Tips and Tricks

  1. insert line break <br/> HTML tag in get_the_content(”) of WordPress
  2. How to get the tag’s slug on the tag page in WordPress
  3. How to get post slug from single post template in wordpress?
  4. Find someone’s email id by using a phone number
  5. How to remove
  6. WordPress posts content update old URLs to new URLs
  7. YouTube Video sharing embed options list
  8. CCleaner can’t clear internet Login session cookies, history in Chrome browser
  9. YouTube’s new theme not supported in Internet Explorer
  10. How to get new Google’s Gmail sign-in page in your browser
  11. Enable YouTube’s new Theme and Try out a fresh look – May 2017
  12. The new Google sign-in page – May 2017
  13. Move YouTube channel subscribers to another channel
  14. Facebook and Twitter challenging Google plus via custom URL free to change
  15. How to fix Jio jio4gvoice app message (SMS) sending failed
  16. How to make Yahoo your homepage in Chrome
  17. Facebook meta tags
  18. How to trim title characters or words length of WordPress blog
  19. How to disable select text and copy text from web page with CSS code
  20. How to redirect Javascript disabled WordPress blog page to Noscript page PHP code
  21. JavaScript Required
  22. Google’s search result META description length changed 2016
  23. Google’s search results META title length changed 2016
  24. List of Top Web Search Engine Websites
  25. Hello world! Welcome to Blog
  26. How to remove WordPress blog comment feed links permanently
  27. How to protect your favorite software from virus
  28. How to verify an email ID address is existing or not
  29. How to bookmark a website URL in Chrome browser
  30. How to download Chrome browser full setup standalone
  31. List of Google products direct sign in bookmark links
  32. How to set internet upload, download speed meter
  33. How to know your computer MAC address
  34. How to change your computer’s MAC address
  35. How to change your IP address and country location
  36. How to set transparent calendar on your desktop
  37. How to get a Facebook video URL link address
  38. List of Top Social Networking Websites
  39. How to Download and Save Videos from Facebook
  40. How to Create a Facebook Account
  41. How to Create a Microsoft Account
  42. How to Create a Gmail Address
  43. How to Create a Google Account
  44. How to submit any URL to Bing
  45. How to submit any URL to Google
  46. HTML Elements

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