2. Alexa Chung
  3. 17/09/2017

“When I used to work in television, a tip was rather than looking down the barrel of the camera and imagine people watching, which is terrifying, imagine your most discerning friend observing you, and imagine you’re just talking to them.”

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Quotes by Alexa Chung

Quotes by Alexa Chung

  1. A bad outfit can really get me down. If I’m wearing something really normal and boring, it’s like torture.
  2. A roll-neck and some flat shoes is about as good as it gets.
  3. At school, a careers adviser asked me what I wanted to be, and I said ‘fashion journalist,’ so writing for ‘Vogue’ has provided me with the opportunity to fulfill a dream.
  4. Being British, I don’t want to be all paranoid and arrogant and think people are looking at me because, really, I’m nothing.
  5. Being excitable and passionate is what makes you look good because if you’re engaged in what’s going on, you radiate youth.
  6. Dark lipstick on me is both a risk and a disaster.
  7. Every day, I think of designs, but I don’t write them down, and I forget. If only I had an office.
  8. Everyone I’ve ever fallen in love with, I just fell in love with! I didn’t date them to try.
  9. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect, I’ve realised. You can learn as you go.
  10. Fashion’s a huge part of my life, but I don’t necessarily feel comfortable always talking about clothes on my personal social media.
  11. For my art GCSE, I did a screen print of the Queen’s head that was basically an Andy Warhol rip-off, but I didn’t realise.
  12. I admire American women because they are really good at putting a look together that is sophisticated. As British girls, we lean toward being a bit more messy, a bit more undone, and maybe a little more eccentric.
  13. I always write ‘Magic Potion’ on my perfume bottles so when I use them, it feels magical – I make spells in the morning when I put them on.
  14. I did TV for a bit, and somewhere along the line, I started writing a column for ‘The Independent’ newspaper in England, and now I write features for ‘British Vogue.’
  15. I didn’t mean to be a TV presenter, I just hated modeling. It feels very odd that it’s turned into this ‘It-girl’ thing. What does that even mean? I wear clothes and I go out. It’s so weird.
  16. I didn’t moisturise when I was younger, but when I got to 27 I decided to start slathering myself in oil, and now I’m obsessed with moisturising.
  17. I don’t ever want to stop learning. And I really want to learn French fluently. It would be great to go and live in France.
  18. I don’t like it when people don’t know the difference between ‘their’, ‘they’re’, ‘there’.
  19. I don’t like when people seem to put every single thing on and just walk up and down outside waiting to be photographed. I think that’s a bit lame.
  20. I don’t think I extend my hatred to other people’s outfits.
  21. I don’t think love should make you feel uneasy. When you feel sick, I don’t think that’s love – that’s infatuation.
  22. I don’t want to say, ‘Yeah, I changed at 30,’ because no, it was chronically the same. But I got more relaxed about things.
  23. I feel like it’s weird to list all my crap qualities.
  24. I feel like some women do get away with doing these sexy shoots and looking like they’re being really empowered. For me, I’d feel really uncomfortable in that situation and a bit like I was being taken advantage of.
  25. I feel uncomfortable in anything tight or body-con.
  26. I get to work with great photographers, wear lovely clothes, be part of the creative process.
  27. I grew up in a miniature village in the middle of the countryside in England, quite secluded from the outside world. I was always enamored by the fashion industry.
  28. I grew up in a very visual household. My dad is a designer; my sister is a designer. My brother is an amazing architect who does music. But I think in the Chung household, how things looked was an important part of who you are.
  29. I have never lived in a time when people haven’t told me what I look like.
  30. I just don’t like people to be dictated to. I think you should dress however you want.
  31. I love Gap for affordable men’s sweaters.
  32. I love Simone Rocha. I just think she’s really clever.
  33. I love the ’60s and sort of wish all design had stopped in 1967. That would be my dream. They were really just nailing it – everyone looked great – but then it started getting a bit slippery after that.
  34. I mix my own lipsticks, so I don’t really keep track of the brand as it’s usually a number of them I’ve smushed together.
  35. I only ever involve myself with brands I truly adore.
  36. I play guitar a bit. I’m trying to learn drums – I feel like I can play violin. I’ve never tried, but I just feel like I can.
  37. I prefer using cream-based products on my skin. I love having that summery dewy skin – I like using cream blushers as well.
  38. I really like action movies. The ‘Die Hard’ franchise. And the ‘Bourne’ movies.
  39. I respect people that find writing easy, because I have focus problems. I’ll spend five days eating cereal and YouTubing and two hours writing the article.
  40. I spend most of my money in Prada or plane tickets.
  41. I tend to splurge on fancy dresses because I always think I’ll get a lot of wear out of them, but it’s false logic. You should really spend more money on the things you wear every day, like jeans.
  42. I think Maje typifies that French vibe where it’s simple items that are very practical, very wearable but also, like, incredibly chic and expensive-looking.
  43. I think it’s cool that London Fashion Week is about young designers trying wacky things.
  44. I think it’s every girl’s dream, a little bit, to be a model because it seems from the outside to be a glamorous industry and I was really into fashion, and I remember just being excited and wanting to be part of that.
  45. I think you achieve a lot more through love than negativity.
  46. I used to have a voice because I was interviewing people and writing, but as soon as I got swept up in the fashion world, I was just a pretty girl at a party wearing a pretty dress.
  47. I wash my face and then use lots of moisturiser.
  48. I went out with a 40-year-old when I was 19, and since then, I don’t really think much about numbers meaning anything. But I do feel like maybe I’ve neglected to work on developing emotionally and taking care of myself.
  49. I worry all the time that I’m going to run out of ideas, you know? I always tell my mom my fashion ideas, because I know she’ll remember them.
  50. I would get very bored if I just did one thing.
  51. I’d like to give anyone else a go at being scrutinised. Daily. It’s not easy.
  52. I’d love to interview Mick Jagger, but that might be scary.
  53. I’d say I have more shoes than anything else; they’re a good way to update a look. Bags and shoes – it’s like decorating a cake.
  54. I’m always hairy. I swear too much.
  55. I’m always helping out girlfriends, and then I’m wondering, who’s going to look after me?
  56. I’m bad at trends. Just wear what you want and what suits you.
  57. I’m in love with lots of different things. I do love love, though. I don’t think love should make you feel uneasy. When you feel sick, I don’t think that’s love – that’s infatuation. Someone who makes you feel like that is exciting – it’s the one that you imagine when you think of an amazing affair – but that’s not actually a stable love.
  58. I’m indie through and through. I’ve always gone out with boys in bands.
  59. I’m interested in aesthetics, in the way things look, in finding something in an image that maybe people haven’t seen.
  60. I’m just really good at dressing my body’s proportions.
  61. I’m never going to be one of those people who is good at organization. But I’m very visual. I have a catalog in my head of things I already own, so it’s easy to shop and I always know exactly what I’m looking for.
  62. I’m not 100% nice all the time, so I find it quite hard to be really pleasant.
  63. I’m not preaching about things you should do, I’m not political or anything. I’m probably not the best role model.
  64. I’m really interested in photography, like every other human being.
  65. I’m rubbish – I’m really not good at my beauty regimes.
  66. I’ve been learning French a bit through my work with Longchamp, and I’ve been in France quite a lot. And I really love how they express themselves. I especially love when something is untranslatable.
  67. I’ve come to terms with the fact that if you’re on TV, lots of people like you and lots of people hate you, and once you’re OK with that, you apply it to everything.
  68. I’ve got an allergy to looking too neat.
  69. If I can’t even be bothered to brush my hair, I don’t think I should start getting face work… I think it would look a bit try-hard.
  70. If I know something’s expected of me, I won’t wear it or do it. It just seems boring.
  71. If I’m doing my hair myself, I just wash it and let it naturally dry. I’m actually quite good at doing hair; if I wear it up I usually do it myself.
  72. If it’s comfy, it probably doesn’t look good.
  73. If my boyfriend finds me sexy, then I don’t need that kind of male attention from anyone else.
  74. It was once people began taking my picture every time I left the house – because it’s an easy fashion shot – that I started getting a bit weirder about going out without any makeup on, and I think that’s when I started wearing foundation every day.
  75. It’s a weird day and age when you can tire of icons simply by overexposure.
  76. It’s funny because I think that both France and Britain are known for their distinctive styles, and everyone says that France is so chic and elegant but I think, more than that, French women are renowned for dressing in what suits them.
  77. London Fashion Week is so different from any of the others. Compared to the strictness in New York, London seems freer from commercial constraints. Truer to the process, to street style, to a sense of humour.
  78. London street style is the best in the world. Fact.
  79. Music is my sport, and I’m the number-one athlete.
  80. My art teacher told me I’d be suited to graphic design, but I just couldn’t, because it was what my dad had done.
  81. My best party friend…? Fifi Brown. And Poppy Delevingne. She’s so fun and so inclusive – she really is the glue.
  82. My brain is a big cluster of stuff. It moves quickly and loses focus quickly, so I need many projects to keep me stimulated – it’s a luxury to be able to do lots of different things: style, write, present, DJ or just consult. It can’t be any other way; I think I would shrivel up and fall asleep forever.
  83. My dad cut my hair once – I wanted a bob and he gave me a bowl cut. That was a tough few years.
  84. My father taught me how to draw horses – for this I shall be eternally grateful.
  85. My friends found out that I was writing a book on Twitter. It didn’t seem worth mentioning over dinner. They’re all so successful themselves.
  86. My image has swallowed me up! I’ve given so much out to this projected version of myself, but now I have to live up to this character that I don’t even associate half the time.
  87. My look is pretty low maintenance, I have a great team around me for hair and make-up, and they have also taught me some great tricks over the years for when I’m doing my own.
  88. No experience exists unless it’s a shared one.
  89. No one says the word ‘quirky’ much in England. I guess because people are more naturally eccentric.
  90. Not everything happens for a reason. Sometimes life just sucks.
  91. Often, I do translatlantic overnight flights from New York, and when I land, I have to do my eyes – I feel weird without it.
  92. People comment on my voice. They always ask me if I’m ill.
  93. People want an easy sound bite.
  94. Stick to the classics, and you can’t ever go wrong. I see old ladies on the street who have fabulous style and realize it’s because they are probably wearing really classic items that they’ve had for years and years. I think if you find something that suits you, you should just stick to it.
  95. Tech companies approach you to hold something in a picture and then say, ‘This is what I want you to write on your Twitter.’ There are people who get away with that and look really cool doing it, but I’m just not one of them.
  96. When I used to work in television, a tip was rather than looking down the barrel of the camera and imagine people watching, which is terrifying, imagine your most discerning friend observing you, and imagine you’re just talking to them.
  97. When I was a model, I started with an opinion, but was encouraged to lose it. It began as play-acting, but then I lost sight of myself a bit: so when I did the audition for ‘Popworld’ and they asked my opinion, I felt like crying with happiness.
  98. When I was a teenager, I used to come to Selfridges, and it was very swanky and overwhelming, and I’d think, ‘Wow, this is amazing.’ I would never have imaged having my own area in the beauty hall! It’s incredible.
  99. When I was going to Paris for Paris Fashion Week, I’d often walk down the street and go into all the different shops that we didn’t necessarily have in the U.K., and Maje was definitely one of the ones that stood out for me.
  100. When I’m wearing makeup, I choose between doing my eyes or mouth because I don’t want to look like a beauty pageant child.
  101. Whoever it is who’s filtering stuff makes it seem like women want to be more than men. My understanding… is that we’re asking to be treated the same.
  102. You know you’ve become a brat when you have a room you like at the Bristol in Paris.