Why should you style email templates with inline styles instead of css stylesheets?

A) Email stylesheets are often the cause of broken email responsiveness.
B) Stylesheets are rarely supported by email clients.
C) Inline styles help keep content “in line’ with the center of the template.
D) Statistically speaking, inline styles result in higher open rates.

Correct Answer:
B) Stylesheets are rarely supported by email clients.

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HubSpot Design Certification Exam Answers

HubSpot Design Certification Exam Answers

  1. What are the two principal design tools used for building site page, blog, and email templates in HubSpot?
  2. Which of the following is a common example of when a global group would be useful?
  3. By default, new CSS files created in the Code Editor automatically include ‘modules.css’. What does ‘modules.css’ do?
  4. According to the Nielsen-Norman Group, image sliders are highly effective tools for converting site visitors into leads.
  5. What option allows you to copy a template to raw code?
  6. When your CSS style is ready to be previewed, how do you make it available as a choice in the Style Menu?
  7. Which module type helps HubSpot customers convert visitors into leads?
  8. In web design terminology, on a responsive website:
  9. In which of the following situations would body classes be most valuable?
  10. What are HubL tags?
  11. What category of pages contains the option to build an Error Page?
  12. What is one function of the ‘Edit CS’ dropdown menu item?
  13. What is a Flexible Column?
  14. When two modules are grouped, what happens to their associated HTML?
  15. Why is it better to use an attached stylesheet instead of inline styling, for pages?
  16. Which of the following is not the correct method for determining which classes are assigned to a module?
  17. What does COS stand for?
  18. What option is used when making changes to a single instance of a global module?
  19. What is the Code Editor?
  20. If a user is interested in utilizing JavaScript libraries, where do they reference them?
  21. What is the purpose of a global group or module?
  22. A Primary CSS File is enabled by default on all templates.
  23. What is the HubSpot COS and what does it do?
  24. Why is module placeholder text important to the end user?
  25. Which of the following is a true statement about email design?
  26. Adding the HTML background-color property to an image will display a color, even if images are turned off.
  27. Why should you style email templates with inline styles instead of css stylesheets?
  28. HubSpot emails can also exist as web pages. Why is this important?
  29. A default module type in HubSpot is an “Email Signature” module.
  30. What question should you be asking yourself when testing an email template on a mobile device?
  31. What is CAN-SPAM and why is it a required module for email templates?
  32. According to the US Consumer Device Preference Report, nearly half of all emails are opened on a mobile device.
  33. Why is it important to use descriptive default text?
  34. According to the Emails Templates class, a “bullet-proof” CTA is designed with an image.
  35. What is the most important reason to include Personalization Tokens for lead generation when designing email templates?
  36. What’s the most important first step in designing an effective marketing email template?
  37. How can you use the Template Builder to help end users brand their emails?
  38. Which of these is a reason for using HubSpot for sending emails versus other tools?
  39. Why is it important to include space for an image in an email template?
  40. True or False: Forms function best when placed on Landing Pages.
  41. What is the best way to ensure the site footer is consistent across all pages?
  42. True or False: Effective Landing Pages include site navigation.
  43. In terms of successful marketing, why is it important to use empty space effectively?
  44. What specific element does HubSpot recommend for every single page, for lead-generation?
  45. When designing site architecture and navigation, which of the following is paramount?
  46. If you were asked to modify the Home Page for a Company in order to describe the Company’s reputation, which of the following modules would best describe their reputation?
  47. Why does HubSpot recommend customers create websites with the HubSpot design tools instead of other popular CMS platforms?
  48. A well-designed Landing Page is like an additional employee that works 24/7.
  49. True or false: Since blogs are always changing, content “above-the-fold’ is less important.
  50. True or False: You can only create one blog per site with HubSpot’s design tools.
  51. How is the layout of a Blog Post Template built?
  52. A client wants to catapult themselves into a thought leader for their industry. As their designer, how can you help to promote a company’s thought leadership through templates?
  53. How can the layout of a blog post improve the blog author’s experience?
  54. Where do you change layout of individual blog posts?
  55. Fill in the blank: While most pages should be optimized for user interaction, responsive blogs should be first optimized for _________.
  56. For the sake of keeping users engaged over time, it is vital that a blog feature a ________ in addition to content.
  57. True or false: Design consistency with home page and site pages is important to user experience.
  58. In order to maximize readability of your blog, you should design using only one color.
  59. Calls-to-Action should be included in Blog Posts and ________?
  60. Where are options such as Date Format and Commenting options controlled from?
  61. Which of the following questions does NOT factor into developing your site’s user personas:
  62. True or False: When designing for your users, your initial site prototype should be written in code.
  63. Affordances can also be described as:
  64. What is the feedback principle in relation to designing the user experience?
  65. Of the following choices, which would be the best way to create a consistent site experience?
  66. Adaptive design relies on predefined screen sizes.
  67. Fill in the blank: Acccording to by Akamai, 40% of people will abandon a webpage if it takes more than _____ seconds to load.
  68. Select the correct line of HTML that activates the phone app of a mobile device.
  69. When designing a mobile-optimized menu in HubSpot, the menu stacks vertically on smaller screens by default.
  70. What element is most important when writing a CSS media query?