DoubleClick Optimize bids and creatives in Ad Exchange Assessment Answers

DoubleClick Optimize bids and creatives in Ad Exchange Assessment Answers

  1. 13/03/2018 You’ve been invited to submit a bid through a Private Auction and would like to participate. What do you set the deal ID to so you will limit your bid to that deal only?
  2. 13/03/2018 For a Programmatic Guaranteed deal with a cost-per-day (CPD) budget, what occurs when you purchase more impressions than the minimum?
  3. 13/03/2018 Alicia is purchasing ad inventory for a major holiday campaign. Since she’s under pressure to complete her task in time, she needs to quickly find out why her bid responses were filtered. What tool can she use to discover this information?
  4. 13/03/2018 What type of transaction and/or auction occurs when a seller invites a buyer to participate?
  5. 13/03/2018 Your bid response is filtered due to the ad category of your advertiser. This is an example of what type of rejection?
  6. 13/03/2018 You’re about ready to finalize your Preferred Deal, but need to work with your demand-side platform to supplement information from the bid request. To ensure your bid isn’t rejected, you’ll need to provide information about your publisher’s URL, such as disallowed landing URLs, disallowed product categories, and allowed languages. Where can this information be found?
  7. 13/03/2018 A creative was excluded during the publisher review stage of the filtering process. What could have been a reason for this?
  8. 13/03/2018 Once Derek’s demand-side platform has submitted their bids, what is one tool they can use to get more details on the creative approval status?
  9. 13/03/2018 You are concerned about the potential of purchasing counterfeit inventory. How does ads.txt help you avoid this problem?
  10. 13/03/2018 What must be set up in your demand-side platform’s pretargeting to properly integrate and execute Programmatic Guaranteed deals with Ad Exchange?
  11. 13/03/2018 Now that Brianne has worked with her demand-side platform to resolve some of the issues causing her bids to be filtered, she’d like to report on the performance of a new campaign she just launched. Which tool can she use to do this?
  12. 13/03/2018 You trafficked an ad that was rejected due to creative issues. What’s a reason it might have been rejected?
  13. 13/03/2018 Bid responses on Ad Exchange are screened at which point in the process?
  14. 13/03/2018 Using RTB Breakout, you determine that the biggest reason your bid responses were filtered was due to the clickthrough URL being too short. What additional information can you gain by investigating your “Filtered bids”?
  15. 13/03/2018 You’re looking to do a Programmatic Guaranteed deal on Ad Exchange Marketplace. Which action must you take to execute your campaign?
  16. 13/03/2018 You’ve decided to create an offer to describe the type of inventory you’re seeking. You’re looking for inventory from any publisher who has access to Preferred Deals in Ad Exchange. What type of offer is this?

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