2. Avigdor Lieberman
  3. 25/10/2017

“I am waiting for the day when the German Bundestag debates the violation of human rights in Saudi Arabia.”

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Quotes by Avigdor Lieberman

Quotes by Avigdor Lieberman

  1. A final agreement between Israel and the Palestinians has to be based on a program of exchange of territory and populations.
  2. Al Jazeera has abandoned even the semblance of a credible media outlet, and it broadcasts – both within Gaza and outside it, to the world – anti-Semitic incitement, lies, provocation, and encouragement to terrorists.
  3. Although my stance on responsible citizenship made sense to many Israelis, the intelligentsia could not, as you say in English, get their heads around it. ‘Racist’ and ‘fascist’ were the knee-jerk reactions.
  4. Anti-Semitic insults by ‘Svoboda’ have caused outrage on number of occasions both in Ukraine and in Israel.
  5. Any negotiation on the basis of land for peace is a fatal mistake.
  6. Any political process has to secure an improvement in the Palestinians’ quality of life and education. Attempts to bring about a political arrangement before securing peace to the Israelis and economic improvement for the Palestinians are likely to fail.
  7. At the end of the day, Americans know that the ones they really can trust, in all the Middle East, it’s only Israel.
  8. Cooperation with the U.S. is the basis on which all Israeli foreign policy is built.
  9. Damascus is the center of world terror. All these organizations, Jihad and Hamas, their headquarters are in Damascus. Syria supports Hezbollah.
  10. Even between the best of friends, mistakes and misunderstandings can happen.
  11. Every day, every week, you have another case of Israeli Arabs that are taking part in terrorist activity.
  12. Every place in the world where there are two peoples – two religions, two languages – there is friction and conflict.
  13. For some, I will always be ‘Ivet the Terrible.’
  14. Friendly governments do not act so as to undermine the national security of their friends, and do not presume to know better than their friends how they should contend with the many challenges they face. The Swedish government would do well to rethink its intention to act in this way towards its friend Israel.
  15. Hamas is really a problem for the Palestinians and for Egypt more than Israel.
  16. I am at peace with all my actions.
  17. I am the mainstream.
  18. I am waiting for the day when the German Bundestag debates the violation of human rights in Saudi Arabia.
  19. I don’t believe in the polls. I try to concentrate on the day of elections.
  20. I think I can hold every portfolio – defense, finance and Foreign Ministry. I think personally I’d like the foreign office.
  21. I think the biggest problem of the 21st century is how to deal with minorities.
  22. I very much favor democracy, but when there is a contradiction between democratic and Jewish values, the Jewish and Zionist values are more important.
  23. I want the State of Israel to remain a Zionist, Jewish and democratic state. There is nothing ‘far’ or ‘ultra’ about those ideals. I also advocate the creation of a viable Palestinian state.
  24. I will not support any peace deal that will allow the return of even one Palestinian refugee to Israel.
  25. I’m a settler, and I live in the Judean desert.
  26. I’ve always been controversial because I offer new ideas. For me to be controversial, I think this is positive.
  27. If, God forbid, a war with Iran breaks out, it will be a nightmare. And we will all be in it, including the Persian Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia. No one will remain unscathed.
  28. In 1999, I established my political party.
  29. In Israel politics, four years is like 400 years in Europe.
  30. In the U.S., those requesting a Green Card must take an oath that they will fulfill the rights and duties of citizenship.
  31. Iran can exist without Hamas, but Hamas can’t exist without Iran.
  32. Iran is the base of an axis of evil which is a problem for all the world.
  33. Israel cannot afford a war of attrition.
  34. Israel has been absent for many years from entire regions in the world.
  35. Israel has the right to demand full allegiance from all its citizens.
  36. Israel is under a dual terrorist attack, from within and from without. And terrorism from within is always more dangerous than terrorism from without.
  37. Israel never interferes in the domestic issues of any other country. It’s not our matter; it’s not our policy.
  38. Israel won’t be secure so long as Hamas is in power, and therefore, we need to come to a decision that we will break the will of Hamas to keep fighting.
  39. Israel’s behavior when it comes to Egypt is that of a battered wife. Nothing but apologies.
  40. Israel’s relations with the United States are a cornerstone, and without them, we cannot make our way in the current global climate.
  41. Israeli Arabs don’t have to go. But if they stay, they have to take an oath of allegiance to Israel as a Jewish Zionist state.
  42. It is hard to find a country friendlier to Israel than Canada these days. No other country in the world has demonstrated such a full understanding of us.
  43. It is to be regretted when internal considerations determine a counterproductive and irresponsible foreign policy.
  44. It is unacceptable that a senator or a representative in the American House of Representatives assist Afghanistan during the war and meet with Bin Laden and al-Qaeda leaders, express his support for their war against the U.S., and be allowed to return to serve in Congress.
  45. It’s impossible always to be with the majority in coalition government, especially when it’s a very complicated coalition.
  46. It’s impossible to impose peace, only to create it.
  47. It’s their choice, the choice of the people of Gaza, to create the real peace or at least to create conditions of coexistence.
  48. Nothing has come from this whole ‘peace industry’ except for conferences in five-star hotels and a waste of money.
  49. People can choose between the sweet lie or the bitter truth. I say the bitter truth, but many people don’t want to hear it.
  50. Terrorism attacks Jews, but it targets all countries and Western values. Israel is just an hors d’oeuvre.
  51. The Swedish government needs to understand that relations in the Middle East are more complicated than a piece of furniture from IKEA that you assemble at home.
  52. The dividing line for Yisrael Beiteinu is who supports terror and who fights terror.
  53. The last thing Israel is interested in is an escalation or some military action against Iran.
  54. The security of the citizens of Israel, the future of the state of Israel, this is the Israeli government’s responsibility.
  55. The threats against Israel are growing.
  56. There is no country that has made as many concessions as Israel. Since 1967, we gave up territory that is three times the size of Israel. We showed willingness.
  57. Those who think that through concessions they will gain respect and peace are wrong. It’s the other way around; it will lead to more wars.
  58. Those who want peace should prepare for war and be strong.
  59. Unfortunately, the international community is not ready to deal with Iran’s repeated provocations.
  60. We do not ask Israeli Arabs to share in the Zionist dream. We are asking them to accept that Israel is a Jewish state – the only one in the world.
  61. We established Israel as a Jewish country. I want to provide an Israel that is a Jewish, Zionist country.
  62. We see what Hamas, what kind of this organization, how radicals, their ideology, and we see the consequences every day. You know, the rockets on Israel – and I don’t know any other countries that they will accept reality with, every day, rockets on their towns, cities.
  63. What I really – and I would like to clarify my position, to topple Hamas. And I think it’s possible to bring reasonable people, moderate people to take power in Gaza Strip.
  64. What you have in the Middle East is tension not between Jews and Arabs, not between Israelis and Palestinians, but between the radical wing and the moderate people.
  65. When Jews are sacrificed, you have to ask yourself who will be next.
  66. When there is a Palestinian state, it will absorb hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria and Lebanon, because these states will simply expel all of these refugees.
  67. Without any doubt, the Iranian threat is the biggest threat facing the Jewish people since the Second World War.
  68. Yisrael Beiteinu has no objection to the nonviolent expression of opinion. It is violent speech that forms a clear and present danger that we refuse to tolerate.
  69. Yisrael Beiteinu is a party that puts on the table all the problems that people are afraid to speak about.
  70. You cannot stop an Islamist tsunami by building a small island somewhere in the ocean.