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  1. Well, I think that California has had a history of always spending more money than it takes in.
  2. Well, I think that there’s a value to comedy in and of itself.
  3. Well I think the media has a very powerful influence on almost anything and everything we do because the general public gets their perception of what is going on in things they don’t have immediate access to from what they get through the media.
  4. Well, I think we need to have attrition by enforcement. We need to secure our borders. We need to enforce our laws.
  5. Well, I was obsessed with Judy Garland growing up. Like, obsessed.
  6. Well I went to New Orleans to cover the jazz festival for Trio, it’s this new arts channel, it’s really great.
  7. Well, I’d say all of us are a combination of moods and emotions. In my day to day life I don’t go around skipping, but at times one can feel sheer exhilarating joy at the world.
  8. Well, if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight? They never mention that part to us, do they?
  9. Well, if Fortune be a woman, she’s a good wench for this gear.
  10. Well, if you’re suspecting your lover is having an affair, it’s definitely devastating. It’s really a terrible, terrible feeling because you have no control.
  11. Well, I’ll put it this way: you can certainly say belief in God makes people behave worse. That can be proved beyond a doubt.
  12. Well, I’m having a good time. Which makes me feel guilty too. How very English.
  13. Well, I’m in my 60s now. I finally look it, I think. People until I was 60 would always say they thought I looked younger, which I think, without flattering myself, I did, but I think I certainly have, as George Orwell says people do after a certain age, the face they deserve.
  14. Well, I’m working all the time to stay out of trouble!
  15. Well, immediately we announced yesterday or the day before we’re building, with my foundation, a youth tennis and learning center in Austin. I’d like to be hands on with that and not see it periodically.
  16. Well, it’s not hard to be number one entertaining Jew. Some of them are quite bleeding bloody miserable, really.
  17. Well it’s really hard to satisfy the right wing. I can tell you that.
  18. Well, it’s very easy for me to gain weight, but even though I tried not eating for a week when I was really young, I couldn’t do it any longer because I liked my food too much.
  19. Well, I’ve just gotten accustomed to just being in Canada for five and a half months a year.
  20. Well, I’ve learned something from Michael Robison just about maximizing your shots. For example, if I’m shooting a scene and someone’s driving at the wheel, you could steal an insert in the same shot.
  21. Well, knowledge is a fine thing, and mother Eve thought so; but she smarted so severely for hers, that most of her daughters have been afraid of it since.
  22. Well, let me tell you, ants are the dominant insects. They make up as much as a quarter of the biomass of all insects in the world. They are the principal predators. They’re the cemetery workers.
  23. Well, let me tell you, any conservative that’s unhappy with George Bush warms my heart, in any way that they can wake up and smell the coffee would be really great.
  24. Well look, I mean, I think that prayer and holy water, and things like that are all fine. They don’t do any good, but they don’t necessarily do any harm. It’s touching to be thought of in that way. It makes up for those who tell me that I’ve got my just desserts.
  25. We’ll love you just the way you are if you’re perfect.
  26. Well, many insane people and seriously mentally ill people seem very reasonable.
  27. Well, my deliberate opinion is – it’s a jolly strange world.
  28. Well, my main instrument is violin, but I think of myself as a songwriter who happens to play violin.
  29. Well, my mom is single and we’ve both been single at the same time over the last ten years, so I really related to the bond between my character and Diane’s.
  30. Well, my mum’s been a tennis coach – she coached me till I was 12.
  31. Well, my whole thing is that I’m kind of like a show-off!
  32. Well, no one gives aid to Zimbabwe through the Mugabe government.
  33. Well, now that he’s finished one building, he’ll go write four books about it.
  34. Well of course I get depressed sometimes, yes I do.
  35. Well of course there’s been a great deal of progress over the last 40 years. We don’t have laws that segregate black people within the society any longer.
  36. Well private money can take risks in a way that government money often isn’t willing to.
  37. Well, real estate is always good, as far as I’m concerned.
  38. We’ll see if we ever do another Ministry gig again or not. I’m not saying yes or no yet. All I’m saying is I know there’s no new Ministry studio CDs coming ever again. I promise.
  39. Well, some mathematics problems look simple, and you try them for a year or so, and then you try them for a hundred years, and it turns out that they’re extremely hard to solve.
  40. Well-spent aid money is saving lives for a few thousand dollars per life saved.
  41. Well, that’s what life is – this collection of extraordinarily ordinary moments. We just need to pay attention to them all. Wake up and pay attention to how beautiful it all is.
  42. Well, the future for me is already a thing of the past.
  43. Well the least favourite question is the one that one’s asked particularly about in Japan is what’s the difference between theatre and cinema and I think, well, that’s about eighty bucks.
  44. Well, the post office is probably not the place you want to go if you want to be infused with patriotism and a renewed sense of vigor.
  45. Well the protester I think is a very powerful thing. It’s basically a mechanism of democracy that, along with capitalism, scientific innovation, those things have built the modern world. And it’s wonderful that the new tools have empowered that protestor so that state secrets, bad developments are not hidden anymore.
  46. Well, to the people who pray for me to not only have an agonising death, but then be reborn to have an agonising and horrible eternal life of torture, I say, ‘Well, good on you. See you there.’
  47. Well, we can’t say any more than we can say there is no god, there is no afterlife. We can only say there is no persuasive evidence for or argument for it.
  48. Well, we see an increasingly weaker labor movement as a result of the overall assault on the labor movement and as a result of the globalization of capital.
  49. Well, we were all in high school and we got together, and in college – we were in art college together.
  50. Well we’d just seen Gerry. I think he wanted somebody who had that authority and was handsome. The thing is, he’s a big hunk isn’t he? All I can say, if you look at his chat line, or the Phantom website, it’s quite worrying. Because the girls really seem to love him.
  51. Well, we’re living in a material world, and I’m a material girl… or boy.
  52. Well, when you come down to it, I don’t see that a reporter could do much to a president, do you?
  53. Well, yes, I’ve fired a lot of people. Generally I like other people to fire, because it’s always a lousy task. But I have fired many people.
  54. Well you know, all law is about injustice.
  55. Well, you know, I was raised by a 1970s feminist. My mom had a consciousness-raising group. I used to sit at the top of the stairs and listen to them.
  56. Well, you know, I’m the forever optimist.
  57. Well, you know, I’ve bonded with a lot of people over the years, you know. We played the same tournaments year after year and we go back to the same place and many times the seats have been full and that has meant the world to me for sure.
  58. Well, you know my number one cause has always been that women’s reproductive health needs to be protected.
  59. Well, you know, too much democracy is a sort of sad thing.
  60. Well, you know, when you go into a restaurant, one of the scariest things is the wine list, so whenever I’m really feeling intimidated, I’ll just pick a wine type, like a Chianti or Brunello or a Burgundy, and I’ll pick a year that’s missing and ask for that one.
  61. Well, you know, with every character, if you’re going to expose yourself, you’ve got to figure out every detail that you’re going to play. So there’s no character that you can just go put on his shirt and be fully prepared.
  62. Well, your premise is correct, that we have to first guard against those who have an affiliation with terrorists and a connection, and so we have watch lists and systems that can make that connection.
  63. We’re a democratic society. Shutting down the government should not be on the agenda.
  64. We’re a diverse society, and I think the TV is doing a great job in showing that we’re all human beings, that we can all get along, that we can all be together, and I think that’s a marvelous thing.
  65. We’re a rock group. we’re noisy, rowdy, sensational and weird.
  66. We’re about to shoot an episode on Air Force One, for instance, and we’re going to take liberties, small liberties, with Air Force One, as we take small liberties with our White House set.
  67. We’re African-American and we work together as a family, so people assume we’re like the Jacksons. But I didn’t have parents using me to get out of a bad situation.
  68. We’re all a lot better for butter.
  69. We’re all affected by music. It has the power to inspire, uplift us, change our moods, and even alter consciousness.
  70. We’re all capable of mistakes, but I do not care to enlighten you on the mistakes we may or may not have made.
  71. We’re all caught up in circumstances, and we’re all good and evil. When you’re really hungry, for instance, you’ll do anything to survive. I think the most evil thing – well, maybe that’s too strong – but certainly a very evil thing is judgment, the sin of ignorance.
  72. We’re all going to change. Otherwise, it’s boring.
  73. We’re all going to die, all of us; what a circus! That alone should make us love each other, but it doesn’t. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities. We are eaten up by nothing.
  74. We’re all just a bunch of sinners, but we do the best we can.
  75. We’re all living in a casino. It’s just Vegas. Everything is on camera. Everything is being recorded. Everything is on audio. The truth is we all have access to everybody else’s information.
  76. We’re all making castles in the sand, wonderful tapestries, an exquisite corpse. But is it meaningful? No. It’s dogs barking. It doesn’t mean anything beyond our yelping, at the pain of being alive.
  77. We’re all proud of making little mistakes. It gives us the feeling we don’t make any big ones.
  78. We’re all sinners. Everybody you meet all over the world is a sinner.
  79. We’re all used to seeing pretty people. I want to see real people.
  80. We’re always looking over our shoulders, ‘what they will think, what the press will think, what will this one – am I making the right career move?’ When you’re young you have to do all that to survive, I suppose.
  81. We’re at unique point in history where the things that we are building are going to significantly impact our social, political, economical, and personal lives.
  82. We’re becoming a planet of a thousand new major cities. The economy of the 21st century is a city-building economy. It’s within our power to make it a carbon zero one, too; and to be blunt, civilization depends on our success.
  83. We’re bigger now than we were in the late 70s when we were peaking.
  84. We’re constantly striving for success, fame and comfort when all we really need to be happy is someone or some thing to be enthusiastic about.
  85. We’re entertainers. We’re theatrical.
  86. We’re excited about how tech can be used to get tech out of the way.
  87. We’re frightened of what makes us different.
  88. We’re getting dumbed down, taste-wise.
  89. We’re getting the sort of ‘compromise’ American politics specializes in: the one where things are intentionally made worse for most people in the hopes that if things are made bad enough, the other side will cave.
  90. We’re going to be able to ask our computers to monitor things for us, and when certain conditions happen, are triggered, the computers will take certain actions and inform us after the fact.
  91. We’re going to have the best-educated American people in the world.
  92. We’re going to look back and wonder why we had to micro-control our cars.
  93. We’re hardwired for connection. There’s no arguing with the bioscience. But we can want it so badly we’re trying to hot-wire it.
  94. We’re highly social animals – I’m told by scientists that what makes us different from other animals is an acute social awareness, which is what has made us so successful.
  95. Were I called on to define, very briefly, the term Art, I should call it ‘the reproduction of what the Senses perceive in Nature through the veil of the soul.’ The mere imitation, however accurate, of what is in Nature, entitles no man to the sacred name of ‘Artist.’
  96. We’re in greater danger today than we were the day after Pearl Harbor. Our military is absolutely incapable of defending this country.
  97. We’re in this incredible age where new brands are making people’s lives easier, more convenient, more personalized.
  98. We’re in very bad trouble if we don’t understand the planet we’re trying to save.
  99. We’re involved in racing because there’s that element of competition. But there’s that desire to push yourself beyond the natural comfort zone and the boundaries that are preset if you like, and to be better than the rest.
  100. Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.
  101. We’re just a big media family. My mom is always sending us articles throughout the day. My husband now works at Facebook… so it’s just a very high-paced media culture, our texts. It’s links and photos, and all hours of the day, because my dad, my brother, and I are night owls, and my mom and my husband wake up early.
  102. We’re just enthusiastic about what we do.
  103. We’re living in a different world now in terms of employee needs, and companies have to offer alternative methods for getting the work done. Even under the most difficult circumstances you can have creative flexibility.
  104. We’re living in a time when the world has suddenly discovered India because it’s run out of raw material for its imagination. The raw materials for imagination are inexhaustible here.
  105. We’re living in a whole new social and economic order with a whole new set of problems and challenges. Old assumptions and old programs don’t work in this new society and the more we try to stretch them to make them fit, the more we will be seen as running away from what is reality.
  106. We’re living in hard times.
  107. We’re living in what I like to call the ‘Thank You Economy,’ because only the companies that can figure out how to mind their manners in a very old-fashioned way – and do it authentically – are going to have a prayer of competing.
  108. We’re long past having to defend or explain why women should be on boards, given all the data that shows how companies with female as well as male directors perform better. It’s unfortunate when companies with a large percentage of women constituents don’t reflect that in their boardrooms.
  109. We’re more popular than Jesus now; I don’t know which will go first, rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity.
  110. We’re never going to be able to get rid of terrorism, because there is always going to be evil in the world.
  111. We’re not a fragile people. We’re not a frightful people. Our power doesn’t come from some self-declared savior promising that he alone can restore order as long as we do things his way. We don’t look to be ruled.
  112. We’re not anti-police… we’re anti-police brutality.
  113. We’re not going to have the America that we want until we elect leaders who are going to tell the truth – not most days, but every day.
  114. We’re not going to persuade people in the developing world to go without, but neither can we afford a planet on which everyone lives like an American. Billions more people living in suburbs and driving SUVs to shopping malls is a recipe for planetary suicide. We can’t even afford to continue that way of life ourselves.
  115. We’re not here to make the ignorant people happy. We’re here to write our music for those people that are interested in good rock n’ roll music.
  116. We’re not leaving here without Buster, man. Leave no crash-test dummy behind!
  117. We’re not raising children with the love that we need to.
  118. We’re not trying to shock people with our image.
  119. We’re not willing to give black leaders second chances because, in most cases, we’re not willing to give them first chances.
  120. We’re often ashamed of asking for so much help because it seems selfish or petty or narcissistic, but I think, if there’s a God – and I believe there is – that God is there to help. That’s what God’s job is.
  121. We’re proud Yorkshiremen: we grew up fell running, and we still do it whenever we can. I did my first fell race when I was 11. It was a Tuesday night race called the Bunny Run, on a windswept moor above Haworth, and the prize was a chocolate egg.
  122. We’re providing planning to a huge audience who’s never had access to financial planners before. This was always my plan for LearnVest. It was in my very first pitch deck.
  123. We’re running the most dangerous experiment in history right now, which is to see how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere… can handle before there is an environmental catastrophe.
  124. We’re saying this to both countries: We want a two-state solution. We want a Jewish state of Israel and alongside a independent Palestinian state. Unilateral measures are not helping at all to bring about this cause, and we agree that we wish to cooperate very closely on this, because as we both say, time is of the essence.
  125. We’re seeing a new ‘Gilded Age,’ where inheritance is a deciding factor in who becomes the wealthiest.
  126. We’re so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that we forget the inner value, the rapture that is associated with being alive, is what it is all about.
  127. We’re taught to be ashamed of confusion, anger, fear and sadness, and to me they’re of equal value to happiness, excitement and inspiration.
  128. We’re the only animal that wakes up and doesn’t stretch.
  129. We’re the roughest people in the way we play and live, and that is because Americans come from people who all got up one morning and went 5,000 miles, and that was a time in the 19th century when it wasn’t so easy to do.
  130. Were there none who were discontented with what they have, the world would never reach anything better.
  131. We’re told compassion comes not from generosity but from compliance. We’re told kindness means raiding a man’s hard-earned wages and sending them off to Washington so they – not you – may dole them out in courtesies and indulgences.
  132. We’re told that independent film lovers… folks that are used to watching art house films, won’t come out and see a film with black people in it – I’ve been told that in rooms, big rooms, studio rooms, and I know that’s not true.
  133. We’re used to the characteristics of social media – participation, connection, instant gratification – and when school doesn’t offer the same, it’s easy to tune out.
  134. Were we closer to the ground as children, or is the grass emptier now?
  135. West Bengal State Council of Technical and Vocational Education and Skill Development (WBSCVET) Notifications
  136. West Bengal State Council of Technical and Vocational Education and Skill Development
  137. West Bengal State University (WBSU) (Barasat University) Kolkata Notifications
  138. West Bengal State University (WBSU)
  139. West Bengal University of Health Sciences (WBUHS) Kolkata West Bengal Notifications
  140. West Bengal University of Health Sciences (WBUHS)
  141. West Bengal University of Teachers’ Training Education Planning and Administration Kolkata West Bengal Notifications
  142. Western companies want access to Indian talent. That is why they outsource; that is why they come to India to set up base.
  143. Western history has been a history of deed done, actions performed and results achieved.
  144. Westerners often laud their children as ‘talented’ or ‘gifted’, while Asian parents highlight the importance of hard work. And in fact, research performed by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck has found that the way parents offer approval affects the way children perform, even the way they feel about themselves.
  145. We’ve all fallen, but at the same time we’re not broken. There is the hint that we are going to get up again.
  146. We’ve all seen that every challenge we’ve gone through, we’ve learned something from. It’s not getting hung up on the challenges but figuring out how to get ahead.
  147. We’ve always had this experience that things take long, but I’m 100% convinced that our principles will in the end prevail. No one knew how the Cold War would end at the time, but it did end. This is within our living experience… I’m surprised at how fainthearted we sometimes are and how quickly we lose courage.
  148. We’ve always seen ourselves as Indian. We’ve never seen ourselves as Hindus or Muslims or Christians or Buddhists.
  149. We’ve arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology.
  150. We’ve become such a multitasking society that just paying attention to the road doesn’t seem to be that important anymore. I have to remind my kids all the time that that’s what you’re supposed to be doing in the car.
  151. We’ve been so disconnected agriculturally and culturally from food. We spend more time on dieting than on cooking.
  152. We’ve changed in the sense that we flipped – and this is no longer the Republican party of Lincoln. This is the party of suppression.
  153. We’ve climbed the mighty mountain. I see the valley below, and it’s a valley of peace.
  154. We’ve demonstrated a strong track record of being very disciplined with the use of our cash. We don’t let it burn a hole in our pocket, we don’t allow it to motivate us to do stupid acquisitions. And so I think that we’d like to continue to keep our powder dry, because we do feel that there are one or more strategic opportunities in the future.
  155. We’ve finally given liberals a war against fundamentalism, and they don’t want to fight it. They would except that it would put them on the same side as the United States.
  156. We’ve got rings, glasses, we wear things for armor, for protection from the elements, to signal our status to other people. And we’re going to co-opt a lot of those things, where wearables are going to end up being the interface between us in the world.
  157. We’ve got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.
  158. We’ve got to get the gun out of the hands of people who are supposed to be on neighborhood watch.
  159. We’ve got to put a lot of money into changing behavior.
  160. We’ve got too many young girls, who don’t know how to parent, turning themselves into parents.
  161. We’ve grown accustomed to injustice in Russia. People are constantly being arrested unlawfully.
  162. We’ve had an assault rifle ban in our country, and that did not accomplish the objectives. We had Columbine during the time that that ban was in place.
  163. We’ve had soldiers that were so badly hurt and killed. I want their families to get something.
  164. We’ve just learned how to balance ourselves a little better so that we’re happier way more of the time than not, and, you know, being happy is a radical and desirable act if you ask me.
  165. We’ve lost something that’s been with us for so long, and something that drew a lot of us into mathematics. But perhaps that’s always the way with math problems, and we just have to find new ones to capture our attention.
  166. We’ve managed to keep a spirit of fun, I guess, of urban satire and finding new and odd interesting angles to the ways of life to put on the stage.
  167. We’ve never been a religious band, but the media wants us to be.
  168. We’ve never had nannies. We’ve had great grandparents, great support from family, and the kids have been on every set: they’ve seen me play Gollum, King Kong, Captain Haddock, the lot. They totally get it, and they want to go into the business. Ruby, my daughter, is very keen to become an actress.
  169. We’ve persevered because of a belief we share with the Iraqi people – a belief that out of the ashes of war, a new beginning could be born in this cradle of civilization. Through this remarkable chapter in the history of the United States and Iraq, we have met our responsibility. Now, it’s time to turn the page.
  170. We’ve protected thousands of people in Libya; we have not seen a single U.S. casualty; there’s no risks of additional escalation. This operation is limited in time and in scope.
  171. We’ve stated very clearly that no negotiating chapters between the European Union and Turkey will be concluded before the Ankara Protocol is complied with: that’s to say before Turkey grants all E.U. member states, including Cyprus, access to its ports.
  172. We’ve won both the best and worst band in so many major magazines – we just get written off so much, but we don’t care.
  173. What a blind person needs is not a teacher but another self.
  174. What a book a devil’s chaplain might write on the clumsy, wasteful, blundering, low, and horribly cruel work of nature!
  175. What a circus act we women perform every day of our lives. Look at us. We run a tightrope daily, balancing a pile of books on the head. Baby-carriage, parasol, kitchen chair, still under control. Steady now! This is not the life of simplicity but the life of multiplicity that the wise men warn us of.
  176. What a liberation to realize that the ‘voice in my head’ is not who I am. ‘Who am I, then?’ The one who sees that.
  177. What a man believes may be ascertained, not from his creed, but from the assumptions on which he habitually acts.
  178. What a man can be, he must be. This need we call self-actualization.
  179. What a man knows at fifty that he did not know at twenty is for the most part incommunicable.
  180. What a peculiar privilege has this little agitation of the brain which we call ‘thought’.
  181. What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god.
  182. What a sound money system does is to stabilize all the elements in it, and reduces the uncertainty that people confront. And the one thing all human beings do when they are confronted with uncertainty is pull back, withdraw, disengage, and that means economic activity, which is really dealing with people, just goes straight down.
  183. What a terrible thing to have lost one’s mind. Or not to have a mind at all. How true that is.
  184. What a waste it is to lose one’s mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is.
  185. What a wee little part of a person’s life are his acts and his words! His real life is led in his head, and is known to none but himself.
  186. What a woman is taught, she shares with her family.
  187. What, after all, is the object of education? To train the body in health, vigor and grace, so that it may express the emotions in beauty and the mind with accuracy and strength.
  188. What an encouraging thought that Jesus – our beloved Husband – can find comfort in our lowly feeble gifts! Can this be, for it seems far too good to be true? May we then be willing to endure trials or even death itself if through these hardships we are assisted in bringing gladness to Immanuel’s heart.
  189. What analysis tool would you use to analyze the behavior of new customers vs. returning customers on your website?
  190. What annoys me about most self-help books is that they have no tragic sense. They have no sense that life is fundamentally incomplete rather than accidentally incomplete.
  191. What another would have done as well as you, do not do it. What another would have said as well as you, do not say it; what another would have written as well, do not write it. Be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself-and thus make yourself indispensable.
  192. What are best practices for creating a TrueView in-stream ad?
  193. What are external links?
  194. What are HubL tags?
  195. What are inbound links?
  196. What are internal links?
  197. What are the four scope levels available for dimensions and metrics in Google Analytics?
  198. What are the most important on-page SEO elements?
  199. What are the pillars of customer delight?
  200. What are the targeting options for Mastheads?
  201. What are the three elements you must get right in order to be successful with your email marketing?
  202. What are the three stages of the Buyer’s Journey?
  203. What are the two keys to creating remarkable content?
  204. What are the two principal design tools used for building site page, blog, and email templates in HubSpot?
  205. What are UTM parameters?
  206. What are you accepting that would not be a part of your ideal day?
  207. What atonement is there for blood spilt upon the earth?
  208. What being a socialist means is… that you hold out… a vision of society where poverty is absolutely unnecessary, where international relations are not based on greed… but on cooperation… where human beings can own the means of production and work together rather than having to work as semi-slaves to other people who can hire and fire.
  209. What best describes Enhanced Cost-Per-Click (ECPC)
  210. What bothers me is that there is so much emphasis on food, rather than gathering and meeting – so that there is all this effort in creating the right food, whereas the food is only a small part of whether the encounter is successful or not.
  211. What breaks my heart is suffering of any kind. Too often, our world is divisive and cruel where it needs to be uniting and loving.
  212. What broke in a man when he could bring himself to kill another?
  213. What can be added to the happiness of a man who is in health, out of debt, and has a clear conscience?
  214. What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
  215. What can be more foolish than to think that all this rare fabric of heaven and earth could come by chance, when all the skill of art is not able to make an oyster!
  216. What can everyone do? Praise and blame. This is human virtue, this is human madness.
  217. What can I say? I’m a talker.
  218. What can we expect from this latest crop of indie directors who have been sucked into the franchise factory? I’m especially curious about ‘Star Wars,’ which will feature an all-indie crew after J. J. Abrams finishes with ‘Episode VII.’
  219. What can you do by creating a separate campaign that’s targeted only to the Display Network?
  220. What can you learn from attribution reports?
  221. What category of pages contains the option to build an Error Page?
  222. What changes can you make to the Display Network campaign of a client who wants to drive awareness of her natural beauty brand?
  223. What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the size of the fight in the dog.
  224. What defines a clear conversion path?
  225. What destroys more self-confidence than any other educational thing in America is being assigned to some remedial math when you get into some college, and then it’s not taught very well and you end up with this sense of, ‘Hey, I can’t really figure those things out.’
  226. What did I owe the rest of the world? Nothing.
  227. What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?
  228. What difference is there between us, save a restless dream that follows my soul but fears to come near you?
  229. What do a CTA, landing page, and thank you page create when working together?
  230. What do earned actions measure?
  231. What do I care about the purring of one who cannot love, like the cat?
  232. What do I mean by concentration? I mean focusing totally on the business at hand and commanding your body to do exactly what you want it to do.
  233. What do I think of Western civilization? I think it would be a very good idea.
  234. What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course.
  235. What do you regard as most humane? To spare someone shame.
  236. What do you think a stimulus is? It’s spending – that’s the whole point! Seriously.
  237. What do you want a meaning for? Life is a desire, not a meaning.
  238. What does average view frequency measure?
  239. What does Burma have to give the United States? We can give you the opportunity to engage with people who are ready and willing to change a society.
  240. What does “converted clicks” measure?
  241. What does COS stand for?
  242. What does Google Merchant Center use as the primary way to contact users with important messages, such as feed disapprovals?
  243. What does impression share indicate about a product group?
  244. What does it mean to pre-board? Do you get on before you get on?
  245. What does linking an AdWords account to a YouTube account let an advertiser do?
  246. What does mysticism really mean? It means the way to attain knowledge. It’s close to philosophy, except in philosophy you go horizontally while in mysticism you go vertically.
  247. What does the abbreviation SERP stand for?
  248. What does the artist do? He draws connections. He ties the invisible threads between things. He dives into history, be it the history of mankind, the geological history of the Earth or the beginning and end of the manifest cosmos.
  249. What does the open rate of your email indicate?
  250. What does the time lag report indicate?
  251. What does “Variant A” in A/B Testing usually represent?
  252. What doesn’t kill you only makes your book longer.
  253. What drives you? Is it a Mini or a Thunderbird?
  254. What each must seek in his life never was on land or sea. It is something out of his own unique potentiality for experience, something that never has been and never could have been experienced by anyone else.
  255. What element is most important when writing a CSS media query?
  256. What elements should be tested on your CTA?
  257. What Englishman will give his mind to politics as long as he can afford to keep a motor car?
  258. What ever disunites man from God, also disunites man from man.
  259. What exists outside is a man’s concern; let no woman give advice; and do no mischief within doors.
  260. What feats of ingenuity have we not been forced to perform, at times, in order to meet our customers’ wishes? Those only who have had charge of a large, modern kitchen can tell the tale.
  261. What feature would you set up to collect company-specific data such as Member Status?
  262. What four parameters can you include with an event hit for reporting?
  263. What four types of Goals are available in Google Analytics?
  264. What frightens us most in a madman is his sane conversation.
  265. What gets in our way is history and culture and religion and economic conditions. It is part of the hypnosis of our social conditioning.
  266. What good am I? I can’t have kids. I can’t cook. I’ve been divorced three times. Who would want me?
  267. What good are fans? You can’t eat applause for breakfast. You can’t sleep with it.
  268. What good is it being Marilyn Monroe? Why can’t I just be an ordinary woman?
  269. What good is it to live a life that brings pains?
  270. What good is making a jewel if nobody see it? But cost depends on the story. To get those performances in ‘Biutiful,’ you need that time. You need 60 takes in a scene and a year to edit. It’s not realistic to do it any other way.
  271. What grieves me most in my past offenses, O my loving God, is not so much the punishment I have deserved, as the displeasure I have given You, Who are worthy of infinite love.
  272. What happened to me in Somalia doesn’t define me.
  273. What happened to me is I gained a little weight so I could be more accessible to people. They’re not like, ‘Oh my God, he’s, like, a male model comedian; yuck, ugh.’ It’s like, ‘Oh, he’s a little squishy; He’s like me. He’s accessible.’ And girls are like, ‘Look how cuddly he is. I just want to cuddle up in his neck fat and go to sleep.’
  274. What happens as a result of a search campaign consistently meeting its daily budget?
  275. What happens is consciousness operates in mysterious ways. One of those ways is that the old paradigm suddenly starts to die.
  276. What happens when a campaign consistently meets its average daily budget?
  277. What happens when an advertiser sets a daily budget lower than the recommended amount, using the “Standard” delivery method?
  278. What happens when children reach puberty earlier and adulthood later? The answer is: a good deal of teenage weirdness.
  279. What has stayed true all the way through my work is my composition, I hope, and my sense of color.
  280. What heartens me is to see ’30 Rock’ on the air. It makes me laugh from my gut, which I really like to do.
  281. What humility does for one is it reminds us that there are people before me. I have already been paid for. And what I need to do is prepare myself so that I can pay for someone else who has yet to come but who may be here and needs me.
  282. What I always wanna tell young people now: Pay attention. This isn’t gonna happen again. Rather than try to understand it as it’s going along, have it go along for a while and then understand it.
  283. What I always wanted to get seen as was as a good actor, when it was the acting I was doing. When I’m writing, I want to try to be seen as a good writer. Not as somebody with a particular idea to sell, or something like that.
  284. What I always wanted to get seen as was as a good actor, when it was the acting I was doing. When I’m writing, I want to try to be seen as a good writer.
  285. What I am interested in now is the landscape. Pictures without people. I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually there are no people in my pictures. It is so emotional.
  286. What I am interested in with birds, just as I am with spiders or monkeys, is what they do and why they do it.
  287. What I am looking for is not out there, it is in me.
  288. What I believe is that marriage is between a man and a woman, but what I also believe is that we have an obligation to make sure that gays and lesbians have the rights of citizenship that afford them visitations to hospitals, that allow them to be, to transfer property between partners, to make certain that they’re not discriminated on the job.
  289. What I believe unites the people of this nation, regardless of race or region or party, young or old, rich or poor, is the simple, profound belief in opportunity for all – the notion that if you work hard and take responsibility, you can get ahead.
  290. What I call my ‘self’ now is hardly a person at all. It’s mainly a meeting place for various natural forces, desires, and fears, etcetera, some of which come from my ancestors, and some from my education, some perhaps from devils. The self you were really intended to be is something that lives not from nature but from God.
  291. What I cannot love, I overlook. Is that real friendship?
  292. What I can’t completely understand is most other people’s fascination with what the famous among us do with their lips and the rest of their bodies. Why do ordinary people become the target of this curiosity simply by virtue of the fact that other people recognise their names and faces but know almost nothing else about them?
  293. What I can’t tell is, I don’t know if there’s a subliminal resistance to the idea of a sequel to ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ anyway.
  294. What I did was take the Jesus of the Gospels, the Son of God, the Son of the Virgin Mary, and sought to make Him utterly believable, a vital breathing character.
  295. What I discovered is I don’t like to repeat lead characters because one of the most pleasurable things in a book to me is learning about the lead.
  296. What I do is I write mainly about very personal and rather lonely feelings, and I explore them in a different way each time. You know, what I do is not terribly intellectual. I’m a pop singer for Christ’s sake. As a person, I’m fairly uncomplicated.
  297. What I do is just go over and over and over my lines and learn the script so well that I can just be easy and relaxed. That’s the way I always work.
  298. What I do know from my life is the phenomenon of saying, ‘This is too small a thing to argue about’, but then nevertheless finding oneself in that argument.
  299. What I do on film is part of my profession.
  300. What I do with my life is of my own doing. I live it the best way I can. I’ve been criticized on many, many occasions, because of – acquaintances, and what have you.
  301. What I end up shooting is the situation. I shoot the composition and my subject is going to help the composition or not.
  302. What I feel like I’m doing is showing people what is humanly possible when someone commits their entire life to something.
  303. What I find daunting always is to stand on a stage and talk to people, whether they agree with me or not.
  304. What I found is that experience in the World Series made me connect more with the fans.
  305. What I had to do was keep the story within certain limits of what was, of course, plausible.
  306. What I hate about Halle Berry is there’s always drama around her. It’s always fighting, automobile accidents, fistfights, boyfriends fighting ex-husbands for the child.
  307. What I have always wanted for myself is much more primitive. It is probably nothing more than the affection of the people with whom I am in contact, and their good opinion of me.
  308. What I have experienced is nothing compared to what political prisoners in prisons suffer.
  309. What I have found is that, in a family business structure, sometimes what is needed is a sense of discipline rather than creativity. You have to take everyone’s ideas and make it work. When you are dealing with money, there is a limitation on how creative you can be.
  310. What I have is a malevolent curiosity. That’s what drives my need to write and what probably leads me to look at things a little askew. I do tend to take a different perspective from most people.
  311. What I kind of want to spread as my message to all kinds of youth that I get to reach out to is, you can do cool stuff; you’ve just got to put in time and be dedicated.
  312. What I learned from Lennon was something that did stay with me my whole career, which is to be very straightforward. I actually love talking about taking pictures, and I think that helps everyone.
  313. What I like is when you can hear the heart and soul of music and can feel the energy coming out of it, because that’s what it’s like when you drive.
  314. What I like to do is get the family in the pick-up truck… and then we just go for a drive. That’s it!
  315. What I like to do is try to make a difference with the work I do.
  316. What I like to drink most is wine that belongs to others.
  317. What I like to write about is stuff I know. I don’t think I could write a novel. I don’t think I have it in me to come up with those kinds of characters.
  318. What I look for these days is that I don’t have long speeches, the characters gets to sit down a lot, I don’t have to learn any foreign languages, and it doesn’t shoot in Minneapolis in February. That’s mainly what I look for.
  319. What I need to write well is a combination of heat, light and solitude.
  320. What I really – and I would like to clarify my position, to topple Hamas. And I think it’s possible to bring reasonable people, moderate people to take power in Gaza Strip.
  321. What I really appreciate is the people who come up and say, ‘Thank you for representing our country.’
  322. What I really like is to be at home, working.
  323. What I really want to say: That what the world really needs is a real feeling of kinship. Everybody: stars, laborers, Negroes, Jews, Arabs. We are all brothers.
  324. What I really wanted to know, though, was what it was like to be a geisha? Where do you sleep? What do you eat? How do you have your hair done?
  325. What I respect in people more than anything is work ethic. And Justin Timberlake’s got that. He works his tail off, and he knows his stuff.
  326. What I say is that, if a fellow really likes potatoes, he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow.
  327. What I see in the corporate sector is very clearly an issue of a major shortfall in the issue of, what some people call confidence, but whatever you want to call it. Clearly people are looking out in the very distant future and they are saying that it is too complex.
  328. What I think is different today is the lack of political connection between the black middle class and the increasing numbers of black people who are more impoverished than ever before.
  329. What I think is fair to say is that, coming out of the Republican camp, there have been efforts to suggest that perhaps I’m not who I say I am when it comes to my faith – something which I find deeply offensive, and that has been going on for a pretty long time.
  330. What I try to do is always get the newest, funniest people in anything.
  331. What I try to keep in mind is that there are going to be a lot of articles that are going to be misrepresentative of what I’m about as a person and as a writer.
  332. What I wear onstage is so stylized and bold.
  333. What I worry about would be that you essentially have two chambers, the House and the Senate, but you have simply, majoritarian, absolute power on either side. And that’s just not what the founders intended.
  334. What I would not like is to be ignored. I write from the heart. I don’t write for me. I write for my readers.
  335. What I would say is governments need assistance to run their organisations more efficiently just like businesses do.
  336. What I wrote all the time when I was a kid – I don’t want to call it ‘poetry,’ because it wasn’t poetry. I was not that kind of a writer. I was a rhymer. I was a fan of Dorothy Parker’s, so maybe I wrote poetry to that extent, but my main focus was the humor of it, and word construction, and the slant. Your words, it’s a very powerful experience.
  337. What I’d really like to control is not machines, but people.
  338. What if lawmakers never spoke to their constituents? Oddly enough, that’s exactly how corporate America operates. Shareholders vote for directors, but the directors rarely, if ever, communicate with them.
  339. What if others suffer shipwreck, yet none that sail with Jesus have ever been stranded yet.
  340. What if the slowdown in merger activity isn’t cyclical, but secular? What if corporations have learned the lessons of so many companies before them that the odds of a successful merger are no better than 50-50 and probably less? Is it possible that the biggest deals have already been done?
  341. What if there was a library which held every book? Not every book on sale, or every important book, or even every book in English, but simply every book – a key part of our planet’s cultural legacy.
  342. What I’m asking for is hard. It’s easier to be cynical; to accept that change isn’t possible, and politics is hopeless, and to believe that our voices and actions don’t matter. But if we give up now, then we forsake a better future.
  343. What I’m not saying is that all government spending is bad. It’s not – far, far from it, but there is no free lunch, as a former colleague of mine used to say. There is no public tooth fairy. Father Christmas does not work on the Treasury staff this year. You can never bail someone out of trouble without putting someone else into trouble.
  344. What I’m trying to do is, is to make a significant difference in space flight. And help make space flight accessible to almost anyone.
  345. What important is man should live in righteousness, in natural love for mankind.
  346. What influenced me was Tori Amos, who was unapologetic about expressing anger through music, and Sinead O’Connor. Those two in particular were really moving for me, and very inspiring, before I wrote ‘Jagged Little Pill.’
  347. What information do you need to enter in Google Merchant Center to create a Shopping campaign?
  348. What information does a target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bid strategy need in order to find the optimal cost-per-click (CPC) bid for an ad each time it’s eligible to appear?
  349. What interests me is the sense of the darkness that we carry within us, the darkness that’s akin to one of the principal subjects of the sublime – terror.
  350. What Iran wants and what North Korea wants is respect.
  351. What is a benefit of mobile site over an app for businesses?
  352. What is a benefit of online advertising with Google AdWords?
  353. What is a benefit of using Google Analytics for Remarketing?
  354. What is a best practice to reduce the processing time of a new feed?
  355. What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.
  356. What is a danger is that we stay stuck in a new normal where unemployment rates stay high, people who have jobs see their incomes go up, businesses make big profits. But they’re learned to do more with less, and so they don’t hire.
  357. What is a democrat? One who believes that the republicans have ruined the country. What is a republican? One who believes that the democrats would ruin the country.
  358. What is a “dimension” in Google Analytics?
  359. What is a farm but a mute gospel?
  360. What is a fear of living? It’s being preeminently afraid of dying. It is not doing what you came here to do, out of timidity and spinelessness. The antidote is to take full responsibility for yourself – for the time you take up and the space you occupy. If you don’t know what you’re here to do, then just do some good.
  361. What is a Flexible Column?
  362. What is a lightbox ad?
  363. What is a man if he is not a thief who openly charges as much as he can for the goods he sells?
  364. What is a “metric” in Google Analytics?
  365. What is a moderate interpretation of the text? Halfway between what it really means and what you’d like it to mean?
  366. What is a philosophy? It Is an answer satisfactory to the reason to all the great problems of life. That is what is meant by philosophy. It must satisfy the reason, and it must show the unity underlying the endless diversity of the facts that science observes.
  367. What is a rebel? A man who says no: but whose refusal does not imply a renunciation.
  368. What is a “secondary dimension” in Google Analytics?
  369. What is a struggle is that acting isn’t a place where you go to work and you do that thing. There aren’t set boundaries, like an office, where you go and work. For me, the work is always on my mind.
  370. What is a tool that you can use to emulate and simulate a site that’s experiencing poor or unreliable connectivity?
  371. What is a valid event for a Service Worker to emit when it’s registered?
  372. What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered.
  373. What is absurd and monstrous about war is that men who have no personal quarrel should be trained to murder one another in cold blood.
  374. What is an app engagement ad?
  375. What is an app install ad?
  376. What is an assisted conversion?
  377. What is an attribution model in Google Analytics?
  378. What is an XML sitemap?
  379. What is anchor text?
  380. What is Apple, after all? Apple is about people who think ‘outside the box,’ people who want to use computers to help them change the world, to help them create things that make a difference, and not just to get a job done.
  381. What is/are the best type(s) content to post to Twitter?
  382. What is auto-tune? I don’t even know what auto-tune is.
  383. What is beautiful enchants me. I mean not just physical beauty but a wider concept of beauty. There is beauty in poetry and in great musical or singing performances. There is beauty everywhere if you can just see it.
  384. What is beauty, anyway? It’s more than something pleasant looking. If it doesn’t stop us in our tracks and make us unable to move for a moment, unable to put into words what’s closing off the breath in our throats, then maybe it’s pretty, but it probably isn’t beauty.
  385. What is black empowerment when it seems to benefit not the vast majority but an elite that tends to be recycled?
  386. What is called genius is the abundance of life and health.
  387. What is CAN-SPAM and why is it a required module for email templates?
  388. What is certain is that singing is not merely modulating a song by means of the voice: we sing and we celebrate the beauty that we can grow and live every day. If you want to sing and give emotions to those who are listening, you must have something to tell through your singing; you have to use singing like an instrument to tell something.
  389. What is divine? It is simply that which man has not been able to understand. Once you do, it loses its divinity.
  390. What is divine? Simply that which man has not yet been able to understand. Once understood, it ceases to be divine.
  391. What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out.
  392. What is earnest is not always true; on the contrary, error is often more earnest than truth.
  393. What is excellence? It is about going a little beyond what we expect from ourselves. Part of the need for excellence is imposed on us externally by our customers. Our competition keeps us on our toes, especially when it is global in nature.
  394. What is fascinating about marriage is why anyone wants to get married.
  395. What is filmmaking but groping in the dark?
  396. What is freedom? Freedom is the right to choose: the right to create for oneself the alternatives of choice.
  397. What is good? All that heightens the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself in man.
  398. What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal.
  399. What is human warfare but just this; an effort to make the laws of God and nature take sides with one party.
  400. What is interesting about self-analysis is that it leads nowhere – it is an art form in itself.
  401. What is it about actors? God knows I get bored with actors talking about themselves.
  402. What is it about women that they just go right for the guy that totally repulses them?
  403. What is it that the App shell helps with
  404. What is lead nurturing?
  405. What is local SEO?
  406. What is malicious duplicate content?
  407. What is Masthead billing based on?
  408. What is moral is what you feel good after, and what is immoral is what you feel bad after.
  409. What is morality in any given time or place? It is what the majority then and there happen to like and immorality is what they dislike.
  410. What is more important in a library than anything else – than everything else – is the fact that it exists.
  411. What is most important for democracy is not that great fortunes should not exist, but that great fortunes should not remain in the same hands. In that way there are rich men, but they do not form a class.
  412. What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.
  413. What is NOT a benefit of local SEO?
  414. What is not considered as an effect of well-built backlinks in SEO?
  415. What is not true about a favicon?
  416. What is once well done is done forever.
  417. What is one function of the ‘Edit CS’ dropdown menu item?
  418. What is PageRank?
  419. What is past is prologue.
  420. What is politics? Political system is equal to development politics plus political politics.
  421. What is popular is not always right; what is right is not always popular.
  422. What is really a stretch to me is to make quick decisions.
  423. What is required for User ID to track users across different devices?
  424. What is robots.txt?
  425. What is SEO?
  426. What is social proof? Put simply, it’s the positive influence created when someone finds out that others are doing something. It’s also known as informational social influence.
  427. What is terrifying is the ability, through mass brainwashing or propaganda, to change normal human instinct, which does not necessarily contain very much hatred.
  428. What is the appropriate behavior for a man or a woman in the midst of this world, where each person is clinging to his piece of debris? What’s the proper salutation between people as they pass each other in this flood?
  429. What is the best analysis tool to use in order to see a traffic comparison of Converters vs. Non Converters?
  430. What is the best way to ensure the site footer is consistent across all pages?
  431. What is the “Bounce Rate” in Google Analytics?
  432. What is the Buyer’s Journey?
  433. What is the Code Editor?
  434. What is the constitution of the universe? The universe is the manifestation of the divine thought; the thought of God embodies itself in the thought-forms that we call worlds.
  435. What is the “content golden rule?”
  436. What is the content process comprised of?
  437. What is the difference between a taxidermist and a tax collector? The taxidermist takes only your skin.
  438. What is the essence of theosophy? It is the fact that man, being himself divine, can know the divinity whose life he shares. As an inevitable corollary to this supreme truth comes the fact of the brotherhood of man.
  439. What is the feedback principle in relation to designing the user experience?
  440. What is the HubSpot COS and what does it do?
  441. What is the impact of poor landing page quality on an ad group?
  442. What is the main purpose of summarizing the conversation with the client at the end of a meeting?
  443. What is the main purpose of the meta description?
  444. What is the main purpose of the Multi-Channel funnel report?
  445. What is the most important reason for why marketing and sales should share the same goal(s)?
  446. What is the most important reason to include Personalization Tokens for lead generation when designing email templates?
  447. What is the most innocent place in any country? Is it not the insane asylum? These people drift through life truly innocent, unable to see into themselves at all.
  448. What is the purpose of a global group or module?
  449. What is the purpose of “nofollow” links?
  450. What is the recommended next step if you noticed from the Search terms report that certain search terms are leading to a high number of clicks on your ads?
  451. What is the set of rules that determines how sales and conversions get attributed based on touch-points in the conversion path?
  452. What is the thread of western civilization that distinguished its course in history? It has to do with the preoccupation of western man with his outward command and his sense of superiority.
  453. What is the URL parameter that auto-tagging appends to an AdWords destination URL?
  454. What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?
  455. What is the use of writing plays, what is the use of writing anything, if there is not a will which finally moulds chaos itself into a race of gods.
  456. What is there more kindly than the feeling between host and guest?
  457. What is this world that is hastening me toward I know not what, viewing me with contempt?
  458. What is true of the individual will be tomorrow true of the whole nation if individuals will but refuse to lose heart and hope.
  459. What is truth? said jesting Pilate; and would not stay for an answer.
  460. What is virtue but the Trade Unionism of the married?
  461. What is W3C?
  462. What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite.
  463. What is www resolve?
  464. What it lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do.
  465. What it’s like to be me? You know, it’s good to be me. My life is good.
  466. What I’ve become good at is bringing things that aren’t necessarily mainstream to the mainstream. What I did see on Twitter was a potential for mass publication; it’s a mainstream consumer broadcasting device. It transforms customers and companies. You have to be transparent or you fail.
  467. What I’ve become good at is bringing things that aren’t necessarily mainstream to the mainstream.
  468. What I’ve observed and what I’ve imagined – and definitely what I’m hoping – happens as you get older is that there’s a mellowing, an acceptance that comes with time. I guess that I’ll find out.
  469. What I’ve realized over the years is that I have some pretty good friends.
  470. What I’ve realized recently is that the difference between me and Mickey Mouse is, there’s not a man that can go and say, ‘Look, can you get me in any faster? I’m Mickey Mouse.’ Whereas I can go in and say, ‘Look, could you get me a table faster? I’m Princess Leia.’
  471. What keeps me going is goals.
  472. What keeps me going is that young people still want to see me.
  473. What keeps me up at night is poverty and unemployment.
  474. What keeps me up at night? Waking up to a scoop at another newspaper or on TV. I’m probably competitive, almost too much so. I will stay up till the Web sites at night roll over. And if they don’t roll over, I’ll stay up until it’s done. I’ll wake up at the crack of dawn, or in the middle of the night even, just to go and check and see.
  475. What kept me out of trouble is going right to the edge and then… thinking that my mother would be embarrassed, and that I didn’t want to embarrass her, and that my father would be embarrassed, and I just didn’t want to do that to my family.
  476. What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself.
  477. What kind of morons do you have working at newspapers in Austin that would base an entire review of an artist’s performance on whether or not they had a good seat?
  478. What kind of people do they think we are? Is it possible they do not realize that we shall never cease to persevere against them until they have been taught a lesson which they and the world will never forget?
  479. What liberals mean by ‘goose-stepping’ or ‘ethnic cleansing’ is generally something along the lines of ‘eliminating taxpayer funding for the National Endowment for the Arts.’ But they can’t say that, or people would realize they’re crazy.
  480. What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.
  481. What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.
  482. What made Manhattan Manhattan was the underground infrastructure, that engineering marvel.
  483. What makes a champion great is how he dethrones the guy before him. Look at Mike Tyson against Trevor Berbick and how he crushed him. You have to rip the title away from him.
  484. What makes a notification good?
  485. What makes creative people tingle are interesting problems, the chance to impress their friends, and caffeine.
  486. What makes knowledge automatic is what gets you to Carnegie Hall – practice, practice, practice.
  487. What makes me feel good is all of the people that rooted for A.I. get a chance to say, ‘He did what you never thought he could do. The critics. He did what you never thought he could accomplish.’ This is a moment that me and my fans and my family and friends can share together because we always believed in the dream.
  488. What makes something special is not just what you have to gain, but what you feel there is to lose.
  489. What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.
  490. What makes us Americans is our shared commitment to an ideal – that all of us are created equal, and all of us have the chance to make of our lives what we will.
  491. What makes us love a character is a character that tries.
  492. What, man, defy the devil. Consider, he’s an enemy to mankind.
  493. What matters is that you do great work, and you will definitely be remembered for that for years to come.
  494. What might seem like a good idea to somebody at 21 is probably not going to seem like a good idea at 50, but you don’t know that until you get there.
  495. What most people don’t understand is that UFOs are on a cosmic tourist route. That’s why they’re always seen in Arizona, Scotland, and New Mexico. Another thing to consider is that all three of those destinations are good places to play golf. So there’s possibly some connection between aliens and golf.
  496. What most people know but don’t realize they know is that the world is almost entirely solar-powered already. If the sun wasn’t there, we’d be a frozen ice ball at three degrees Kelvin, and the sun powers the entire system of precipitation. The whole ecosystem is solar-powered.
  497. What my character is or how many jails I have lounged in, or wards or walls or wassails, how many lonely-heart poetry readings I have dodged, is beside the point. A man’s soul or lack of it will be evident with what he can carve upon a white sheet of paper.
  498. What my father gave me more than anything else is great tutoring and a great brain, frankly. You know, my father’s brother was a top person at MIT, went to MIT, graduated from MIT, was a teacher at MIT, a professor at MIT, a great engineer. I mean, you know, I have very good genes.
  499. What nicer thing can you do for somebody than make them breakfast?
  500. What nourishes me also destroys me.
  501. What, of course, we want in a university is for people to learn the skills they’re going to need outside the classroom. So, having a system that had more emphasis on inquiry and exploration but also on learning and practising specific skills would fit much better with how we know people learn.
  502. What % of people will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load?
  503. What old people say you cannot do, you try and find that you can. Old deeds for old people, and new deeds for new.
  504. What one does in the studio is to pose a series of problems to oneself. I’ve got to look for some deeper meaning, for some reason for this thing to be in the world. There’s enough stuff in the world.
  505. What one has to do usually can be done.
  506. What one hides is worth neither more nor less than what one finds. And what one hides from oneself is worth neither more nor less than what one allows others to find.
  507. What option allows you to copy a template to raw code?
  508. What option is used when making changes to a single instance of a global module?
  509. What orators lack in depth they make up for in length.
  510. What other people may find in poetry or art museums, I find in the flight of a good drive.
  511. What other people think of how I play and how I go about things really isn’t something I worry about.
  512. What people are tired of, the people who agree with me, what they’re tired of is listening to that sound, the sound of the people who’ve given up.
  513. What people pray for will tell you more than anything else whether they are locked into the vision and priorities of the church.
  514. What percentage of video views on YouTube come from mobile devices?
  515. What performance metrics are affected by slow pagespeed?
  516. What prevails in every corner of this globalized world is the real struggle of our species for its own survival.
  517. What question should you be asking yourself when testing an email template on a mobile device?
  518. What really destroyed Tucker Carlson, respected magazine journalist, was TV. TV exposed him as glib, smug, and not nearly as clever as he thought he was.
  519. What really matters is how God sees me. He isn’t concerned with labels; he is concerned about the state of man’s soul.
  520. What really motivates you to try to work things out as an actor is in large part fear, because you want to get into that narrative and bring the audience along.
  521. What really raises one’s indignation against suffering is not suffering intrinsically, but the senselessness of suffering.
  522. What reports would you use to determine if you should consider expanding your advertising to new markets?
  523. What rights are those that dare not resist for them?
  524. What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step. It is always the same step, but you have to take it.
  525. What scope would you apply for a Custom Dimension that collects data for users who log in to your website?
  526. What secret knowledge, one must wonder, is breathed into lawyers when they become Justices of this Court that enables them to discern that a practice which the text of the Constitution does not clearly proscribe, and which our people have regarded as constitutional for 200 years, is in fact unconstitutional?
  527. What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.
  528. What should an advertiser use to organize ad groups?
  529. What should Brian take into account when optimizing the ‘title’ attribute for his new line of bicycles?
  530. What, sir, would the people of the earth be without woman? They would be scarce, sir, almighty scarce.
  531. What some call health, if purchased by perpetual anxiety about diet, isn’t much better than tedious disease.
  532. What some of us believe is that it is possible that if chemicals are related to Gulf War illness that some of the more severe symptoms may not erupt until 10 or 20 years down the line.
  533. What someone else does or doesn’t do has no effect on me and what I do.
  534. What sort of job can you hold in America in which it is safe to hold the personal conviction that same-sex marriage is wrong? The answer: there is no such job. Except Democratic presidential candidate in 2008. Then you’re fine.
  535. What specific element does HubSpot recommend for every single page, for lead-generation?
  536. What strikes me is that there’s a very fine line between success and failure. Just one ingredient can make the difference.
  537. What teenagers want most of all are social rewards, especially the respect of their peers.
  538. What the American people want to see in their president is somebody who not necessarily can win every fight, but they want to see him stand up and fight for what he believes, take his case to the American people.
  539. What the Chinese parent is conveying to the child is not that ‘you’ve got to get A’s or else I won’t like you.’ On the contrary, it’s, ‘I believe in you so much, I know that you can be excellent.’
  540. What the computer in virtual reality enables us to do is to recalibrate ourselves so that we can start seeing those pieces of information that are invisible to us but have become important for us to understand.
  541. What the country needs are a few labor-making inventions.
  542. What the devil is the point of surviving, going on living, when it’s a drag? But you see, that’s what people do.
  543. What the immune system of man has in its advanced development is what we call immunological memory, so that once it sees something for the first time, when it sees it the second or the third time, it can respond against it in a way that’s much more accelerated than when it sees it for the first time.
  544. What the mind doesn’t understand, it worships or fears.
  545. What the statesman is most anxious to produce is a certain moral character in his fellow citizens, namely a disposition to virtue and the performance of virtuous actions.
  546. What the Ten Million Solar Roofs Act does is provide consumer rebates for the purchase and installation of solar systems.
  547. What the U.S. should do consistently is to support the liberty of the Egyptian people.
  548. What the United States has to do is send a clear message to Iran that they will not be able to develop nuclear weapons. Why endure the difficulty of sanctions if they are not going to be able to develop nuclear weapons anyway?
  549. What the world requires of the Christians is that they should continue to be Christians.
  550. What then in the last resort are the truths of mankind? They are the irrefutable errors of mankind.
  551. What they’ve found so far in the Amazon is 5 percent of what there is yet to discover to eat in the Amazon because it’s completely unknown. I’ve eaten things I’ve never eaten before over there.
  552. What this country needs is more unemployed politicians.
  553. What this country needs what every country needs occasionally is a good hard bloody war to revive the vice of patriotism on which its existence as a nation depends.
  554. What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when a man is in that state of mind in which he knows exactly what he wants and is fully determined not to quit until he finds it.
  555. What time of day does mobile usage generally peak?
  556. What to the Slave is the 4th of July.
  557. What type of bidding method is used to manage image ads on the Google Display Network?
  558. What type of data does Google Analytics prohibit you from collecting?
  559. What URL tag does AdWords add to the destination URL using autotagging?
  560. What Wall Street and credit card companies are doing is really not much different from what gangsters and loan sharks do who make predatory loans. While the bankers wear three-piece suits and don’t break the knee caps of those who can’t pay back, they still are destroying people’s lives.
  561. What was a very private childhood hobby turned into a very a public, professional job, and I think that there’s a lot of inhibition that can grow from that.
  562. What was God doing before the divine creation?
  563. What was important to me was entertaining the audience, and whether that meant winning, losing, singing, or whatever it was on the live show we were doing every week, which was awesome, I was game for it.
  564. What Washington needs is adult supervision.
  565. What we anticipate seldom occurs: but what we least expect generally happens.
  566. What we are doing is we are putting in significant training into the people we have currently to upgrade their skill resources, upgrade the presentation resources, and upgrade what we expect from them in terms of not business as usual.
  567. What we call Man’s power over Nature turns out to be a power exercised by some men over other men with Nature as its instrument.
  568. What we do know absolutely is that human lives are worth more than grapes and that innocent-looking grapes on the table may disguise poisonous residues hidden deep inside where washing cannot reach.
  569. What we face may look insurmountable. But I learned something from all those years of training and competing. I learned something from all those sets and reps when I didn’t think I could lift another ounce of weight. What I learned is that we are always stronger than we know.
  570. What we feel and think and are is to a great extent determined by the state of our ductless glands and viscera.
  571. What we forget is that African Americans made the largest contribution to America, economically, before the Civil War of any sector of society. I read that the railroads were worth about $2 billion, but slavery was a $3 billion asset.
  572. What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.
  573. What we have found in this country, and maybe we’re more aware of it now, is one problem that we’ve had, even in the best of times, and that is the people who are sleeping on the grates, the homeless, you might say, by choice.
  574. What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.
  575. What we have to do, what at any rate it is our duty to do, is to revive the old art of Lying.
  576. What we need is a system of thought – you might even call it a religion – that can bind humans together. A system that would fit the Republic of Chad as well as the United States: a system that would supply our idealistic young people with something to believe in.
  577. What we need is an electronic encyclopedia of life, with one page for each species. On each page is given everything known about that species.
  578. What we need is for people to realize – ‘I want to raise my kid. I want to go back and get my three kids. I want to take on that responsibility. I want to love my children.’
  579. What we seek we shall find; what we flee from flees from us.
  580. What we think, we become.
  581. What we typically call love is only the start of love. Our understanding of love has been hijacked and beguiled by its first distractingly moving moments.
  582. What we want in students is creativity and a willingness to fail. I always say to students, ‘If you’ve never at some point stayed up all night talking to your new boyfriend about the meaning of life instead of preparing for the test, then you’re not really an intellectual.’
  583. What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.
  584. What we want to do is make a leapfrog product that is way smarter than any mobile device has ever been, and super-easy to use. This is what iPhone is. OK? So, we’re going to reinvent the phone.
  585. What we wish, we readily believe, and what we ourselves think, we imagine others think also.
  586. What we’re talking about is the price of goods, all goods, in terms of money. That has nothing to do with unemployment, except for the fact that you get fewer goods. And when you have more money and fewer goods, the amount of dollars per good goes up. It goes up because there are fewer goods and it goes up because there is more money.
  587. What will happen if a user clears the Analytics cookie from their browser?
  588. What will happen if you install the same default tracking code on pages with different domains?
  589. ‘What will people say?’ is a feeling every Indian girl grows up with.
  590. What will you need before you can set up conversion tracking for calls from an ad or from a website (assuming Google forwarding numbers are available in your country)?
  591. What with making their way and enjoying what they have won, heroes have no time to think. But the sons of heroes – ah, they have all the necessary leisure.
  592. What would happen in the U.S. to terrorists who are not citizens? In less than 24 hours, they would be rounded up, taken to the airport and expelled.
  593. What would there be in a story of happiness? Only what prepares it, only what destroys it can be told.
  594. What would you set up to collect how many comments users posted to a webpage on your site?
  595. What you are comes to you.
  596. What you can do is present existing flavors in a fresh way, in a fresh context.
  597. What you can do with visual effects is enhance the look of the character, but the actual integrity of the emotional performance and the way the character’s facial expressions work, that is what is going to be created on the day with other actors and the director.
  598. What you do by having an income tax rate reduction across the board, you really provide great incentives for people to work, produce, and increase output. So I would support a carbon tax in replacement for a progressive income tax.
  599. What you do is you’re using the other competitors to push yourself, because it’s so hard to push yourself.
  600. What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.
  601. What you don’t do can be a destructive force.
  602. What you get in the Cold War is ‘the wilderness of mirrors’ where you have to figure out what’s good and what’s evil. That’s good for John le Carre, but not me.
  603. What you guys want, I’m for.
  604. What you have in the Middle East is tension not between Jews and Arabs, not between Israelis and Palestinians, but between the radical wing and the moderate people.
  605. What you put into life is what you get out of it.
  606. What you see on the campaign trail is me. It’s easy being me.
  607. What you see with your eyes when you’re making music is going to have a profound effect on what you hear.
  608. What? You seek something? You wish to multiply yourself tenfold, a hundredfold? You seek followers? Seek zeros!
  609. What you’re going to be eating in the next year is decided by chefs. If the consensus is that pot-bellies are in next season, that’s what’s on your plate. And I think that’s a good thing, because we know, obviously, about food.
  610. What you’re seeing with Occupy Wall Street and the others are people who are unhappy and they’re directing their unhappiness now toward Wall Street and toward those they think are doing too well in our society.
  611. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality.
  612. Whatever America hopes to bring to pass in the world must first come to pass in the heart of America.
  613. Whatever else has been said about me personally is unimportant. When I sing, I believe. I’m honest.
  614. Whatever free time I get, I love to catch news and sports shows.
  615. Whatever happens for a reason, happens.
  616. Whatever happens in my life from now on, I know the day I finally die – the final act of my script – people will always make references to the work I’ve done with Almodovar.
  617. Whatever help we may want from the international community now or in the future, we want to make sure that this help is tailored to help our people to help themselves.
  618. Whatever I do becomes controversial.
  619. Whatever I engage in, I must push inordinately.
  620. Whatever I have tried to do in life, I have tried with all my heart to do it well; whatever I have devoted myself to, I have devoted myself completely; in great aims and in small I have always thoroughly been in earnest.
  621. Whatever I will become will be what God has chosen for me.
  622. Whatever I’m writing comes organically out of my life.
  623. Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.
  624. Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and evil.
  625. Whatever man does he must do first in his mind.
  626. Whatever my party affiliation, I will continue to be guided by President Kennedy’s statement that sometimes party asks too much.
  627. Whatever position I occupied, it was the result of colleagues – of my comrades in the movement – who had decided in their wisdom to use me for the purpose of focusing the attention of the country and the international community on me.
  628. Whatever possession we gain by our sword cannot be sure or lasting, but the love gained by kindness and moderation is certain and durable.
  629. Whatever success I may have attained is due to the fact that since I was old enough to work at all, my ambition has never deserted me.
  630. Whatever the offense dictates to allow me doing what I or this offense needs to do to win games, I’m going to do it.
  631. Whatever the potential pitfalls, banks are increasingly enthusiastic about venture capital, particularly in new companies with strong prospects in fields like health care and technology.
  632. Whatever understanding is reached with Pakistan has to be followed honestly, and everybody will have to rise above party politics and be actively committed to make India prosperous.
  633. Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy.
  634. Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.
  635. Whatever woman may cast her lot with mine, should any ever do so, it is my intention to do all in my power to make her happy and contented; and there is nothing I can imagine that would make me more unhappy than to fail in the effort.
  636. Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.
  637. Whatever you are, be a good one.
  638. Whatever you believe with feeling becomes your reality.
  639. Whatever you define family as, family is just a part of belonging to something that takes care of you and nurtures you… and when you have lost that, and you want to get that back, it’s pretty easy to get emotional about it.
  640. Whatever you do, do cautiously, and look to the end.
  641. Whatever you do, do with determination. You have one life to live; do your work with passion and give your best. Whether you want to be a chef, doctor, actor, or a mother, be passionate to get the best result.
  642. Whatever you do may seem insignificant to you, but it is most important that you do it.
  643. Whatever you do to gain success, you have to hang in there and hope good things happen. Always think positive.
  644. Whatever you do, you do out of a passion.
  645. Whatever you dwell on in the conscious grows in your experience.
  646. Whatever you tax, you get less of.
  647. Whatever you want to do, if you want to be great at it, you have to love it and be able to make sacrifices for it.
  648. Whatever your life’s work is, do it well. A man should do his job so well that the living, the dead, and the unborn could do it no better.
  649. Whatever you’re selling, storage or networking or security, you’re going head to head with the incumbent players.
  650. What’ll we do with ourselves this afternoon? And the day after that, and the next thirty years?
  651. What’s a benefit of having multiple ads in an ad group?
  652. What’s a best practice for building ads with Ad gallery?
  653. What’s a best practice for creating an effective ad with Ad gallery?
  654. What’s a reason to use the “Search Network with Display Select” campaign type?
  655. What’s amazing is, if young people understood how doing well in school makes the rest of their life so much interesting, they would be more motivated. It’s so far away in time that they can’t appreciate what it means for their whole life.
  656. What’s an effective way to empower your team while not micro-managing them?
  657. What’s an example of a managed placement for a TrueView in-stream ad?
  658. What’s been gratifying is to live long enough to see molecular biology and evolutionary biology growing toward each other and uniting in research efforts.
  659. What’s blessed about my life is that I have been able to connect with the global audience on a regular basis. I am thankful for everybody’s love, and I reciprocate that, but I also have to deliver on every occasion.
  660. What’s cool about indie rock is that one band can do effectively the same thing as another band, and one band nails it, and the other one doesn’t. I like that elusiveness.
  661. What’s cool about Twitter is that you can make a joke about something very of-the-moment or random that I wouldn’t be able to joke about in stand-up.
  662. What’s cool is that Oprah is the same person on stage and in front of a camera as she is off stage and behind the scenes. She speaks the same way on camera as she does off camera.
  663. What’s done can’t be undone.
  664. What’s fantastic is that there’s a real growing appreciation for performance-capture technology as a tool for acting.
  665. What’s fascinating is, people in Washington would rather spend time in Hollywood, and people in Hollywood would rather spend time in Washington.
  666. What’s funny is my husband doesn’t have any tattoos at all, so he must be the very conservative one.
  667. What’s funny is that you can think you really value your life until you almost lose it.
  668. What’s going on in the inside shows on the outside.
  669. What’s great about ‘The Daily Show’ is I can use satire and push the envelope. I couldn’t do that anywhere else. Even if I was a journalist.
  670. What’s great about this country is that America started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest. You can be watching TV and see Coca-Cola, and you can know that the President drinks Coke. Liz Taylor drinks Coke, and just think, you can drink Coke, too.
  671. What’s great about this country is that America started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest.
  672. What’s important is to give your ideas to the world if you love the world.
  673. What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
  674. What’s in your closet, John Podesta?
  675. What’s interesting about books that take place in the future, even twenty years in the future, is that many of them are black or white: It’s either a utopia or it’s misery. The real truth is that there’s going to be both things in any future, just like there is now.
  676. What’s interesting about the process of acting is how often you don’t know what you’re doing.
  677. What’s interesting to me is the fact that creatively, I can do anything now and people will pay attention, and if I suck, hopefully they will stop paying attention very quickly, but if I’m good, then I have my foot in the door, and people have paid attention, and I did a good job, and people are like, ‘Oh, wow!’
  678. What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.
  679. What’s needed for an advertiser to set up a video ad campaign?
  680. What’s needed to create a “Display Network” campaign to start promoting an app in other apps and on mobile websites?
  681. What’s one benefit of creating multiple ad groups?
  682. What’s one of the main benefits of using ad extensions?
  683. What’s really hard is that you could care a lot for someone and not want to live with him anymore.
  684. What’s so beautiful about Miami is that we support each other. We’re just one big family, not just the entertainers, just everyone in general.
  685. What’s so cool about movies is once you’re done with the movie, you put it away and come up with a whole new different idea with different characters and a different world. But in TV, you build these characters, and you build this world, and then you’re there for however long you do the show.
  686. What’s so great about Sundance is that they only accept such a small handful of films per year for dramatic competition, so you know when you’re going to Sundance that you’re going to see top-quality projects.
  687. What’s something you can do in Ad gallery to enhance a dynamic display ad?
  688. What’s that line from TS Eliot? To arrive at the place where you started, but to know it for the first time. I’m able to write about a breakup from a different place. Same brokenness. Same rock-bottom. But a little more informed, now I’m older. Thank God for growing up.
  689. What’s the best way to indicate in a feed that a product is on sale for a limited time?
  690. What’s the difference between cost-per-click (CPC) bidding and cost-per-view (CPV) bidding?
  691. What’s the easiest way to evaluate if one version of your landing page performs better than another for the same ad?
  692. What’s the fastest and best-optimized resource?
  693. What’s the good of drawing in the next breath if all you do is let it out and draw in another?
  694. What’s the good of Twitter if you can’t tweet cute… Twitter’s so silly. I tweet about my rabbit a lot.
  695. What’s the greater risk? Letting go of what people think – or letting go of how I feel, what I believe, and who I am?
  696. What’s the maximum length a TrueView video ad can be?
  697. What’s the most important first step in designing an effective marketing email template?
  698. What’s the officer problem?
  699. What’s the point of creating a budget if it’s not possible to follow through?
  700. What’s the view rate of an AdWords campaign that shows 10,000 impressions, 900 views, and 300 clicks?
  701. What’s the word to describe the thing that all of us are trying to do, which is to found or work for or invest in a company that is the winner of all winners?
  702. What’s with you men? Would hair stop growing on your chest if you asked directions somewhere?
  703. What’s wonderful about Tolkien and Shakespeare is that they show up your own individual microscope. They’re so infinitely vast. You can reinterpret them in so many ways.
  704. What’s wrong with extreme dieting and hard-core fitness plans is that they don’t take into account the rest of your life.
  705. When a big event happens, people turn on to CNN, not only because they know there will be people there covering an event on the ground, but because they know we’re going to cover it in a way that’s non-partisan, that’s not left or right.
  706. When a black person kills a black person, the media ignores it completely.
  707. When a campaign is showing as “Pending” within AdWords, it is:
  708. When a change in how some element of one’s business is conducted becomes an order of magnitude larger than what that business is accustomed to, then all bets are off.
  709. When a child is locked in the bathroom with water running and he says he’s doing nothing but the dog is barking, call 911.
  710. When a church is spending more of its budget on media than shepherding, something is out of whack. We have gotten things twisted around.
  711. When a company is fairly certain of a profit margin that is substantial, it can assume responsibility for the clinical trials to develop a blockbuster drug.
  712. When a country has the skill and self-confidence to take action against its biggest problems, it makes outsiders eager to be a part of it.
  713. When a deep injury is done us, we never recover until we forgive.
  714. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
  715. When a doctor does go wrong he is the first of criminals. He has nerve and he has knowledge.
  716. When a family film is done well, there’s a character that every member of the audience can relate to. I want to be one of those guys.
  717. When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.
  718. When a film is created, it is created in a language, which is not only about words, but also the way that very language encodes our perception of the world, our understanding of it.
  719. When a great many people are unable to find work, unemployment results.
  720. When a hundred men stand together, each of them loses his mind and gets another one.
  721. When a ‘Life of Brian’ comes out with Muhammad in the lead role, directed by an Arab equivalent of Theo van Gogh, it will be a huge step forward.
  722. When a little more than a teenager, I was a piano-bar pianist in the land where I was born and raised, Tuscany.
  723. When a lot of remedies are suggested for a disease, that means it can’t be cured.
  724. When a lot of things are going the wrong way for a country, for a people, when you can’t really think of anything worse than a war, you always try to take life on the brighter side and that’s how I grew up with my parents.
  725. When a man assumes a public trust he should consider himself a public property.
  726. When a man bleeds inwardly, it is a dangerous thing for himself; but when he laughs inwardly, it bodes no good to other people.
  727. When a man fell into his anecdotage it was a sign for him to retire from the world.
  728. When a man has once loved a woman he will do anything for her except continue to love her.
  729. When a man laughs at his troubles he loses a great many friends. They never forgive the loss of their prerogative.
  730. When a man says money can do anything, that settles it: he hasn’t got any.
  731. When a man wants to murder a tiger he calls it sport; when a tiger wants to murder him he calls it ferocity.
  732. When a man’s stomach is full it makes no difference whether he is rich or poor.
  733. When a man’s willing and eager the god’s join in.
  734. When a match has equal partners then I fear not.
  735. When a mother goes to the store and purchases food for her child, she has the right to know what she is feeding her family.
  736. When a movie is being rolled out, the studio publicists and all our individual publicists get together and come up with bullet points and talking points – ‘Make sure you stay away from this,’ and ‘Don’t say that quite that way, because that quote can be taken out of context,’ and that kind of thing.
  737. When a nation is filled with strife, then do patriots flourish.
  738. When a nation is surrounded by weaponized nations, she has to equip herself.
  739. When a person cannot deceive himself the chances are against his being able to deceive other people.
  740. When a person doesn’t have gratitude, something is missing in his or her humanity. A person can almost be defined by his or her attitude toward gratitude.
  741. When a person doesn’t have gratitude, something is missing in his or her humanity.
  742. When a person has a gun, sometimes their mind clicks that this thing will win arguments and straighten people out.
  743. When a person is going through hell, and she encounters someone who went through hellish hell and survived, then she can say, ‘Mine is not so bad as all that. She came through, and so can I.’
  744. When a pile of cups is tottering on the edge of the table and you warn that they will crash to the ground, in South Africa you are blamed when that happens.
  745. When a plan or strategy fails, people are tempted to assume it was the wrong vision. Plans and strategies can always be changed and improved. But vision doesn’t change. Visions are simply refined with time.
  746. When a report is based on data from a large number of sessions, you may see the following notice at the top of the report: “This report is based on N sessions.” You can adjust the sampling rate of the report by:
  747. When a restaurant is too popular, it starts to harm the reason you are there.
  748. When a song blows your mind the first time you hear it, you don’t know where it’s going. It’s blowing your mind as it’s unfolding. Then there’s that sensation that you’re actually going to remember the song.
  749. When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty.
  750. When a thing has been said and well, have no scruple. Take it and copy it.
  751. When a visitor comes to your website and clicks on a call-to-action for a “complimentary guide,” what page should they be taken to next?
  752. When a woman gets dressed up to go out at night, she wants to give 50% away, and hold the rest back. If you’re an open book, there’s no allure.
  753. When a woman isn’t beautiful, people always say, ‘You have lovely eyes, you have lovely hair.’
  754. When about to commit a base deed, respect thyself, though there is no witness.
  755. When adding the Google Analytics tracking code to your website, it should appear:
  756. When alchemists were talking about turning lead to gold, they were talking about turning a leaden consciousness, which most of us exist in during our lives, into a golden consciousness, which is a much better place to be.
  757. When all the plants in a region are running at full steam, there is simply no way to get more power.
  758. When all you can think of is your own personal problems, you have nothing to give to your society. If you’re trying to figure out where your next meal is coming from, you can’t go march on Washington.
  759. When Americans are faced with the prospect that they can never earn their way to wealth, they have two choices: to rebel against the system, or to settle into depressed complacency.
  760. When an actor comes to me and wants to discuss his character, I say, ‘It’s in the script.’ If he says, ‘But what’s my motivation?, ‘ I say, ‘Your salary.’
  761. When an actor has money he doesn’t send letters, he sends telegrams.
  762. When an advertiser using viewable cost–per–thousand impressions (vCPM) bidding clicks on his own display ad, Quality Score:
  763. When an individual is looking to purchase a solution to solve a problem or fulfill a need/want, what is the typical order of their buyer’s journey?
  764. When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.
  765. When analyzing the goal flow report, you see that many users are dropping off after the second step in the funnel. With this information you can infer that:
  766. When anger rises, think of the consequences.
  767. When angry, count to four; when very angry, swear.
  768. When angry count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred.
  769. When anyone has the power to destroy the whole human race in a matter of hours, it becomes a moral issue. The church must speak out.
  770. When art dresses in worn-out material it is most easily recognized as art.
  771. When at just 27 years old, Qaddafi, colonel in the Libyan army, inspired by his Egyptian colleague Abdel Nasser, overthrew King Idris I in 1969, he applied important revolutionary measures such as agrarian reform and the nationalization of oil.
  772. When at last we are sure, You’ve been properly pilled, Then a few paper forms, Must be properly filled. So that you and your heirs, May be properly billed.
  773. When, at the end of the 1960s, I became interested in the Nazi era, it was a taboo subject in Germany. No one spoke about it anymore, no more in my house than anywhere else.
  774. When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.
  775. When befriended, remember it; when you befriend, forget it.
  776. When BP was not moving fast enough on claims, we told BP to set aside $20 billion in a fund – managed by an independent third party – to help all those whose lives have been turned upside down by the spill.
  777. When bright young minds can’t afford college, America pays the price.
  778. When Bugs Bunny walks into rehab, people are going to turn and look. People at rehab were stealing my hats and pens and notebooks and asking for autographs. I couldn’t concentrate on my problem.
  779. When building a keyword list for a Display Network campaign, you should do which of the following:
  780. When Bush says democracy, I often wonder what he’s referring to.
  781. When calculating what it costs to send a thousand emails, the rate used is:
  782. When Caroline Kennedy managed to say ‘you know’ more than 200 times in an interview with the New York ‘Daily News,’ and on 130 occasions while talking to ‘The New York Times’ during her uninspired attempt to become a hereditary senator, she proved, among other things, that she was (a) middle-aged and (b) middle class.
  783. When carrying out keyword research for your pages, which of the following should you do?
  784. When chefs like Wolfgang Puck became household names, that became a compelling reason for an intelligent young person to go into the cooking profession. There have been no waiters who have turned into household names. The service and hospitality aspects have clearly lagged behind the kitchen.
  785. When children are small, parents should run their lives and not the other way around.
  786. When choosing a maximum cost–per–click (max. CPC) bid, you should consider the amount that you make from a purchase because you want to set a bid amount that’s:
  787. When choosing between two similar applicants, hiring managers are increasingly turning to social media outlets to supplement information they are unable to glean from applications or interviews.
  788. When Christ died, He died for you individually just as much as if you’d been the only man in the world.
  789. When Christians say God has been talking to them about something, it simply means they have a strong inner conviction or feeling that God has made His will known to them.
  790. When Christians start thinking about Jesus, things start breaking down, they lose their faith. It’s perfectly possible to go to church every Sunday and not ask any questions, just because you like it as a way of life. They fear that if they ask questions they’ll lose their Christ, the very linchpin of their religion.
  791. When Clark Gable died, I cried for 2 days straight. I couldn’t eat or sleep.
  792. When companies are private, founders can share more about their future dreams with investors; report less; and the shares are illiquid, constraining short-term changes in valuation.
  793. When competing for the same ad unit, if the Ad Rank of a cost–per–thousand impressions (CPM), placement–targeted ad is higher than the combined Ad Rank of all competing keyword–targeted ads, then the:
  794. When conversion data shows that mobile drives more value, you would _____ your mobile bid. When conversion data shows that desktop drives more value, you would ______ your mobile bid.
  795. When converting visitors into leads, you should only utilize consideration stage content.
  796. When convincing a potential buyer, the most important aspect of the interaction is:
  797. When covering the agenda at the beginning of a meeting, stating the purpose should be:
  798. When creating a buyer persona, you should ONLY interview your ideal customers.
  799. When creating a display ad, Ad gallery lets you:
  800. When creating a file to upload to Merchant Center, what format is accepted?
  801. When creating a keyword list using broad match, why should you leave out misspellings and plural forms of keywords?
  802. When creating text ads to advertise a client’s small chain of Italian restaurants, what should you include in the ad text to make it compelling to potential customers?
  803. When dealing with illegal immigration, the answer is simple; enforce Constitutional mandates, and you will protect Floridians and the American people.
  804. When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.
  805. When dealing with prospects over the phone, each prospect should always walk away having learned something from you – no matter the outcome of the call.
  806. When decorum is repression, the only dignity free men have is to speak out.
  807. When designing a mobile-optimized menu in HubSpot, the menu stacks vertically on smaller screens by default.
  808. When designing site architecture and navigation, which of the following is paramount?
  809. When did ‘Ask not what your country can do for you’ become ‘Ask only what your country will give you’?
  810. When did I learn the Bible? When I was four or five years old. It’s still the pull of my childhood, a fascination with the vanished world, and I can find everything except that world.
  811. When did I start comedy? I came out of the womb and did 10 minutes.
  812. When digital technology started becoming the norm, you’ve got 50, 60, 70 years of recordings on tapes that are just deteriorating. Like, a two-inch reel of recording tape won’t last forever. It dissolves. It will disappear.
  813. When disease took my legs, I eventually realized I didn’t need them to lead a full, empowering life.
  814. When does she do all this thinking? We’re together all the time but she thinks deeply about things and with feeling and she can remember the facts. We’ve been married 48 years.
  815. When email and the Internet came along, I never publish an email address. I just stuck with this P.O. Box address.
  816. When Evanescence took time off, I bought a big concert harp and started taking lessons like I was in high school again, which was really, really fun. I felt like I was learning again.
  817. When every one of your arguments is characterized an attempt to bring back slavery or resegregate lunch counters, it’s a little hard to have any sort of productive debate.
  818. When everything works best, it’s not because you chose writing but because writing chose you. It’s when you’re mad with it, it’s when it’s stuffed in your ears, your nostrils, under your fingernails. It’s when there’s no hope but that.
  819. When facing a difficult task, act as though it is impossible to fail. If you are going after Moby Dick, take along the tartar sauce.
  820. When ‘Family Guy’ came along, it was like a gift, and it expanded my fan base.
  821. When fans come up to me and Vanessa, they’re really sweet and ask for autographs – but once they see the guys, the girls tend to scream.
  822. When fate hands you a lemon, make lemonade.
  823. When Ford sells a car, a dealer isn’t allowed to take out the engine and put a different one in. When a newsstand sells the Washington Post, no one can go to the newsstand and pay them to rip out the classified section and put their own classified section in – if they could, they would do so.
  824. When girls scream my name and start crying, I blush like crazy.
  825. When God loves you, what can be better than that?
  826. When good Americans die they go to Paris.
  827. When grand plans for scientific and defence technologies are made, do the people in power think about the sacrifices the people in the laboratories and fields have to make?
  828. When granted many years of life, growing old in age is natural, but growing old with grace is a choice. Growing older with grace is possible for all who will set their hearts and minds on the Giver of grace, the Lord Jesus Christ.
  829. When grief is deepest, words are fewest.
  830. When he speaks to you he speaks with an earnest vibe and an earnest energy.
  831. When Henry Ford made cheap, reliable cars people said, ‘Nah, what’s wrong with a horse?’ That was a huge bet he made, and it worked.
  832. When hope is not pinned wriggling onto a shiny image or expectation, it sometimes floats forth and opens.
  833. When humor goes, there goes civilization.
  834. When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.
  835. When I am abroad, I always make it a rule never to criticize or attack the government of my own country. I make up for lost time when I come home.
  836. When I am at a dinner table, I love to ask everybody, ‘How long do you think our species might last?’ I’ve read that the average age of a species, of any species, is about two million years. Is it possible we can have an average life span as a species? And do you picture us two million years more or a million and a half years, or 5,000?
  837. When I am free to train and free to move, I feel like a gorilla in the jungle. Then, when there are a bunch of media obligations, I feel like I have been captured and am being kept on display.
  838. When I am getting ready to reason with a man, I spend one-third of my time thinking about myself and what I am going to say and two-thirds about him and what he is going to say.
  839. When I am working on a book or a story, I write every morning as soon after first light as possible. There is no one to disturb you, and it is cool or cold, and you come to your work and warm as you write.
  840. When I arrived, I didn’t understand London customers perfectly, but we’ve developed the right style with the right price, and step by step, I’m in harmony with London.
  841. When I arrived in Texas in 2001, I felt an enormous amount of pressure. I felt like I had all the weight of the world on top of me, and I needed to perform, and perform at a high level every day.
  842. When I audition, I understand what it takes and the insecurities that come with it. If I do anything, I put actors at ease. I used to tell directors who weren’t actors, the best thing they could do was take an acting class for a couple of months. Just to understand.
  843. When I auditioned for ‘Pitch Perfect,’ I didn’t know it was a singing movie. I didn’t read the script. I go to the audition, and I’m like, ‘Oh, it’s a baseball movie.’ But then I’m reading the lines, and I’m like, ‘This doesn’t seem like a baseball movie.’
  844. When I became CEO of Xerox 10 years ago, the company’s situation was dire. Debt was mounting, the stock sinking and bankers were calling. People urged me to declare bankruptcy, but I felt personally responsible for tens of thousands of employees.
  845. When I began my career as a flight attendant, I was a 21-year-old with a B.A. in English and stars in her eyes. I wanted to see every city in the world. I wanted to have adventures that, I hoped, would fuel a writing career some day.
  846. When I began singing, it was the first time I was happy in my life. As a baby, I would stop crying when I heard a great singer.
  847. When I brought ‘El Topo’ to New York, no one understood the picture. But John Lennon understood. John and Yoko Ono, they presented ‘El Topo’ in the United States; they introduced it.
  848. When I came to Johannesburg from the countryside, I knew nobody, but many strangers were very kind to me. I then was dragged into politics, and then, subsequently, I became a lawyer.
  849. When I came up to bat with three men on and two outs in the ninth, I looked in the other team’s dugout and they were already in street clothes.
  850. When I chose to do ‘Carrie,’ I never had done anything on camera before. I was always onstage, so everything surprised me. Just going on set and walking into a makeup trailer and seeing Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore – ‘Wow, I am part of this ensemble.’
  851. When I cook for my family on Christmas, I make feijoada, a South American dish of roasted and smoked meats like ham, pork, beef, lamb, and bacon – all served with black beans and rice. It’s festive but different.
  852. When I create a TV show, it’s so that I can write it. I’m not an empire builder; my writing staff is usually a combination of two kinds of people – experts in the world the show is set in, and young writers who will not be unhappy if they’re not writing scripts.
  853. When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.
  854. When I decide who to vote for as president, I ask myself who will be best for America and for the world. An important component of my answer involves my assessment of the candidate’s willingness and ability to protect Israel’s security, since I strongly believe that a strong Israel serves the interests of the United States and of world peace.
  855. When I decided that I wanted to go to college, I wanted to be a school teacher for 7th and 8th grade boys because I felt that was an important time for them. I had gone astray at that point in my life and really wanted to help keep them from making the same mistake I had made.
  856. When I decided to launch my first knitwear line, it was because I saw a void in the basics category. The editors were always looking for cool, fashion-forward tees and sweaters. So that’s where I started.
  857. When I decided to write ‘The God of Small Things’, I had been working in cinema. It was almost a decision to downshift from there. I thought that 300 people would read it. But it created a platform of trust.
  858. When I did ‘Bird,’ it was a surprise to some people, first because I wasn’t in it and second because most of the films I’d been doing were cop movies or westerns or adventure films, so to be doing one about Charlie Parker, who was a great influence on American music, was a great thrill for me.
  859. When I did get married and then had children, it was Beatles’ songs I sang to them at night. As one of the youngest of 24 cousins, I had never held an infant or baby-sat. I didn’t know any lullabies, so I sang Sam and Grace to sleep with ‘I Will’ and ‘P.S. I Love You.’
  860. When I did have some success, it further emboldens you to be like, ‘No, I’m just going to write what I feel I should write.’
  861. When I did ‘Percy Jackson,’ people told me, ‘Oh, you’re going to be so famous… you’re not going to be able to walk down the street… it’s going to be huge,’ and it wasn’t – although it was big for my career.
  862. When I die, I hope to go to Heaven, whatever the Hell that is.
  863. When I die, if the word ‘thong’ appears in the first or second sentence of my obituary, I’ve screwed up.
  864. When I died my hair red the first time, I felt as if it was what nature intended. I have been accused of being a bit of a spitfire, so in that way, I absolutely live up to the stereotype. The red hair suits my personality. I was a terrible blonde!
  865. When I do a picture and it’s 90% black, like ‘Bird,’ I use 90% black people.
  866. When I do a political movie, I do a political movie.
  867. When I do an operation, it’s half a dozen people. When it goes beautifully, it’s like a symphony, with everybody playing their part.
  868. When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.
  869. When I do listen to music, I’m more prone to listen to the people I’ve always listened to: George Jones, Otis Redding, Alison Krauss and Emmylou Harris.
  870. When I do my makeup, it kind of helps me get into the character that I’m trying to portray.
  871. When I do something, I do it full steam ahead.
  872. When I do stand-up shows at colleges, girls will talk to me after the show, and that always feels good. I like talking to them.
  873. When I eat cilantro, it’s like someone sprayed perfume down my throat. It closes up my throat, even if there’s only a little piece. I like Mexican food, and I’ll go out to a Mexican restaurant and tell them, ‘Look, I will die if you get cilantro in my food.’ Then there’s always that one little piece that falls in, and I gag.
  874. When I entered the pros, I was a young kid in the major leagues. I was 18 years old, right out of high school. I thought I knew everything, and I clearly didn’t.
  875. When I fall, I fall hard.
  876. When I feel like I’m not doing what I am supposed to as a mother, I will torture myself. I don’t know how to deal with it. I find some consolation in the fact that all mommies feel it. If there was a way to cure mommy guilt, I would bottle it and be a bazillionaire.
  877. When I finally got up to Industrial Light And Magic to work on the ‘Star Wars’ movies as a model-maker, it felt like dying and going to heaven.
  878. When I finish a song, I thank God for bringing me through. You have to press on and know your calling. That’s what I’ve been doing for all my life. I just went forward.
  879. When I finish as the host of ‘Jeopardy!’ I’m going to go up to Taft in central California. They have a small college there that teaches you about oil drilling.
  880. When I first began to write fiction, I didn’t think I was a comic writer; I thought I was a serious writer. I was surprised when the first novel I wrote was regarded as a funny novel.
  881. When I first did ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ I was acting on the set with the other actors, but then I had to go back and repeat the process on my own to do the physical capture on a motion capture stage.
  882. When I first got a call for the movie, I couldn’t believe that I am doing a film opposite Akshay Kumar. He is such a big superstar.
  883. When I first got here, I thought L.A. sucked. I hated it. I had this pretentious Manhattan thing. But now I’ve made such a life here, and I’m so happy here. They’re just really different places. I can’t really compare them because there’s great things about both of them.
  884. When I first moved here, I almost felt like I was obligated to hate L.A. as a New Yorker. I moved way too fast for this city. I walked everywhere, and I was lonely, too. It was a really hard time not knowing anybody, and you don’t run into people the way you do in New York. You can go a week without seeing anyone.
  885. When I first read the words ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’ when I was 10, I thought I was both.
  886. When I first started drawing the earliest incarnation of ‘Optic Nerve,’ I hadn’t even been on a date; I hadn’t had a romantic relationship of any kind yet, so in a way, I was almost writing science fiction.
  887. When I first started getting into the business, a young woman in a music game that was mostly men, I did feel inadequate.
  888. When I first started, I just wanted to work. I wouldn’t necessarily do anything, but I’d pretty much almost do anything at the very beginning.
  889. When I first started, I wore Ceil Chapman gowns. I’ve been wondering for years what happened to the Ceil Chapman line of clothing.
  890. When I first started modeling, I realised I was very different from many of my colleagues, but I welcomed the opportunities my career in fashion offered me and the support from many inspiring individuals in the fashion industry.
  891. When I first started working with World Vision, I would sit down and talk with them about issues that concern any part of the world. MSF told me about what was going on in North Korea. I also support AIDS and breast cancer charities.
  892. When I first started writing for television in the seventies and eighties, the Internet didn’t exist, and we didn’t need to worry about foreign websites illegally distributing the latest TV shows and blockbuster movies online.
  893. When I first started writing songs and being very explicit, it was hard, but one of the main things people respond to in my writing is that ‘just say it’ attitude of my songs. There really is nothing personal or private; it’s all universal, if you can just find the courage to be open about your life.
  894. When I first went out on the road with Larry Williams, there was also, like, The Coasters, The Drifters, and The Flamingos.
  895. When I first went to Paris in 1965, I fell in love with the small, family-owned restaurants that existed everywhere then, as well as the markets and the French obsession with buying fresh food, often twice a day.
  896. When I first went to places where people were suffering from war and persecution, I felt ashamed of my feelings of sadness. I could see more possibilities in my life.
  897. When I get asked about novelists I like, they tend to be white, male, and British, like Graham Greene. They write the kind of declarative sentences I like. I don’t like to be deflected by acrobatics.
  898. When I get bored, I get into trouble.
  899. When I get down, I don’t waller around for long.
  900. When I get down to Louisiana, I get to have a taste of some of that great food.
  901. When I get economic development calls from business leaders who are considering relocating or expanding in Arkansas, the abilities of our workforce are always a critical part of the conversation.
  902. When I get logical, and I don’t trust my instincts – that’s when I get in trouble.
  903. When I get married, I think what matters is you should be happy with the person you are living with.
  904. When I get married, it’ll be no secret.
  905. When I get off the plane in England I always feel about two inches shorter.
  906. When I get old and slow down I want to look behind me and see all the fire and the wreckage and no stone left unturned.
  907. When I get on stage, my first goal is not to show my expertise, but on the contrary, to give a bit of happiness, of joy, of cheerfulness. I am firmly convinced that in order to sing well, you must love your neighbor and be passionate about life.
  908. When I get onstage in a play, I feel very safe, very protected, very fulfilled.
  909. When I get out on the field, it’s all about football. I love football.
  910. When I get recognized for ‘Twilight,’ it’s usually a teenage girl, and they’re usually really loud. So it certainly feels like I get recognized the most from that, but it could just be because of the nature of how vocal those fans are.
  911. When I get to do whatever I want, I’m perfectly happy. I’ve found that the best scenario is that I just do what I do, and if somebody wants to be part of it, they should work as a conduit for what vision I have. They should help me complete the universe.
  912. When I get up in the morning, I have to decide what I’m going to have for dinner or I can’t get through the day.
  913. When I go back and read my journals or fiction, I am always surprised. I may not remember having those thoughts, but they still exist and I know they are mine, and it’s all part of making sense of who I am.
  914. When I go home, the last thing I want to do is read about the popular lore of vampires.
  915. When I go to a library and I see the librarian at her desk reading, I’m afraid to interrupt her, even though she sits there specifically so that she may be interrupted, even though being interrupted for reasons like this by people like me is her very job.
  916. When I go to my live shows it’s often a multigenerational audience, a family bonding experience.
  917. When I go to the clinic next and sit with a tube in my arm and watch the poison go in, I’m in an attitude of abject passivity. It doesn’t feel like fighting at all; it just feels like submitting.
  918. When I go visit my mom in the retirement community where my parents live, she has a bunch of friends, and she will say, ‘These neighbors I play bridge with have a son with an idea,’ and it goes from there.
  919. When I got into this, I never thought about reviews. I never thought about what people would say about me, I was just a young guy who was excited to become a comedian and an actor, and I just wanted to get to do what I got to do.
  920. When I got my first television set, I stopped caring so much about having close relationships.
  921. When I got out of high school, I wanted to be an actor but was getting a lot of rejections. I was getting rejected by life. My mother, God rest her soul, told me not to quit.
  922. When I got outta High School I was driving a truck. I was just a poor boy from Memphis, Memphis.
  923. When I got recognized as a writer, when I got the Emmy, I was more excited than the Emmys I had gotten as an actor.
  924. When I got somethin’ to say, I’ll say it.
  925. When I got the part, I tried to remember Batman as I knew him when I was a kid – with emotional recall.
  926. When I got to Florida, I was a British kid, but I was also an Indian kid: a brown kid with an English accent. Talk about being an outsider. And that’s become the theme of a lot of the stuff I write about.
  927. When I got to Hollywood, there wasn’t even a Boulevard. I’m that old. It was just a little dirt trail. I’m kidding.
  928. When I graduated, everyone was like, ‘You got to do pop and R&B to make it,’ like very contemporary pop and R&B. I tried for a little while, but I just realized my voice wasn’t quite fitting some of the records that I was doing.
  929. When I graduated from college in early 2010, I decided that I needed to create a calling card, some kind of business card that people can link to my name and face. So I did this ‘Mad Men Theme Song… With a Twist’ music video. I released it just as I moved to L.A.
  930. When I grew up, baseball was the No. 1 sport.
  931. When I grew up, in Taiwan, the Korean War was seen as a good war, where America protected Asia. It was sort of an extension of World War II. And it was, of course, the peak of the Cold War. People in Taiwan were generally proAmerican. The Korean War made Japan. And then the Vietnam War made Taiwan. There is some truth to that.
  932. When I grew up, my father taught us the value of hard work. He wanted us to enjoy ourselves, but he also wanted to know what it took to be successful. He coached a lot of our sports teams growing up. We weren’t very good, but we learned about hard work and enjoying life and your teammates.
  933. When I grew up, you needed to have straight hair. It’s symbolic of needing to be like everyone else, needing to look like everyone else. And what that meant was looking like the dominant ruling class in America.
  934. When I had a job catering, I catered a wedding for the Smashing Pumpkins bassist in Indiana. And I served Billy Corgan shrimp off a tray.
  935. When I had nothing else, I had my mother and the piano. And you know what? They were all I needed.
  936. When I happened to get into school, I felt like I could approach it as aggressively as things in the military.
  937. When I harnessed its seemingly uncontrollable might, I realized bipolar disorder’s powers could be used for good. My diagnosis didn’t have to be an affliction. It could simply be the gift of extraordinary emotions.
  938. When I have a big enough handbag to carry a little pair of booties with, I always do – those pointy Christian Louboutin heels are just no fun to walk around in.
  939. When I have a full schedule like that, I don’t see myself sitting there for a couple of months, doing the research, going through a painful process, it’s just not my thing anymore.
  940. When I have an idea, I turn down the flame, as if it were a little alcohol stove, as low as it will go. Then it explodes and that is my idea.
  941. When I have an idea, I’m like a pregnant woman. I just have to deliver.
  942. When I have been asked during these last weeks who caused the riots and the killing in L.A., my answer has been direct and simple: Who is to blame for the riots? The rioters are to blame. Who is to blame for the killings? The killers are to blame.
  943. When I have been exposed to so many films that are so bad, my soul gets crushed. I just feel intoxicated.
  944. When I have no appointments, I spend the day in pajamas and go to the dog park in pajamas. I’m very casual.
  945. When I haven’t been working I’ve tried to travel a lot.
  946. When I hear a man preach, I like to see him act as if he were fighting bees.
  947. When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest.
  948. When I hear people debate the ROI of social media? It makes me remember why so many business fail. Most businesses are not playing the marathon. They’re playing the sprint. They’re not worried about lifetime value and retention. They’re worried about short-term goals.
  949. When I hear that young people have come to the theater for the first time to listen to opera, I’m very happy. Because it’s the same thing that happened to me as a child. When I first heard the tenor voice, I immediately fell in love with this kind of music.
  950. When I heard Billie Holiday’s voice, Nina Simone’s and Ella Fitzgerald’s – there was something about their voices to me that was such a different texture than what I was used to listening to at the time. Hearing those jazz voices were so different, and I think I just gravitated toward it.
  951. When I heard Little Richard, I mean, it just set my world on fire.
  952. When I inspire myself, I want to spread the word because its important to be healthy. I don’t think they’re teaching us enough about that. I think we should eat better and exercise. Look who’s saying that – a guy who was 300 pounds – but I’m doing a lot better than I used to. I’m letting people know its important because it makes you feel better.
  953. When I joined Nirvana, I was the fifth or sixth drummer – I don’t know if they’d ever had a drummer they were totally happy with. And they were strangers. There was never much of a deeper connection outside of the music.
  954. When I joined the freedom movement in Mississippi in my early 20s, it was to come to the aid of sharecroppers, like my parents, who had been thrown off the land they’d always known – the plantations – because they attempted to exercise their ‘democratic’ right to vote.
  955. When I leave the game, I want to go out on top.
  956. When I left ‘The Garry Moore Show,’ I signed a 10-year contract with CBS.
  957. When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
  958. When I listen to music these days, and I hear Pro Tools and drums that sound like a machine – it kinda sucks the life out of music.
  959. When I listen to the radio, I just hear so much music that doesn’t even sound like people. The vocals are all tuned, and the drums are all fake.
  960. When I lived in Baltimore, I would come down fairly often to go to the Hirshhorn, and one of my good friends from high school went to Georgetown. I actually ended up going to Annapolis a lot. I had a car, and it was such a serene place to drive.
  961. When I look at 55 percent of our black men dropping out of school, how bad off are we going to be when we need some lawyers?
  962. When I look at designer books I am sometimes puzzled why they don’t share their inspiration, when it’s obvious somebody had such great inspiration.
  963. When I look at the majority of my own songs they really came from my own sense of personal confusion or need to express some pain or beauty – they were coming from a universal and personal place.
  964. When I look at women, older than I am, in their 50s, 60, 70s, 80s, and I see women that I admire, I think, ‘Oh, I get it; that’s how I’m going to be.’ I’m not scared. I want to be that.
  965. When I look back at the pictures of our blended family the day Vince and I married, he and I are smiling, and all the children are frowning.
  966. When I look back on my twenties, I just remember being afraid of everything, and in my thirties, I’m actually excited by things. And if things don’t work out, you know, by the time you’ve hit your thirties, you’ve had your fair share of disappointments.
  967. When I look back on what I did for the Left, I’m in a small way quite proud of some of it – I only wish I’d done more.
  968. When I look in the mirror, I don’t see a person who’s made the kind of impact that Mia Hamm made on the game. She’s still my idol, the greatest player and the greatest teammate. She achieved so much in so many different ways. What she did for women’s soccer can’t be measured.
  969. When I look upon seamen, men of science and philosophers, man is the wisest of all beings; when I look upon priests and prophets nothing is as contemptible as man.
  970. When I looked at the addictive qualities of video games and how they captivate people’s attention, I decided to try the same technology for enhancing well-being.
  971. When I looked at the third base coach, he turned his back on me.
  972. When I lose the sense of motivation and the sense to prove something as a basketball player, it’s time for me to move away from the game.
  973. When I lost the Wimbledon 2012 final, I didn’t know if I’d ever win a slam.
  974. When I make a change, like when I found out I had high cholesterol, I just changed my lifestyle.
  975. When I meet people for the first time, I’m friendly but shy. I’m much less outwardly nervous than I used to be, but I still get anxious sometimes.
  976. When I meet people who say – which they do all of the time – ‘I must just tell you, my great aunt had cancer of the elbow and the doctors gave her 10 seconds to live, but last I heard she was climbing Mount Everest,’ and so forth, I switch off quite early.
  977. When I meet someone from the army background, there is an instant connection. We live in the best five-star hotels of the world, but outside my home I will be equally comfortable in any army cantonment or army guest house. Telling my friends that my father was in the army was like telling them that he is the second-richest man in the world.
  978. When I modeled, I lived in Europe and worked all the time. I did runway, and that’s all I did.
  979. When I play, I feel like I’m in a theatre, why should I look ugly then, because I’m a tennis-player?
  980. When I play on grass, my body doesn’t ache. It can get sore, but it doesn’t pulse, and my legs don’t ache. When I play on turf, my legs can pulse and ache for up to 24 hours, and it could take 3-5 days to recover, whereas grass, after 24 hours, I’m ready to play again.
  981. When I played a club in Salt Lake City, I complained to the crowd about the low turnout. It’s always good to berate the people who paid to see you because you’re upset about the people who didn’t show up. It’s called misplaced anger, and without it, I wouldn’t have an act.
  982. When I played Gollum in ‘Lord of the Rings,’ if I was climbing up the side of a mountain, which I physically did, you know, I was on every single occasion swimming through streams, all of that, that wasn’t captured. That was filmed on 35 millimeter, and for certain of those shots, it was rotoscoped and painted over.
  983. When I prepare for a match, it’s like work, even the way I have to shower and put on my makeup.
  984. When I prepare, I am not messing around. I find the right places, the right people, and the right environment. Iceland is one of those places.
  985. When I put my faith in Jesus Christ as my savior, and I asked him to forgive and to come into my life, and He does – from that moment forward I have established a personal relationship with God that I have to develop, you know, through Bible reading and prayer, and living my life for him.
  986. When I ran for the Senate the first time, I ran against the wealthiest guy in the state of Vermont. He spent a lot on advertising – very ugly stuff. He kept attacking me as a liberal. He didn’t use the word ‘socialist’ at all because everybody in the state knows that I am that.
  987. When I reached 80, my world turned upside down physically. I’ve had a lot of physical problems.
  988. When I read Dickens for the first time, I thought he was Jewish, because he wrote about oppression and bigotry, all the things that my father talked about.
  989. When I read for ‘Girls,’ I was like, ‘The script says ‘Handsome Carpenter,’ so someone else is going to get the part. They’ll have someone handsome, not me.’
  990. When I read, I’m purely a reader.
  991. When I read period material – and it ain’t on Google – I am always alert for that one incredible detail. I’ll read a whole book and get three words out of it, but they’ll be three really good words.
  992. When I record something, I’ll take a drive and just listen.
  993. When ‘I’ released, I gave a couple of interviews in which I expressed my interest to play an action heroine.
  994. When I retired out of the military, I registered myself as a Republican because my views and perspectives were more in line with that party.
  995. When I review Xerxes’ achievements, I praise him, not for having yoked the Hellespont, but for having crossed it. But I can see that Nero will neither sail through the Isthmus nor complete his digging.
  996. When I sang, I couldn’t help making those little curves. People would say, ‘Why don’t you sing straight?’ But I have always had to put something in.
  997. When I saw contestants fighting for their lives on ‘The Biggest Loser,’ I realized I just wanted to be healthy – to have fun playing soccer with my son or teaching my daughter to shoot hoops. Then it was so much easier to say no to carbs, soda, or dessert, and the weight just came off.
  998. When I say, I don’t care what white people think, I mean that.
  999. When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I’d like to know them. Anyone I know I photograph.
  1000. When I say I’m going to take care of a woman, I don’t just mean physically or sexually or romantically. I’m going to take care of her emotionally and spiritually. I’m going to take care of her in all ways. I take a lot of pride in that today.

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