversion tracking?
  181. For someone who wants to run a Display Network campaign, which tool is best suited for providing targeting ideas and estimates?
  182. Deep–linking allows:
  183. Automatic bidding is ideal for advertisers who:
  184. Auto exclusions allow:
  185. Assuming you are not using any bid adjustment and you value mobile traffic over desktop, which bid adjustment should you set?
  186. App remarketing allows you to target people who:
  187. App Downloads are conversions that are tracked when a user downloads or installs a mobile application for the first time.
  188. An app developer might use remarketing if they wanted to promote a paid version of their game to all users of the free version who reached Level 10 of the game.
  189. An advertiser would NOT use AdWords’ mobile offering to:
  190. An advertiser with stores throughout the country could use Location Extension Targeting to:
  191. Admob is ____.
  192. According to a Nielsen study, what percentage of purchase–related conversions happened within an hour of the mobile searches that initiated them?
  193. A(n) ____ gives your app users the ability to open your app directly from other apps by clicking a link.
  194. A mobile app is an application that can be downloaded and installed on your mobile device or rendered within a browser.
  195. A ______ specifies a location in an app that corresponds to the content you’d like to show.
  196. 50% of purchase–related conversions happened within ______ of the mobile searches that initiated them.
  197. ________ is a tool that can show you what happens after a customer clicks on your ads; whether they made a purchase, downloaded an app, or called your business.
  198. _______ are a type of ad format that show extra information about your business.
  199. Why do CSS @imports harm performance?
  200. Why did Facebook create “2G Tuesdays”?
  201. Why can lie-fie result in a poor experience?
  202. Why are push notifications important for advertisers?
  203. Which of these should be minimized to deliver the fastest possible time to firstrender?
  204. Which of these features is part of a Progressive Web App?
  205. Which of these are NOT part of AMP:
  206. Which of the following statements is true about the mobile experience of users?
  207. Which of the following reports in Google Analytics helps you to identify leakages from the conversion funnel?
  208. Which of the following is NOT true about site search experience on mobile sites?
  209. Which of the following is NOT a best practice to optimize forms on mobile?
  210. Which of the following is NOT a best practice for a financial company to keep users from dropping out of the funnel?
  211. Which of the following describes the Payment API correctly?
  212. Which of the following describes an App shell?
  213. Which most accurately describes the purpose of compression?
  214. Which is true about calls-to-action usage on mobile homepages?
  215. Which is the best way to discover and prioritize landing pages for UX improvement potential?
  216. Which is NOT true about Responsive Sites?
  217. Which is an example of a situation when an unnecessary resource negatively impacts the user experience.
  218. Which format is preferred for the multi-device and high-resolution icons?
  219. Which describes how a Service Worker operates?
  220. Which components often account for most of the downloaded bytes on a web page?
  221. Which changes to “geometric properties” affect the layout?
  222. Which allows for efficient font reuse between pages?
  223. When using Chrome devtools, what should you limit the connectivity to?
  224. When referring to the critical rendering path in site performance, a critical resource is:
  225. What’s the fastest and best-optimized resource?
  226. What performance metrics are affected by slow pagespeed?
  227. What makes a notification good?
  228. What is it that the App shell helps with
  229. What is a valid event for a Service Worker to emit when it’s registered?
  230. What is a tool that you can use to emulate and simulate a site that’s experiencing poor or unreliable connectivity?
  231. What is a benefit of mobile site over an app for businesses?
  232. What does “Variant A” in A/B Testing usually represent?
  233. True or false: You can experiment with Google Analytics features by using the Google Merchandise Store demo account.
  234. True or false: Using a mix of desktop and mobile-optimized pages on mobile sites improves the user experience since some users are more familiar with the desktop version of the site.
  235. True or false: To instruct the browser to use the default device width, you would use .
  236. True or false: Mobile pages that load 1s faster see up to a 27% increase in CvR.
  237. True or false: JavaScript can block DOM construction unless explicitly declared as async.
  238. True or false: Images should never change when rotating a device screen or between different device sizes.
  239. True or false: Constructing the DOM requires style information.
  240. True or false: A/B testing allows you to test two or more elements on the site to understand their effects on each other
  241. To optimize for speed, you shouldn’t use too many webfonts and you should minimize the number of _____.
  242. The render tree contains:
  243. The first step to optimize the critical rendering path is:
  244. Some users are not comfortable converting on their mobile device. What could be an action you can take to improve their experience?
  245. Resources with responses that are ______ for all users are great candidates to be cached by a CDN.
  246. Research shows that mobile users expect to:
  247. Mobile sites:
  248. Keeping CSS independent of HTML allows us to treat_______and _______as separate concerns.
  249. In which of the following situations can a high bounce rate be interpreted as a good metric?
  250. In the layout step, the browser:
  251. Image information such as location and camera description can often be deleted to reduce image sizes. This type of information is called:
  252. Image _____ can be sacrificed to reduce the file size, and chances are the user will still like the resulting image.
  253. If you’re in an animation like scrolling, you should ideally be looking to keep your JavaScript to something in the region of ______. Any longer than that and you risk taking up too much time.
  254. How many times per second do most devices refresh their screens?
  255. How does AMP work?
  256. How do you prioritize optimization of the mobile site for browser versions or screen resolutions:
  257. How can you make the job a lot simpler for the browser?
  258. Google Optimize does NOT currently allow you to:
  259. For each font on your website you should:
  260. Before the browser can render the page, it needs to construct the:
  261. Before introducing mobile site design best practices to your clients, you should examine their.
  262. At a minimum, what Speed Index score should you be aiming for?
  263. At a minimum, what page weight should you be aiming for?
  264. AMP ______ the page ______ waiting for resources to download:
  265. According to a Google poll, what is the top frustration when users browse the web on their mobile device?
  266. A Progressive Web App:
  267. Your VP of Sales thinks SLAs are unnecessary and does not support you taking the time to create one for your Marketing and Sales teams. How can you explain the benefit of an SLA in order to convince your VP of Sales it’s worth creating one?
  268. Your sales manager wants you to focus on explaining the value of your product or service in a way that helps your prospect identify with the pain you solve for. Which of the following is the MOST effective way to accomplish this?
  269. Your executive, finance and sales teams should be solving for and serving the customer.
  270. Your computer is on its last legs and you’re hoping to purchase a new one that suits your needs before your existing desktop model finally bites the dust. Since it’s been a while since you’ve purchased a computer, you’re not quite sure what your options are. Which stage of the buyer’s journey are you most likely in?
  271. Your company makes high-end LED light fixtures. You have two target audiences: architects who design commercial buildings and contractors who work on building renovations. You need to send a different email to each audience. Which of the following would be the most effective way to segment your list?
  272. Your company is growing and you want to scale the alignment between your Marketing and Sales teams. Which of the following is the BEST strategy to help achieve that alignment?
  273. Your company has decided to use an inbound approach to sales. Which of the following does NOT align with your company’s new inbound sales practices?
  274. Your boss wants you to blog primarily about your company, its services and various corporate events. What is your response?
  275. Your boss wants a report on the success of your blog. What information should you NOT analyze
  276. Your boss tells you that you need to double the number of NEW visitors to your site next month. In order to accomplish this feat, you decide to create a new piece of content. Which of the following content formats would be MOST likely to help you achieve your goal?
  277. Your boss is interested in getting results fast and asks you to purchase a list of email addresses to send your marketing messages. What should you tell your boss?
  278. Your boss asks you to explain what the purpose of Google’s ranking and indexing algorithms are. How do you best explain this?
  279. Your boss asks you to do some reporting on your email performance from last quarter. Which email metric can you ignore?
  280. You’ve written two versions of a marketing email that differ based on their first paragraphs. Both get across your message, but you’re not sure which email version to use. Which of the following is the BEST way to determine which email is most effective?
  281. You’ve set out to determine how a “sales-ready lead” is defined within your organization. Which factors are most important to identify in order to determine if a lead is “sales-ready” or not?
  282. You’ve just spent the past week creating a 25-page eBook. You want to be sure all your hard work pays off and the eBook works as an effective lead generation tool. Which of the following is MOST essential to leveraging that eBook to achieve your business goals?
  283. You’ve just completed all your research on your new lead. Now it’s time to pick up the phone! What are the 4 guidelines to keep in mind when connecting with your leads over the phone?
  284. You’ve created a thank you page that you want to use to not only deliver the offer, but also move people farther through the buyer’s journey. What can you add to your thank you page to help guide a potential customer to the decision stage of the Buyer’s Journey?
  285. You’ve been doing inbound marketing for a while, but you decide to try out an inbound approach to sales for a week or two. When you turn on your computer the next morning, you see you already have a new inbound lead in your inbox. Woohoo! What is the FIRST thing you should do?
  286. You’re interviewing a potential new hire. They’re highly qualified for the job itself, but you want to make sure they’re also qualified to serve and delight your customers. Which quality is the most important to identify in order to ensure the employee would be equipped to delight your customers?
  287. You’re building a company website from the ground up. What is the first thing that you should do?
  288. You work for a travel agency and need to write your next blog post. What topic should you write about to attract families that have never heard of you and are looking to take a vacation?
  289. You work for a marketing services agency named Inbound Corporation that helps people do better inbound marketing. One of your buyer persona’s primary interests is getting more traffic to their site. Which would most likely be an effective awareness stage offer getting your persona’s attention?
  290. You were just hired as the social media marketer and want to learn more about your Twitter audience. What can help you do this?
  291. You want to post a picture of your office Halloween party to your company’s Facebook page, but your boss tells you it’s unprofessional and will cast your business in a negative light. Is your boss correct?
  292. You want to improve your customer experience processes and your products to ensure you?re focused on delight. Which should you do to get the largest, most representative sample?
  293. You should use an inline thank you message if you want to give more information to your new lead.
  294. You should treat every component of an email as a call-to-action.
  295. You read through a blog post your colleague created and you realized it’s on more than one topic. Is this a good or bad thing?
  296. You let your team know that you need to start blogging on a consistent and frequent basis to start seeing the results that you’re looking for. They ask you what that means in a more numeric sense. How would you respond?
  297. You just wrote a blog post and published a tweet promoting it. Should you share the post on Twitter again in the future?
  298. You just interviewed a potential new hire. You examined their culture fit, experience, skill sets, and beliefs. You decided to hire them! What are the next two steps you must take in order to set them up to delight your customers?
  299. You have to explain to your boss why she should care about optimizing your company’s website. What do you say?
  300. You have spent a lot of time planning and creating a great content offer. You are now done with the content process and should move on to create your next piece of content.
  301. You find that some of your leads are not getting any follow up, while others are getting too many emails from both their sales rep AND your marketing team. Which of the following is most likely to be the cause?
  302. You are a sales rep who has decided to try out an inbound approach to sales. One morning when you turn on your computer you see you already have a new inbound lead in your inbox. What is the FIRST thing you should do?
  303. Why is the Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) stage important for both your sales and marketing teams?
  304. Why is delight only a post-sale activity?
  305. Why is “analyze” not depicted in the Inbound Methodology diagram?
  306. Why is “analyze” NOT a stage in the Inbound Methodology?
  307. Who is responsible for delighting customers?
  308. Which of these is NOT a best practice when optimizing your emails for mobile?
  309. Which of the following would be the most appropriate call-to-action to place at the bottom of an Awareness Stage blog post?
  310. Which of the following types of content would not be appropriate to email to someone in the decision stage of the Buyer’s Journey?
  311. Which of the following should you not focus on to make a page easy to understand and crawl?
  312. Which of the following is/are NOT an effective way to optimize your social media profiles:
  313. Which of the following is/are good metric(s) for your Marketing team to track in order to measure progress towards their goal?
  314. Which of the following is/are blog formatting best practices?
  315. Which of the following is the MOST important reason a landing page should always lead to a thank you page?
  316. Which of the following is the best example of why the sales process has changed?
  317. Which of the following is the BEST example of how email can be used to generate new leads?
  318. Which of the following is the BEST definition of content?
  319. Which of the following is the BEST definition of a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
  320. Which of the following is the BEST definition of a buyer persona?
  321. Which of the following is NOT an inbound best practice?
  322. Which of the following is NOT a primary way to research buyer personas?
  323. Which of the following is NOT a metric to consider when analyzing a content offer?
  324. Which of the following is NOT a good topic to cover in a weekly smarketing meeting?
  325. Which of the following is not a direct benefit of using sales and marketing dashboards?
  326. Which of the following is NOT a component of good website formatting as discussed in the “Optimizing Your Website” class?
  327. Which of the following is NOT a benefit that can be gained from closed-loop reporting?
  328. Which of the following is a way you could segment your contacts database?
  329. Which of the following is a sign that you do NOT have closed-loop reporting set up?
  330. Which of the following descriptions would make the BEST thank you page for an awareness stage offer?
  331. Which of the following could be effective strategies for generating leads with your blog?
  332. Which of the following copy focuses on benefits, not features?
  333. Which of the following are good metrics for your Marketing team to track in order to measure progress towards their goal?
  334. Which is the MOST important reason why blog post title length matters?
  335. Which is NOT a best practice for publishing on social media networks?
  336. Which is a main component for how search engines rank search results?
  337. Which interactions will build or destroy trust?
  338. Which Buyer’s Journey stage does someone fall into if they are experiencing and expressing a problem?
  339. Where do MOST blog posts fit into the Buyer’s Journey?
  340. When writing blog posts, what or who should you first prioritize focusing on addressing with your content?
  341. When should you focus on delighting people?
  342. When picking a keyword to focus on for a new piece of content, which metric should you prioritize?
  343. When it comes to social media, what is the “cocktail party” rule?
  344. When dealing with prospects over the phone, each prospect should always walk away having learned something from you – no matter the outcome of the call.
  345. When creating a buyer persona, you should ONLY interview your ideal customers.
  346. When converting visitors into leads, you should only utilize consideration stage content.
  347. When an individual is looking to purchase a solution to solve a problem or fulfill a need/want, what is the typical order of their buyer’s journey?
  348. When a visitor comes to your website and clicks on a call-to-action for a “complimentary guide,” what page should they be taken to next?
  349. What’s an effective way to empower your team while not micro-managing them?
  350. What is/are the best type(s) content to post to Twitter?
  351. What is the most important reason for why marketing and sales should share the same goal(s)?
  352. What is the content process comprised of?
  353. What is the Buyer’s Journey?
  354. What is the “content golden rule?”
  355. What is SEO?
  356. What is lead nurturing?
  357. What elements should be tested on your CTA?
  358. What does the open rate of your email indicate?
  359. What do a CTA, landing page, and thank you page create when working together?
  360. What defines a clear conversion path?
  361. What are the two keys to creating remarkable content?
  362. What are the three stages of the Buyer’s Journey?
  363. What are the three elements you must get right in order to be successful with your email marketing?
  364. What are the pillars of customer delight?
  365. What are the most important on-page SEO elements?
  366. What are inbound links?
  367. Webpage formatting best practices discussed in the “Optimizing Your Website” class apply to the following pages except:
  368. We optimize our website for search engines.
  369. Understanding what a searcher’s intent is can help you to:
  370. True or False? Every page should have a unique meta description.
  371. True or False: Social media can be used at every stage of the inbound methodology.
  372. True or False: A landing page navigation menu should be different from the rest of the site.
  373. Traditionally, salespeople have interrupted prospects, pitched their product, and closed hard. As an inbound sales rep, how do you best put yourself in the position to be a sales educator?
  374. To ensure that search engines understand the content on your page, you should:
  375. The rate of visitors converting on a landing page is affected by the CTA.
  376. The goal of a call-to-action is to:
  377. Successful landing pages require you to: 1) identify your buyer personas, 2) identify the Buyer’s Journey stage, 3) create a relevant offer, 4) execute the conversion process and 5) execute the landing page best practices.
  378. Smarketing is only helpful for increasing revenue for organizations with 100+ employees
  379. Sending the right email to the right person is about creating the right content with the right context. Which of the following is MOST useful in determining an email’s context?
  380. One of your industry peers’ blogs has an article that you think would strongly resonate with your own company’s buyer personas. You want to share it via social media. Do you share the article?
  381. On-page SEO is the most important element of optimizing your website.
  382. Mary is the social media manager. Over the last month, she has used various social media networks to promote a new ebook that her company just published. Her boss wants to know how social media has helped them increase the number of views of the ebook. What should Mary do to prove that her efforts have helped this goal?
  383. Marketing’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) to sales should always include:
  384. Landing pages should contain all of the following EXCEPT:
  385. It’s the end of the year and you’re reporting on your most successful blog posts. What information do you use to determine which ones were the most successful?
  386. It’s not what you ____, but how you make them ____ that creates a lasting relationship.
  387. Include your primary keyword in all of the following page elements EXCEPT:
  388. Inbound marketing represents a fundamental shift in the way that organizations operate because it is marketer-centric
  389. In order to not get cut off in a Google search result, what is the maximum number of characters that your title should be?
  390. In order to have the greatest chance of being fully visible on a Google search results page, how many characters should your blog post title be?
  391. In order to be successful with inbound sales, you need to determine the goal of your sales calls before picking up the phone. How could you BEST do that?
  392. In order for sales reps to be looked to as trusted advisors, what is the MOST important thing they must first do?
  393. Imagine you work at a B2C company. You’re trying to get a jump start on your company’s social media marketing: should you start a LinkedIn Page?
  394. If your content is focused on different solutions to your buyer persona’s problem, where would that content fit into the Buyer’s Journey?
  395. How should industry benchmarks be used when developing a social media strategy?
  396. How do personas factor into your social media strategy?
  397. How can you use social media for promoting your blog posts?
  398. Google believes that when people complete a search using a search engine, they’re looking to do the three following things at their highest level:
  399. Fill in the blank: When using A/B testing for email, it’s important to ____.
  400. Fill in the blank: The outlined Content Process steps are plan, create, _______, analyze, repeat.
  401. Fill in the blank: Remarkable content is _________, not __________-based.
  402. Fill in the blank: Personalization tokens and list segmentation are both examples of using _____ in email.
  403. Fill in the blank: Marketing and sales should be aligned around the same goal. Typically this is a shared _____ goal.
  404. Fill in the blank: Landing pages are designed to _________.
  405. Fill in the blank: Dashboards are key to integrating smarketing into an organization because they provide _______, _______, and _______ updates as to how marketing and sales are performing.
  406. Fill in the blank: A call-to-action (CTA) is a button that promotes an offer and links to a(n) ______.
  407. Fill in the blank: A ______ is an email that has been returned to the sender because the email address is invalid.
  408. Fill in the blank: __________ helps marketers establish a consistent tone on their social media networks.
  409. Each prospect who comes to your website for the first time is always in the Awareness stage of the Buyer’s Journey.
  410. Does this sample follow best practices for thank you pages? “Thank you. We will send an email to you soon.”
  411. Customizing the meta description for your blog posts will ALWAYS help improve that post’s search engine ranking.
  412. Content is defined by 3 things. What are they?
  413. Choose the BEST answer to fill in the blank: _________ is/are your marketing assets like your blog, email campaigns, and social media messages; _________ is how you know what those things should be about.
  414. Calls-to-action are primarily used for offers targeted to prospects who are in the awareness stage of the Buyer’s Journey.
  415. Buyers have so much information available to them that they typically have already made 30% of their purchase decision before even talking to a sales rep.
  416. Buyer personas represent the ideal customers your organization is trying to attract, convert, close, and delight. Personas are most effective in:
  417. Buyer persona stories should contain information about:
  418. Buyer persona stores should contain information about:
  419. Blogging increases the volume of traffic to your website in all of the following ways, EXCEPT:
  420. Beyond attracting visitors to your site and allowing for real-time customer service to delight customers, social media interaction is also valuable for:
  421. At the start of the year, your company has 5,000 leads. Over the course of the year, you generate another 1,000 leads. True or false: you now have 6,000 leads in your database that you can email.
  422. At a high level, what three things should you keep in mind when creating buyer personas?
  423. As you launch a new website, your boss tells you that she wants to get found for the keyword “teamwork”. Which is the best response to her request?
  424. As you launch a new website, your boss tells you she wants to get found for the keyword “teamwork”. Which is the best response to her request?
  425. As an inbound sales rep, acting as an information gatekeeper and holding power over the entire sales process helps you win more sales.
  426. Analyzing the number of views for a blog post can tell you all of the following EXCEPT:
  427. An optimized profile for every social media network should contain all of the following EXCEPT:
  428. An adventure travel company wants to create a piece of content for their buyer persona. This persona is interested in building team trust, since they work in an industry with high employee turnover. Which would most likely be an effective Awareness Stage offer for getting this persona?s attention?
  429. All visitors who download a whitepaper or eBook over 10 pages in length are qualified leads.
  430. All of the following elements will help readers easily digest the content of a blog post EXCEPT:
  431. All of the following are terms that you could monitor to find your prospective customers on social media EXCEPT:
  432. All of the following are reasons to place a call-to-action on a thank you page EXCEPT:
  433. All of the following are reasons that you should link to external sources in your blog posts EXCEPT:
  434. After watching the Inbound Certification classes, you’re inspired to create a piece of content about how inbound can be used in your industry. What’s the BEST way to deliver/distribute this piece of content?
  435. According to the marketing and sales funnel, prospects are defined as:
  436. According to the delight class, which of the following is most essential to customer delight?
  437. According to Gleanster Research, 50% of your leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy. Which two stages of the Buyer’s Journey are responsible for generating the majority of these leads?
  438. A thank you page optimized for lead engagement contains:
  439. A properly optimized landing page should contain which of the following components?
  440. A lead tweets out that your latest offer is “completely lame.” What do you do?
  441. A landing page should connect to a thank you page.
  442. A landing page is specifically designed:
  443. A landing page and its associated offer must be in harmony with what your buyer persona(s) are looking for based on where they are:
  444. A form on your landing page should only ask the questions that your sales team needs to have answered.
  445. A customer called in with a product issue: they were upset because your product wasn’t working as designed. One of your employees worked with the customer to solve their problem, then provide some additional recommendations to help the customer get even more value out of your product. The customer hung up the phone happy and very satisfied. What did the employee most likely use to delight the customer.
  446. A CTA should always contain:
  447. A company published an ebook about the effects of off-site team building. What social media marketing action should they take to help generate leads for the offer?
  448. A blog post from April 2012 has been helping drive a lot of organic traffic to your website in the last few years, but recently the views have decreased. What’s the BEST way to increase traffic again?
  449. 60% of a buyer’s purchase decision has already been made before even talking to a sales rep. What does that mean for inbound sales?
  450. Who needs local SEO?
  451. Which one of these is a dimension in Google Analytics?
  452. Which one of the below statements is false?
  453. Which one does not belong to the 3 essential steps of content marketing?
  454. Which of the following would prevent search spiders from crawling www.mysite.com/example in a robots.txt file?
  455. Which of the following URL redirects is known to pass PageRank?
  456. Which of the following statements is true about a website’s title tags?
  457. Which of the following redirects is known as the ‘Permanent’ redirect?
  458. Which of the following is the ideal length for a title tag?
  459. Which of the following is not one of four pillars of content marketing?
  460. Which of the following is NOT mobile friendly?
  461. Which of the following is not an accepted markup format by Google?
  462. Which of the following is not a tool that can be used for social promotion?
  463. Which of the following is generally a bad email marketing practice?
  464. Which of the following is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?
  465. Which of the following HTTP status codes is returned when a page cannot be found?
  466. Which of the following does Google consider as ‘Cloaking’?
  467. Which of the following animals represents a Google penalty that is triggered by low quality link building?
  468. Which of the following animals is associated with a Google penalty that relates to low quality web pages and thin content?
  469. Which of the below statements is true?
  470. Which of the below best describes Facebook engagement?
  471. Which Facebook metric reflects the number of people who have seen the content?
  472. Where does the expression “PageRank” come from?
  473. When the URL of a page is changed, it’s usually best practice to:
  474. When speaking of title tag character limit or length, spaces are not counted.
  475. When searching for keywords, which tool would you NOT use:
  476. When convincing a potential buyer, the most important aspect of the interaction is:
  477. When carrying out keyword research for your pages, which of the following should you do?
  478. When calculating what it costs to send a thousand emails, the rate used is:
  479. When adding the Google Analytics tracking code to your website, it should appear:
  480. What is www resolve?
  481. What is W3C?
  482. What is the purpose of “nofollow” links?
  483. What is the main purpose of the meta description?
  484. What is robots.txt?
  485. What is PageRank?
  486. What is not true about a favicon?
  487. What is not considered as an effect of well-built backlinks in SEO?
  488. What is NOT a benefit of local SEO?
  489. What is malicious duplicate content?
  490. What is local SEO?
  491. What is anchor text?
  492. What is an XML sitemap?
  493. What does the abbreviation SERP stand for?
  494. What are internal links?
  495. What are external links?
  496. What % of people will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load?
  497. Very high keyword density is not an indicator of keyword stuffing.
  498. utm_medium and utm_term are URL parameters that are both needed for campaign tracking.
  499. Using “domain keys” is a form of email authentication.
  500. URL stands for:
  501. To document a content marketing strategy can be beneficial in the long run.
  502. To be considered mobile friendly, a website should have:
  503. Third party cookies are used in Google Analytics.
  504. The XML Sitemap is used to help users easily navigate websites, providing a hierarchical list of links to all pages.
  505. The unique goal of advertising is to enhance sales.
  506. The more pages a website has indexed in Google, the better.
  507. The meta keywords tag is used by Google as a ranking signal.
  508. The Meta keywords tag can be used to increase the relevancy of keywords and improve rankings.
  509. The meta description can help to:
  510. The lifetime value of a client refers to:
  511. The hreflang tag is used to:
  512. The H1 tag:
  513. The Google Pigeon update mainly affects:
  514. The error message “Forbidden” is an example of which HTTP status code?
  515. The disavow tool can be used to prevent low quality backlinks from harming your website.
  516. The Canonical tag is used to:
  517. The canonical tag is used to instruct bots that the page can be indexed.
  518. The best keywords are never long-tail.
  519. The abbreviation UCE stands for:
  520. The abbreviation CTA means:
  521. Tag-based web analytics uses cookies.
  522. Spam complaints usually occur when the email loads for an extensively long time.
  523. Search engines are able to index websites based on IP instead of name.
  524. Responsive design serves the same HTML for one URL and uses CSS media queries to determine how the content is rendered on the client side.
  525. Page tag based web analytics uses IP addresses to identify unique visitors.
  526. Nofollow links are not included in the calculation which determines the amount of PageRank that is passed through other links on a page.
  527. Newsjacking refers to the practice of capitalizing on the popularity of a news story to amplify the impact of a piece of content.
  528. Multiple H3 tags can be used on all pages.
  529. Meta tags and alt tags serve the same function.
  530. Keyword stuffing is:
  531. It’s possible to use Google Analytics to track search terms entered into a search box placed on your website.
  532. It is better to use underscores in URLs rather than hyphens.
  533. It is better to use hyphens in URLs rather than underscores.
  534. It is a best practice to block javascript and CSS in the robots.txt file.
  535. Internal links and inbound links are the same.
  536. In the linear attribution model in Google Analytics:
  537. In the initial meeting with a small business owner who needs help with his/her online strategy, you start by:
  538. In the context of SEO, what does “PR” stand for?
  539. In PPC the advertiser pays for:
  540. In Google Analytics, the value (not set) appears for the selected dimension when no information is available.
  541. In emails, more attention is typically paid to information that is:
  542. In email marketing, spam complaints often occur when the sender has no permission to contact the receiving party.
  543. In a PPC model, the advertiser optimizes for impressions rather than the acquisition of clicks.
  544. If no title tag and/or meta description is specified for webpage, Google will generate one automatically using the content on the page.
  545. hreflang tags can be implemented in the XML sitemap.
  546. Google’s ‘Search Analytics’ allows users to track and filter Clicks, Impressions, Clickthrough rate & Positions, using data from the last 3 months.
  547. Google.co.uk is a top level domain.
  548. Google Analytics: Which of the following is not a metric?
  549. Google Analytics tracking code should be inserted:
  550. Google Analytics is capable of tracking user activity on any digitally connected device.
  551. Formative usability testing is:
  552. Fonts used for email campaigns should always be web-friendly
  553. Flash content is known for being easily indexed by search engines.
  554. Feature phones are:
  555. Evergreen content has a short shelf life.
  556. Dynamic serving serves different HTML for one URL depending on the user-agent.
  557. Dublin core is the list of the core elements of a website.
  558. Declaring a language has no effect on SEO as search engines can detect a website’s language.
  559. CTR is calculated by the below formula:
  560. Crowdsourced content means creating your own content
  561. CMS stands for:
  562. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a site who actively click away to a different site from a specific page.
  563. Big data is often defined by the 3 Vs. Which of the following is not one of them?
  564. Anchor text is the name given to the snippet of content used to promote pages in the search results.
  565. An XML Sitemap can be tested & submitted to Google using Google Search Console.
  566. An inbound link is a link that comes from another domain.
  567. ALT tags are:
  568. All businesses should improve their local SEO.
  569. Affiliate marketing is:
  570. Ad rank components are:
  571. According to Google, each XML sitemap should contain no more than:
  572. Above the fold means:
  573. A/B testing is:
  574. A socalled honey trap can filter spam that is created on contact forms by automated programs by hiding a box from human view.
  575. A deep link is:
  576. A content publisher is most likely to track actions that __________ as their desired outcome.
  577. A buyer persona primarily helps:
  578. A 1-second delay in page response can result in a:
  579. 1% CTR means that for every 100 impressions there are 10 clicks.
  580. “Nofollow” is a value that can be assigned to the rel attribute of an HTML element to instruct that the hyperlink should influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index.
  581. “Dofollow” is a value that can be assigned to the rel attribute of an HTML element to instruct that the hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index
  582. Starting a client meeting with an agenda:
  583. Asking the client, “Is there anything else you want to be sure we discuss during our meeting?” is:
  584. Your client is interested in switching from TV, print, and radio advertising. What are the return on investment (ROI) benefits of online advertising campaigns?
  585. What is the main purpose of summarizing the conversation with the client at the end of a meeting?
  586. When covering the agenda at the beginning of a meeting, stating the purpose should be:
  587. Your client wants to improve his ad positioning. You recommend that one way he can do this is by increasing his bid amount. Why is it a good idea to also explain to your client how this will benefit him?
  588. During a sales meeting, you use the Google Trends tool to show insights and link back to what the client said about hiring someone to create online campaigns for her toy store website. What is the purpose of doing this?
  589. You are about to conclude your meeting with a new client who would like to start an online marketing campaign. Before concluding the meeting, what best practice should you use?
  590. All other things being equal, if you’ve set a maximum cost-per-click (max. CPC) bid of $1.00 for your ads, and if the next most competitive bid is $0.50 for the same ad position, what is the actual amount you’d pay for that click?
  591. You recently read a great article about the importance of a quality mattress in preventing back problems and it reminds you of your client who owns several mattress stores. After reading the article, you:
  592. You have a meeting with a new client. Why would it be a good idea to share anonymized data (such as conversion rate and cost-per-conversion) from some successful clients in the same industry as this client?
  593. Why is it important to understand the expectations a client has of you?
  594. When introducing yourself to a new client, it is important to share:
  595. Anne-Marie’s business goal is to generate online sales of her handmade purses. Her AdWords costs are $100 per week and she wants to know if her advertising investment is paying off. What additional information do you need in order to calculate her return on investment (ROI)?
  596. Which is a benefit of doing pre-call planning before pitching online advertising solutions to a client?
  597. A positioning statement is a quick 90 second explanation of what type of clients you work with, what challenges they face, and how they can benefit from working with you. When is it appropriate to use a positioning statement?
  598. A question that includes factual information based on market research, such as, “Four in five consumers want search ads to be customized to their city or immediate surroundings. How are you approaching your local online opportunity?” is a good example of:
  599. A client that owns a fine-dining restaurant in London wants to get more phone calls from people researching places to eat on their mobile phones. How should you optimize this client’s campaign to help achieve their goal?
  600. A good guideline for asking your client questions to understand her marketing needs and how you might be able to help her is:
  601. You are nearing the end of a successful meeting with a client, when she tells you, “this all sounds really great, but I do not have the budget for Google Search right now.” What should you do next?
  602. Your client mentions he has some concerns about implementing a Google Search campaign. Which is a good example of clarifying the client’s concerns?
  603. Before you meet with your new client, your online research showed that she played golf for a local college you also attended. Bringing this up in when you meet would:
  604. “I can see how that would be frustrating” and “That is a valid concern. Many of my clients have expressed that same concern before starting their campaign” are both examples of speaking with a concerned client. These types of responses are:
  605. Before the start of a meeting, thinking about the meeting’s desired outcome will:
  606. Asking a client questions about his desired business objectives is:
  607. Before asking your client questions about her business, it is best to tell her the reasons for the questions and the benefit because:
  608. What element is most important when writing a CSS media query?
  609. When designing a mobile-optimized menu in HubSpot, the menu stacks vertically on smaller screens by default.
  610. Select the correct line of HTML that activates the phone app of a mobile device.
  611. Fill in the blank: Acccording to by Akamai, 40% of people will abandon a webpage if it takes more than _____ seconds to load.
  612. Adaptive design relies on predefined screen sizes.
  613. Of the following choices, which would be the best way to create a consistent site experience?
  614. What is the feedback principle in relation to designing the user experience?
  615. Affordances can also be described as:
  616. True or False: When designing for your users, your initial site prototype should be written in code.
  617. Which of the following questions does NOT factor into developing your site’s user personas:
  618. Where are options such as Date Format and Commenting options controlled from?
  619. Calls-to-Action should be included in Blog Posts and ________?
  620. In order to maximize readability of your blog, you should design using only one color.
  621. True or false: Design consistency with home page and site pages is important to user experience.
  622. For the sake of keeping users engaged over time, it is vital that a blog feature a ________ in addition to content.
  623. Fill in the blank: While most pages should be optimized for user interaction, responsive blogs should be first optimized for _________.
  624. Where do you change layout of individual blog posts?
  625. How can the layout of a blog post improve the blog author’s experience?
  626. A client wants to catapult themselves into a thought leader for their industry. As their designer, how can you help to promote a company’s thought leadership through templates?
  627. How is the layout of a Blog Post Template built?
  628. True or False: You can only create one blog per site with HubSpot’s design tools.
  629. True or false: Since blogs are always changing, content “above-the-fold’ is less important.
  630. A well-designed Landing Page is like an additional employee that works 24/7.
  631. Why does HubSpot recommend customers create websites with the HubSpot design tools instead of other popular CMS platforms?
  632. If you were asked to modify the Home Page for a Company in order to describe the Company’s reputation, which of the following modules would best describe their reputation?
  633. When designing site architecture and navigation, which of the following is paramount?
  634. What specific element does HubSpot recommend for every single page, for lead-generation?
  635. In terms of successful marketing, why is it important to use empty space effectively?
  636. True or False: Effective Landing Pages include site navigation.
  637. What is the best way to ensure the site footer is consistent across all pages?
  638. True or False: Forms function best when placed on Landing Pages.
  639. Why is it important to include space for an image in an email template?
  640. Which of these is a reason for using HubSpot for sending emails versus other tools?
  641. How can you use the Template Builder to help end users brand their emails?
  642. What’s the most important first step in designing an effective marketing email template?
  643. What is the most important reason to include Personalization Tokens for lead generation when designing email templates?
  644. According to the Emails Templates class, a “bullet-proof” CTA is designed with an image.
  645. Why is it important to use descriptive default text?
  646. According to the US Consumer Device Preference Report, nearly half of all emails are opened on a mobile device.
  647. What is CAN-SPAM and why is it a required module for email templates?
  648. What question should you be asking yourself when testing an email template on a mobile device?
  649. A default module type in HubSpot is an “Email Signature” module.
  650. HubSpot emails can also exist as web pages. Why is this important?
  651. Why should you style email templates with inline styles instead of css stylesheets?
  652. Adding the HTML background-color property to an image will display a color, even if images are turned off.
  653. Which of the following is a true statement about email design?
  654. Why is module placeholder text important to the end user?
  655. What is the HubSpot COS and what does it do?
  656. A Primary CSS File is enabled by default on all templates.
  657. What is the purpose of a global group or module?
  658. If a user is interested in utilizing JavaScript libraries, where do they reference them?
  659. What is the Code Editor?
  660. What option is used when making changes to a single instance of a global module?
  661. What does COS stand for?
  662. Which of the following is not the correct method for determining which classes are assigned to a module?
  663. Why is it better to use an attached stylesheet instead of inline styling, for pages?
  664. When two modules are grouped, what happens to their associated HTML?
  665. What is a Flexible Column?
  666. What is one function of the ‘Edit CS’ dropdown menu item?
  667. What category of pages contains the option to build an Error Page?
  668. What are HubL tags?
  669. In which of the following situations would body classes be most valuable?
  670. In web design terminology, on a responsive website:
  671. Which module type helps HubSpot customers convert visitors into leads?
  672. When your CSS style is ready to be previewed, how do you make it available as a choice in the Style Menu?
  673. What option allows you to copy a template to raw code?
  674. According to the Nielsen-Norman Group, image sliders are highly effective tools for converting site visitors into leads.
  675. By default, new CSS files created in the Code Editor automatically include ‘modules.css’. What does ‘modules.css’ do?
  676. Which of the following is a common example of when a global group would be useful?
  677. What are the two principal design tools used for building site page, blog, and email templates in HubSpot?
  678. Articles Page 1
  679. Articles Page 2
  680. Articles Page 3
  681. Articles Page 4
  682. Articles Page 5
  683. Articles Page 6
  684. Articles Page 7
  685. Articles Page 8
  686. Articles Page 9
  687. Articles Page 10
  688. Articles Page 11
  689. Articles Page 12
  690. Articles Page 13
  691. Articles Page 14
  692. Articles Page 15
  693. Articles Page 16
  694. Articles Page 17
  695. Articles Page 18
  696. Articles Page 19
  697. Articles Page 20
  698. Articles Page 21
  699. Articles Page 22
  700. Articles Page 23
  701. Articles Page 24
  702. Articles Page 25
  703. Articles Page 26
  704. Articles Page 27
  705. Articles Page 28
  706. Articles Page 29
  707. Articles Page 30
  708. Articles Page 31
  709. Articles Page 32
  710. Articles Page 33
  711. Articles Page 34
  712. Articles Page 35
  713. Articles Page 36
  714. Articles Page 37
  715. Articles Page 38
  716. Articles Page 39
  717. Articles Page 40
  718. Topics Page 1
  719. Topics Page 2
  720. Topics Page 3
  721. Topics Page 4
  722. Topics Page 5
  723. Topics Page 6
  724. Topics Page 7
  725. Topics Page 8
  726. Topics Page 9
  727. Topics Page 10
  728. Topics Page 11
  729. Topics Page 12
  730. Topics Page 13
  731. Topics Page 14
  732. Topics Page 15
  733. Topics Page 16
  734. Topics Page 17
  735. Topics Page 18
  736. Topics Page 19
  737. Topics Page 20
  738. Topics Page 21
  739. A Articles Page 2
  740. A Articles Page 3
  741. C Articles
  742. B Articles
  743. A Articles
  744. D Articles
  745. E Articles
  746. F Articles
  747. G Articles
  748. H Articles
  749. I Articles
  750. J Articles
  751. K Articles
  752. L Articles
  753. M Articles
  754. N Articles
  755. O Articles
  756. P Articles
  757. Q Articles
  758. R Articles
  759. S Articles
  760. T Articles
  761. U Articles
  762. V Articles
  763. W Articles
  764. X Articles
  765. Y Articles
  766. Z Articles
  767. I Articles Page 2
  768. I Articles Page 3
  769. I Articles Page 4
  770. I Articles Page 5
  771. I Articles Page 6
  772. I Articles Page 7
  773. I Articles Page 8
  774. I Articles Page 9
  775. I Articles Page 10
  776. I Articles Page 11
  777. I Articles Page 12
  778. I Articles Page 13
  779. I Articles Page 14
  780. M Articles Page 2
  781. S Articles Page 2
  782. T Articles Page 2
  783. T Articles Page 3
  784. T Articles Page 4
  785. T Articles Page 5
  786. T Articles Page 6
  787. W Articles Page 2
  788. W Articles Page 3
  789. W Articles Page 4
  790. Topics Page 22
  791. Topics Page 23
  792. Topics Page 24
  793. Topics Page 25
  794. Topics Page 26
  795. Topics Page 27
  796. Topics Page 28
  797. Topics Page 29
  798. Topics Page 30
  799. Topics Page 31
  800. Topics Page 32
  801. Topics Page 33
  802. Topics Page 34
  803. Topics Page 35
  804. Topics Page 36
  805. Topics Page 37
  806. Topics Page 38
  807. Topics Page 39
  808. Topics Page 40
  809. Topics Page 41
  810. Topics Page 42
  811. Topics Page 43
  812. Topics Page 44
  813. Topics Page 45
  814. Topics Page 46
  815. Topics Page 47
  816. Topics Page 48
  817. Topics Page 49
  818. Topics Page 50
  819. Topics Page 51
  820. Topics Page 52
  821. Topics Page 53
  822. Topics Page 54
  823. Topics Page 55
  824. Topics Page 56
  825. Topics Page 57
  826. Topics Page 58
  827. Topics Page 59
  828. Topics Page 60
  829. Topics Page 61
  830. Topics Page 62
  831. Topics Page 63
  832. Topics Page 64
  833. Topics Page 65
  834. Topics Page 66
  835. Topics Page 67
  836. Topics Page 68
  837. Topics Page 69
  838. Topics Page 70
  839. Topics Page 71
  840. Topics Page 72
  841. Topics Page 73
  842. Topics Page 74
  843. Topics Page 75
  844. Topics Page 76
  845. Topics Page 77
  846. Topics Page 78
  847. Topics Page 79
  848. Topics Page 80
  849. Topics Page 81
  850. Topics Page 82
  851. Topics Page 83
  852. Topics Page 84
  853. Topics Page 85
  854. Topics Page 86
  855. Topics Page 87
  856. Topics Page 88
  857. Topics Page 89
  858. Topics Page 90
  859. Topics Page 91
  860. Topics Page 92
  861. Topics Page 93
  862. Topics Page 94
  863. Topics Page 95
  864. Topics Page 96
  865. Topics Page 97
  866. Topics Page 98
  867. Topics Page 99
  868. Topics Page 100
  869. Topics Page 101
  870. Topics Page 102
  871. Topics Page 103
  872. Topics Page 104
  873. Topics Page 105
  874. Topics Page 106
  875. Topics Page 107
  876. Topics Page 108
  877. Topics Page 109
  878. Topics Page 110
  879. Topics Page 111
  880. Topics Page 112
  881. Topics Page 113
  882. Topics Page 114
  883. Topics Page 115
  884. Topics Page 116
  885. Topics Page 117
  886. Topics Page 118
  887. Topics Page 119
  888. Topics Page 120
  889. Topics Page 121
  890. Topics Page 122
  891. Topics Page 123
  892. Topics Page 124
  893. Topics Page 125
  894. Topics Page 126
  895. Topics Page 127
  896. Topics Page 128
  897. Topics Page 129
  898. Topics Page 130
  899. Topics Page 131
  900. Topics Page 132
  901. Topics Page 133
  902. Topics Page 134
  903. Topics Page 135
  904. Topics Page 136
  905. Topics Page 137
  906. Topics Page 138
  907. Topics Page 139
  908. Topics Page 140
  909. Topics Page 141
  910. Topics Page 142
  911. Topics Page 143
  912. Topics Page 144
  913. Topics Page 145
  914. Topics Page 146
  915. Topics Page 147
  916. Topics Page 148
  917. Topics Page 149
  918. Topics Page 150
  919. Topics Page 151
  920. Topics Page 152
  921. Topics Page 153
  922. Topics Page 154
  923. Topics Page 155
  924. Topics Page 156
  925. Topics Page 157
  926. Topics Page 158
  927. Topics Page 159
  928. Topics Page 160
  929. Topics Page 161
  930. Topics Page 162
  931. Topics Page 163
  932. Topics Page 164
  933. Topics Page 165
  934. Topics Page 166
  935. Topics Page 167
  936. Topics Page 168
  937. Topics Page 169
  938. Topics Page 170
  939. Topics Page 171
  940. Topics Page 172
  941. Topics Page 173
  942. Topics Page 174
  943. Topics Page 175
  944. Topics Page 176
  945. Topics Page 177
  946. Topics Page 178
  947. Topics Page 179
  948. Topics Page 180
  949. Topics Page 181
  950. Topics Page 182
  951. Topics Page 183
  952. Topics Page 184
  953. Topics Page 185
  954. Topics Page 186
  955. Topics Page 187
  956. Topics Page 188
  957. Topics Page 189
  958. Topics Page 190
  959. Topics Page 191
  960. Topics Page 192
  961. Topics Page 193
  962. Topics Page 194
  963. Topics Page 195
  964. Topics Page 196
  965. Topics Page 197
  966. Topics Page 198
  967. Topics Page 199
  968. Topics Page 200
  969. Topics Page 201
  970. Topics Page 202
  971. Topics Page 203
  972. Topics Page 204
  973. Topics Page 205
  974. Topics Page 206
  975. Topics Page 207
  976. Topics Page 208
  977. Topics Page 209
  978. Topics Page 210
  979. Topics Page 211
  980. Topics Page 212
  981. Topics Page 213
  982. Topics Page 214
  983. Topics Page 215
  984. Topics Page 216
  985. Topics Page 217
  986. Topics Page 218
  987. Topics Page 219
  988. Topics Page 220
  989. Topics Page 221
  990. Topics Page 222
  991. Topics Page 223
  992. Topics Page 224
  993. Topics Page 225
  994. Topics Page 226
  995. Topics Page 227
  996. Topics Page 228
  997. Topics Page 229
  998. Topics Page 230
  999. Topics Page 231
  1000. Topics Page 232

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