Which email contact does Google use to notify merchants about account warnings?

  1. Google Merchant Center technical contact
  2. Google Merchant Center primary contact
  3. Both Google Merchant Center technical contact and primary contact
  4. AdWords primary contact

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Google Ads Shopping Advertising Certification Exam Answers

Google AdWords Shopping Advertising Certification Exam Answers

  1. Product Listing Ads should be used for:
  2. True or false: Data feeds provide a list of your inventory with important product details in Google Merchant Center
  3. You can use a product group with a single bid to:
  4. Suzie owns an apparel store and is thinking of starting a Shopping Campaign. How can Shopping ads benefit Suzie?
  5. When reviewing the Search terms report for your Shopping campaigns, you notice several terms that aren’t relevant to what you’re advertising. How can you use this information?
  6. Greta wants to make changes for several Shopping campaigns that she manages. She can use bulk changes to:
  7. You’re optimizing a client’s Shopping campaign to drive online sales and are assessing the company’s website. You determine that the site needs to be improved for mobile, and recommend that the company:
  8. Research shows that more than 50% of people who search for a product on their smartphone visit a business within a day. Based on this data and your client’s goal of driving in-store sales, how would you optimize the company’s Shopping campaign?
  9. Creating multiple products groups within one ad group allows you to:
  10. Which should David do to better understand how the ads for his local bakery have driven store visits and influenced his customers’ buying habits?
  11. According to Google Shopping policies, what would cause the disapproval of individual items or an entire Merchant Center account?
  12. Lisa wants to know if, after viewing her Shopping ad, people are buying the shoes listed in the ad. She should:
  13. In a Shopping campaign, conversion tracking:
  14. Muhammad wants to promote hats and shirts from the same brand, and decides to subdivide his “All products” product group. He first uses the attribute brand to select products for the brand and then uses the attribute category to create separate product groups for hats and shirts. His next step is to:
  15. True or false: Odell runs an online store selling outdoor gear, guns and hunting equipment, and a few tobacco products. Odell can advertise all of his products on Google Shopping.
  16. Angelika just submitted her product for the first time, and she had 2 errors, 3 warnings, and 5 notifications. What does she need to fix in order for her ads to show?
  17. You’ve started managing a Shopping campaign for a client who thinks the campaign, which attributes conversions to the first ad customers clicked before completing a conversion, isn’t providing a good return on investment (ROI). How might you use attribution models to evaluate the campaign’s performance?
  18. A client is using manual bidding for its Shopping campaign and you decide to use target return on ad spend (ROAS) to take advantage of AdWords’ automated bidding features. Before you begin using target ROAS, you need to make sure that:
  19. Custom labels are a way to:
  20. To help with your campaign strategy, you can use custom labels to:
  21. Campaign priorities determine your bids according to which rule:
  22. Maximilian is starting a Shopping campaign for winter sports to sell skis, which are also listed in his campaign for mountain tourism. Maximilian has a specific budget just for his winter sports campaign. When skis are shown, he wants the bid to come from his winter sports campaign. Maximilian should:
  23. Mindy is setting up her Google Merchant Center account and has to verify her website URL. Her website URL must:
  24. Quincy wants to make sure that he meets the Google Shopping policy to accurately represent his business or product. Which action should he take on his website to meet the policy?
  25. Anne wants to use her impression share metrics to optimize her Shopping campaign. She should:
  26. Shopping ads can appear on:
  27. In Shopping campaigns, product groups are used to:
  28. You can use custom labels to:
  29. To prevent your Shopping ads from appearing for certain search terms, you would:
  30. Campaign priority should be used when you advertise:
  31. What does Niharika need to do first if she wants to enable automatic item updates for the price and availability of her products?
  32. What should Kevin take into account when optimizing the title attribute for his new line of surfboards?
  33. To maintain active product data, you must update your data every:
  34. True or false: If Viola signs up to run Shopping ads but doesn’t post a refund policy on her website, she can’t run ads.
  35. When optimizing the title attribute for her new line of bicycles, Matilda should include:
  36. Yves heard that the custom_label attributes can help him organize his Shopping campaign. With custom labels, Yves can provide:
  37. Kelly is checking her product landing pages to make sure that she has all the required information. What piece of information is required to appear on every landing page?
  38. What optimization recommendation might you make to a new client with Shopping campaigns that don’t include all of the products the company sells?
  39. Which products should you submit the identifier_exists attribute with a value of no for?
  40. The feed that Luca exports from his point of sale system needs some cleanup before it will be accepted by Google Merchant Center. To meet the requirements, he needs to consistently change product_state to condition in his exported feed. What’s the best way to do this each time?
  41. Jane’s product feed would get disapproved due to:
  42. To set up a Shopping campaign, you’ll need to link your Google Merchant Center account and:
  43. Shopping ads on google.com:
  44. To set up ads for her local watch store in addition to the ads she already runs for her online store, Lucy should:
  45. Paige has an online dress boutique that sells dresses for women and children. She just got a new shipment of pink polkadot girls dresses.
  46. Toshiro wants to increase the conversion rate of his Shopping campaigns without increasing his budget. He should use:
  47. An online women’s clothing retailer uses conversion tracking to track orders and wants to assess the value of mobile on sales.
  48. After segmenting your client’s conversion data for a Shopping campaign, you see that mobile is driving 10 percent of sales.
  49. Mika has an online store and wants to create a Shopping campaign. What information does she need to create a Google Merchant Center account?
  50. According to Google Shopping Policies, what can be included in promotional text?
  51. At which level can you add promotional text to Product Listing Ads?
  52. Ben is creating product images. A common best practice is to:
  53. Bob is seeing low traffic for one of his product groups and daily spend is low. What could he do to help increase impressions and traffic?
  54. Brian is expanding his store to include antique goods. What should he do if there isn’t a unique product identifier available?
  55. Campaign priority should be used when:
  56. Catherine is preparing to release a new line of toys that’s currently available for pre-order only on the landing page. Why is Catherine’s data feed getting disapproved for incorrect availability?
  57. Custom labels can be a great way for you to:
  58. Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC) bidding should be used to:
  59. For a Shopping campaign, you can use AdWords to:
  60. Google Merchant Center can be used to:
  61. Google Merchant Center is used for:
  62. Google Merchant Center is used to:
  63. How are product groups used in Shopping campaigns?
  64. How can Helen provide free shipping for a small group of promotional products?
  65. How can you lose your claimed URL?
  66. How could you increase the number of conversions your Shopping campaign receives for about the same total cost?
  67. How should Chris estimate how a different bid amount would impact his store’s online traffic?
  68. If a product doesn’t have an image available, you should:
  69. If Sam doesn’t enable conversion tracking for his Shopping campaigns, which bidding option below will be available to him?
  70. In Google Merchant Center, a target country is the country where:
  71. In order to offer products in different countries, you should:
  72. Jane is planning to add a popular brand of watches to her online store. To help differentiate her products from her competitors, Jane should do which of the following:
  73. Marie’s new camera product falls into two different Google product categories. What should she use for this attribute?
  74. Matt is preparing for his store’s big holiday sale. What should Matt do to make sure the products that are on sale are organized on Google Shopping?
  75. May is in the process of expanding her store to support more territories. May’s Google Merchant Center account was suspended after adding new data feeds. Why was her account suspended?
  76. Merchants use Google Merchant Center for which purpose?
  77. Michael was notified that his products were disapproved due to incorrect prices. Which of the following may have caused the disapproval?
  78. Multi-client accounts (MCAs) in Google Merchant Center allow advertisers to easily:
  79. Nicole’s analysis shows that 5 brands currently in her “All products” group are performing especially well. What can she do to capture more traffic on these valuable brands?
  80. Peter has finished subdividing the product groups in one of his Shopping campaign’s ad groups. What bid should Peter not use for the remaining “everything else in all products” product group?
  81. Product groups are eligible for the Bid Simulator:
  82. Ricky is an online golf equipment merchant who just created a new Google Merchant Center account. When Ricky creates his first data feed, he must add unique product identifiers for his products. Which combination of ‘gtin,’ ‘mpn,’ and ‘brand’ is valid?
  83. Ruth is going to sell products that Google considers adult-oriented. How should she label her content?
  84. Ryan’s shoe store sells a variety of shoes. His “active shoes” campaign is reaching the daily budget cap by the early afternoon. What should Ryan do to get more traffic for his products?
  85. Sally is promoting her online store that sells vintage goods and custom artwork. What does she need to include for unique product identifiers?
  86. Shopping ads can be targeted to:
  87. Shopping ads should be used for:
  88. Shopping campaigns use:
  89. Suzie owns an apparel store and has decided to sell her products online. When Suzie creates a Google Merchant Center data feed, what unique product identifiers will be accepted?
  90. The attribute ‘identifier exists’ and value ‘FALSE’ should be used for:
  91. To maintain an active data feed, you must update the feed every:
  92. To subdivide products in Shopping campaigns using your own set product structure, you should use:
  93. Vivian owns an art supply store and traffic for her “painting” product group is increasing. What is one thing Vivian should do to optimize the performance of her painting products?
  94. What does Google Merchant Center use as the primary way to contact users with important messages, such as feed disapprovals?
  95. What does impression share indicate about a product group?
  96. What information do you need to enter in Google Merchant Center to create a Shopping campaign?
  97. What is a best practice to reduce the processing time of a new feed?
  98. What should Brian take into account when optimizing the ‘title’ attribute for his new line of bicycles?
  99. What’s the best way to indicate in a feed that a product is on sale for a limited time?
  100. When creating a file to upload to Merchant Center, what format is accepted?
  101. When preparing to submit a new data feed, you should:
  102. Which AdWords campaign settings should Sarah choose in order to sell products to California residents only?
  103. Which can you sell on Google Shopping?
  104. Which devices can Shopping ads appear on?
  105. Which email contact does Google use to notify merchants about account warnings?
  106. Which is a reason why Annie’s Google Merchant Center account would get suspended?
  107. Which is a required attribute when submitting a product to Google Merchant Center?
  108. Why can’t Ellen see any benchmark data for her new Shopping campaign?
  109. Why is it a best practice to set a bid for the “everything else in all products” product group?
  110. You can use campaign priority to:
  111. You can use custom labels in a product data feed to:
  112. You should use multiple ad groups when you want to:
  113. You want to prevent your ads from appearing for certain search terms. How would you do it?
  114. You’re currently targeting all inventory in one campaign through an “All products” group. How should you find campaign optimization opportunities?