DoubleClick Search Mobile Basics Assessment Answers

DoubleClick Search Mobile Basics Assessment Answers

  1. 16/03/2018 In determining the value of an app, you find that 20 out of 200 users who open the app make a purchase, with the value of each purchase being $500. How much is the value of this action along the purchase funnel?
  2. 16/03/2018 Due to a change in budgeting, you need to quickly adjust your entire campaign to automatically increase bids on mobile devices by 20 percent. How can you accomplish this?
  3. 16/03/2018 Jane is setting up an ad group to track call-extension conversions for a client. She has set up quite a few call extensions for this campaign and would like to track them within one ad group. How many can Jane track within one ad group?
  4. 16/03/2018 Denise has just set up of a call-tracking service and uploaded her first batch of conversions. How does Denise report on these offline conversions in DoubleClick Search?
  5. 11/03/2018 Ingrid’s client is the online sporting goods retailer, Sports Gear. What is a key factor of their business that will influence how Ingrid determines their mobile tracking strategy?
  6. 11/03/2018 When setting up Floodlight activities for a call-tracking service, what should the primary source of conversions be?
  7. 11/03/2018 Hassan’s client places specific value on conversions based on which device they occur on. How can Hassan define the specific weighted values of each of these conversions, so he can include them in his bid strategy?
  8. 11/03/2018 How would you track in-app conversions in an Android app?
  9. 11/03/2018 Which client goal appropriately matches with the use of app extension ads for a campaign?
  10. 11/03/2018 What type of data can be collected when using a Google forwarding number with a call extension?
  11. 11/03/2018 Alice is creating an app install ad for her client’s search campaign. She needs to ensure it works for both Android and iOS versions of their app. What does Alice need to do to ensure the app directs the user to the appropriate store based on the user’s device?
  12. 11/03/2018 What measurement gap can a call-tracking service fill?
  13. 11/03/2018 Your client, Bean Coffee, has a mobile site with a mobile-specific URL — m.beancoffees.com. How do you ensure their ad directs users to the correct site for their device?
  14. 11/03/2018 How do you include cross-device conversion data in bid strategies?
  15. 11/03/2018 To report on cross-environment conversions in DoubleClick Search, what do you segment your report by?
  16. 11/03/2018 Ally’s client wants to know which of their campaigns had the greatest cross-device uplift. How can she apply a calculation to the data in her report that will provide her client with this information?
  17. 11/03/2018 Ali is creating a call-only ad group. Using this type of ad, which type of data can Ali track?
  18. 31/01/2018 To more fully capture mobile’s contribution to a sale, advertisers need to consider what?
  19. 31/01/2018 A driver stops for gas and their smartphone buzzes with a text offering a free coffee inside the gas station. What does mobile provide advertisers that enables them to offer this to customers?

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