Deploying Jamboards Assessment Answers

Deploying Jamboards Assessment Answers 2019

  1. 14/05/2019 How do you access the diagnostic tool?
  2. 14/05/2019 How is access control on a Jamboard determined?
  3. 14/05/2019 If needed, how do you factory reset a Jamboard?
  4. 14/05/2019 Select the response that best reflects the wall mounting process:
  5. 14/05/2019 The longer set of legs will have a locking mechanism on the wheels and face towards the back.
  6. 14/05/2019 True or False: The recommended download speed for best Jamboard experience is 4 Mbps per second, it will function at lower speeds but latency may occur.
  7. 14/05/2019 What are all the ways to invite collaborators to a Jam?
  8. 14/05/2019 What happens if a customer purchases a Jamboard without the stand, but does purchase the basic installation service?
  9. 14/05/2019 What is the best way to tell that the display was hung correctly?
  10. 14/05/2019 What position should the wheel lock buttons be when in a locked state?
  11. 14/05/2019 What type of licenses does the customer need to have in order to set up and use Jamboard correctly?
  12. 14/05/2019 When connecting to the Internet for an initial update, what type of network types are available out of the box?
  13. 14/05/2019 When should a Jamboard be connected through a proxy?
  14. 14/05/2019 Which of the following guidelines should be followed when providing a custom Premium White Glove Service offering?
  15. 14/05/2019 Which of the following is the only acceptable method for cleaning the display?
  16. 14/05/2019 Which of the following would you do before leaving the customer site?
  17. 14/05/2019 Who from the customer side will need to be on-site to provision each Jamboard?

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