How to submit any URL to Google

Learn how to submit any number of websites, blogs, URLs, links add to Google, with your Google account and without webmaster tools site verification.

If you want to submit or add any website, blog URL to appear in the Google search results page, it’s free to submit to Google, any number of pages you can submit to Google, as you can.

Google adds all new submitted URLs to their index, and also updates existing ones for every time Google crawls the web. You can submit any unauthorized and if you are not the owner of any website or blog URL can submit to Google.

If you have a URL, you can submit here. But there is no guarantee of when or if submitted URLs will appear in Google search results.

Submit/Add the URL to Google

1. Visit submits the URL to Google Page or enter this URL in your browser.
2. Login with your Google account. Without Google account, you can’t submit. After login, or Sign in, your browser page will be redirected to Google Webmaster Tools submit URL page. And don’t confuse with the name of Google Search Console or Google webmaster tools both are same.
3. Enter your URL and enter captcha shown in the image, then Submit your request for a URL to Crawl.
4. After submission, Success message will display like this, Your request has been received and will be processed shortly.
5. You can submit requests for any Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogspot blog website URLs to Crawl.
6. Here You can submit maximum 500 URLs per day.
7. Similarly, you can Submit your Site to Bing.

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