How to set internet upload, download speed meter

Learn how to set internet upload, download, transfer speed meter to your windows desktop computer. To check sent and received data daily, monthly reports.


  1. Download and install NetSpeedMonitor software from
    If it’s not working then download from here.
    For 32-bit (X86) users
    For 64-bit users
  2. After installation, in General tab, select your network interface card.
  3. In Tooltip Tab to Enable Toolbar Tooltip, in the taskbar to observe internet download and upload transfer speed.
  4. You can manage traffic logs with the database. You can import and export database.
  5. You can view your data usage daily, monthly and current session stats.


Select network interface card Select network interface card

edit tooltip layout edit tooltip layout

database manage database manage

enable disable tooltip enable disable tooltip

move your mouse pointer over toolbar to populate info move your mouse pointer over toolbar to populate info

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