“I wouldn’t want to make the same record over and over again or look the same or be the same. I think that’s just human life in general, though.”

Quotes by Andy Biersack

  1. A band like Avenged Sevenfold I’ve praised quite a bit publicly, because it’s a band that has moved into that arena-size thing for a hard rock band.
  2. All I ever wanted to do was be in a band.
  3. Always be yourself and rebel against what people tell you should be and be whatever you want to.
  4. As far as being onstage, commanding presence, I’ve always looked up to people like Axl Rose and Freddie Mercury and Paul Stanley – the rock gods. I’ve always wanted to be able to achieve that level of commanding nature onstage and really leading people at a show.
  5. As you get older, you realize you’re not that cool. You also realize the people you called posers are just people like you.
  6. Being a singer, I can easily break facial extremities, but breaking my nose in Luxembourg was extremely painful.
  7. Being able to be one of the headline bands on Warped Tour was a dream I had since I was in middle school.
  8. Coming out of ‘Wretched and Divine,’ I was still wanting to explore the more theatrical elements of songwriting. That led to Andy Black.
  9. Even if you don’t like what I do, and you don’t like my band, you might have a fan that likes both of us, and why would you wanna alienate them?
  10. Every Christmas, all I ever wanted was Playskool instruments. It was my entire life. And then by the time I was 6 or 7 years old, it became, ‘Now I’m going to force my entire family to watch me perform all these rock songs.’
  11. For someone like me, music is all I’ve ever thought about – playing big shows, and then, when you take something that is based around your music and put it in a completely different medium, it’s a really interesting and cool emotion to watch.
  12. For us, all we care about is maintaining what we do as a band.
  13. For us, we are interested in doing what’s cool for us and what’s cool for the audience. That’s it.
  14. Growing up, I went to the Warped Tour a lot, and I got to see bands like Rancid and AFI and Dropkick Murphys and these bands that meant so much to me when I was a kid – all in succession on these stages, so to get to play that same stage that I watched those bands play is a huge thing for me.
  15. How do we make a record that’s true to the vibe of the band but still maintain the pace of moving forward and doing something fresh?
  16. I am a clinical zombie.
  17. I came from a town of about 2,000 people with one stop light, and I was told that nothing I ever wanted to do, I would succeed in.
  18. I don’t do anything unless I think about it six months in advance.
  19. I don’t know what metalcore is. I know what rock n’ roll is… It’s not rocket science.
  20. I don’t really have any interest in allowing other people’s kind of idiotic, unnecessary, either bigotry or hatred or whatever derision they have for me, I don’t allow for it to really bother me, because I don’t need it.
  21. I don’t think I necessarily am prepared to write about anybody else’s life but mine.
  22. I don’t want to paint myself as some villain – I was never a bad guy doing horrible things, but I got too caught up in wanting a very specific thing to happen to the band. Ultimately, I had to find the ability in myself to get over that and stop being so stringent and learn to laugh a little bit more.
  23. I go to a lot of self-help groups in the day, and then I can sleep pretty well at night.
  24. I had Batman stuff all over my house growing up.
  25. I have a super supportive family.
  26. I have no goal to have artistic credibility.
  27. I just don’t really think about death.
  28. I knew that my love for the Sisters of Mercy, Lords of the New Church and that kind of stuff, was never going to lend itself well to a direct interpretation in Black Veil Brides.
  29. I know what it’s like to be an outcast in society. I know what it’s like to want to find strength, and more importantly, I know what it’s like to find that internal strength and rise out of the pain of being just sort of a weirdo.
  30. I left high school very early. I was 17. So I guess it wasn’t that early, but I did not get a high school education.
  31. I like both antireligious and traditional Catholic imagery.
  32. I never anticipated seeing 40.
  33. I see the merit in religion, and I see the need for faith and hope and sometimes people who are more snide look at people who are religious, particularly people in rock bands, and they’ll say, ‘Oh that’s dumb, you believe in whatever,’ but I think everybody believes in something.
  34. I think Heaven and afterlife is for the living; it’s for the people that continue on and remember that person, and if you’ve done something that is substantial in your life then you can leave a legacy and do something positive.
  35. I think, on any given day, somebody could help out a homeless person and cuss out somebody that cut them off in traffic, and I think that everybody has that inside them: it’s just how you live that balance – so I think everybody is ‘Wretched and Divine.’
  36. I was a little chubby kid that no girls ever talked to. I had little chance of becoming an internationally known rock star. Music was my escape and my belief system.
  37. I was homeless for almost a year and a half, just living in my car or bouncing around peoples’ houses, going to 7-Eleven at the end of the day and asking them for the taquitos that they were going to throw out because I hadn’t eaten in two days.
  38. I was this little kid writing songs. I look back at having that dream, and it’s weird. Being able to do it and live out your dream on any scale is amazing. I don’t take any of it for granted at all.
  39. I will say one thing: Mick Mars is one of the greatest songwriters I’ve ever met in my life and had the pleasure to work with.
  40. I wouldn’t want to make the same record over and over again or look the same or be the same. I think that’s just human life in general, though.
  41. I’m not against making new fans, but I’m not going to go out of my way to pander to someone and try to make them like me; that’s not who we are. It’s not as if we’re fighting to find an audience – we have our audience, and anybody else is definitely welcome.
  42. I’m not religious, but I understand the need for faith and hope.
  43. I’m real pleased and humbled by the support that the fans show.
  44. I’ve always been a big fan of utopian, future, new-world stories – ‘V For Vendetta,’ comic books, graphic novels.
  45. If they can look past the fact that I happen to wear mascara on stage – which, by the way, is a ridiculous thing that people have a stigma about – then we promise a good rock show.
  46. If what you’re writing is genuine, regardless of whether it sounds cliche or people wouldn’t necessarily think it’s the most brilliant metaphor in the world, it’s always important to be genuine with what you’re writing; at least, that’s how I feel.
  47. If you nominate us for something, we’re going to win.
  48. In terms of stage presence for me, I’m influenced by a myriad of things. A lot of punk performers, people like Dave Vanian from The Damned and Davey Havok from AFI was a huge influence on me when I was younger.
  49. It seems like a gross waste of time to continue our career predicated on the idea that we’re going to divide opinion. What’s more important is just doing something that you love.
  50. It’s not easy to be the weird kid or the rebel.
  51. It’s really important for us as a band, that when someone is giving us grief on stage, to show our fans how important it is that they stand up for themselves and that they feel confident in themselves.
  52. Kiss will always be Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley to me.
  53. Lyrically, the most important thing for me is, how can I tell a cohesive story?
  54. More than anything, I write about what I know. The experiences that I’ve had in my life and that we’ve all had collectively, that’s what we draw from.
  55. My biggest love has always been the music Black Veil Brides make, but that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to or enjoy other things.
  56. My job as the host of a rock awards show is not to be as divisive as possible, but certainly you want to be able to interject your jokes and how you feel about stuff.
  57. My whole life, I’ve loved ’80s synth and goth rock like The Sisters of Mercy and Depeche Mode.
  58. Nobody is convinced that Johnny Depp goes to Walmart dressed as Sweeney Todd, but everyone expects us to.
  59. On Warped Tour in Boise, Idaho, I broke my tooth on the mic. I took a pretty significant chunk out of my tooth and had to have it sanded down. It wasn’t the most painful injury, but it was the most unexpected one.
  60. One of the things that always disappointed me as a kid, growing up, was when you could tell the singer had a fancy for something different and turned the band into something else.
  61. Our music is never going to stop someone from bullying someone else. But you should be your own person.
  62. Our shows have always been sort of an all-generations thing, people from 6 to 60.
  63. Rock stars aren’t crapped out of the sky.
  64. That’s what makes me insufferable to be around, is that most of my life I have assumed that everyone wants to see me perform and do things all the time.
  65. The Misfits skull was my second tattoo, and the Danzig was my third.
  66. The devotion of the BVB Army, with its very big online presence, is amazing. We’ve been fortunate from the very beginning. It was something that was really able to spur on our career.
  67. The image of the band has always been something that’s evolved or changed with every record cycle that we’ve done. I think, in a lot of respects, that’s because we were so interested in having a visual representation for the music that we were making.
  68. The older I get, the more interest I have in writing other kinds of music.
  69. The older I got, I started to realize more it’s not necessarily that any of us are inherently bad or good; you just kind of carve your own way, and you are your experiences and your surroundings and what you grow up in.
  70. The only real inspiration or muse that I have is just the life that I live.
  71. The pen and the written word hold a great deal of power.
  72. The story of my life publicly has been told through ‘Alternative Press.’ Former employees, people who have worked there – my friend Ryan Downey, who wrote for ‘AP’ for a long time – I’ve been able to have really great articles written about me and talk openly about things in my life.
  73. There is no reason why a guitar player makes the guitar-playing faces. It doesn’t help you play guitar. You’ve not improved your skills. It’s because you’re up onstage, and the natural inclination is to put on a show. The rock guy faces are just as much of a front or a show as us wearing crazy makeup. It’s just a different scale.
  74. There is nothing more, I guess, cannibalistic than the metal or the hard rock scene, it seems.
  75. There was never a time when I wasn’t making guitars out of cardboard or dressing up like the Misfits.
  76. There’s no place for Depeche Mode and the Sisters of Mercy in the music I make with my band. If I was a fan, I wouldn’t want to hear that on a Black Veil Brides record. It was important for me and for the integrity of the band not to tarnish it.
  77. To be honest, I’ve always been really interested in the role of the host, whether it’s our kind of Billy Crystal-style traditional awards show host or when you have someone like Louis C.K. or a more edgy stand-up comedian do their take on a hosting role.
  78. We know that listening to Black Veil Brides, wearing Black Veil Bride shirts, or being in Black Veil Brides isn’t always the most popular thing in the world.
  79. We made ‘Wretched and Divine,’ and as much as I love it, it’s a pretty sparkly record – it’s a record that could be done as a play because it’s very theatrical with no grit.
  80. We never made attempts to say we were anybody’s role model or the be-all-end-all of what people should look up to. We have always just been very open about the fact that we have difficulties and we are messed-up people, just as our fans are.
  81. We truly believe with hard work, dedication and perseverance, we can become the best at what we do. No one wants to become mediocre.
  82. We want people to know they shouldn’t feel like social pariahs just because they want to dress differently or listen to rock n’ roll.
  83. We’re entertainers. We’re theatrical.
  84. We’re not here to make the ignorant people happy. We’re here to write our music for those people that are interested in good rock n’ roll music.
  85. We’re not trying to shock people with our image.
  86. We’ve won both the best and worst band in so many major magazines – we just get written off so much, but we don’t care.
  87. When I walk around on the street and someone comes up to me, I have just as many full-grown men with large beards in Slipknot shirts saying he likes my band as much as I do girls with bright pink hair.
  88. When I was a kid, it was so important to listen only to bands nobody had ever heard of. I missed out on so much interesting music because of my need to listen to a psychobilly band that only two people knew about… Because I thought I was cool.
  89. Whether I’m trying to or not, I have this inherent feeling that music is uplifting; it makes you feel victorious, and that makes you feel like you can take on the world.
  90. You can’t deny a band whose fans will literally do anything to see them win the awards. We’re very appreciative to the fan base. That mutual feeling of appreciation is something that really helps.

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