WooRank Certification Exam Answers

WooRank Certification Exam Answers

  1. “Dofollow” is a value that can be assigned to the rel attribute of an HTML element to instruct that the hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index
  2. “Nofollow” is a value that can be assigned to the rel attribute of an HTML element to instruct that the hyperlink should influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index.
  3. 1% CTR means that for every 100 impressions there are 10 clicks.
  4. A 1-second delay in page response can result in a:
  5. A buyer persona primarily helps:
  6. A content publisher is most likely to track actions that __________ as their desired outcome.
  7. A deep link is:
  8. A socalled honey trap can filter spam that is created on contact forms by automated programs by hiding a box from human view.
  9. A/B testing is:
  10. Above the fold means:
  11. According to Google, each XML sitemap should contain no more than:
  12. Ad rank components are:
  13. Affiliate marketing is:
  14. All businesses should improve their local SEO.
  15. ALT tags are:
  16. An inbound link is a link that comes from another domain.
  17. An XML Sitemap can be tested & submitted to Google using Google Search Console.
  18. Anchor text is the name given to the snippet of content used to promote pages in the search results.
  19. Big data is often defined by the 3 Vs. Which of the following is not one of them?
  20. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a site who actively click away to a different site from a specific page.
  21. CMS stands for:
  22. Crowdsourced content means creating your own content
  23. CTR is calculated by the below formula:
  24. Declaring a language has no effect on SEO as search engines can detect a website’s language.
  25. Dublin core is the list of the core elements of a website.
  26. Dynamic serving serves different HTML for one URL depending on the user-agent.
  27. Evergreen content has a short shelf life.
  28. Feature phones are:
  29. Flash content is known for being easily indexed by search engines.
  30. Fonts used for email campaigns should always be web-friendly
  31. Formative usability testing is:
  32. Google Analytics is capable of tracking user activity on any digitally connected device.
  33. Google Analytics tracking code should be inserted:
  34. Google Analytics: Which of the following is not a metric?
  35. Google.co.uk is a top level domain.
  36. Google’s ‘Search Analytics’ allows users to track and filter Clicks, Impressions, Clickthrough rate & Positions, using data from the last 3 months.
  37. hreflang tags can be implemented in the XML sitemap.
  38. If no title tag and/or meta description is specified for webpage, Google will generate one automatically using the content on the page.
  39. In a PPC model, the advertiser optimizes for impressions rather than the acquisition of clicks.
  40. In email marketing, spam complaints often occur when the sender has no permission to contact the receiving party.
  41. In emails, more attention is typically paid to information that is:
  42. In Google Analytics, the value (not set) appears for the selected dimension when no information is available.
  43. In PPC the advertiser pays for:
  44. In the context of SEO, what does “PR” stand for?
  45. In the initial meeting with a small business owner who needs help with his/her online strategy, you start by:
  46. In the linear attribution model in Google Analytics:
  47. Internal links and inbound links are the same.
  48. It is a best practice to block javascript and CSS in the robots.txt file.
  49. It is better to use hyphens in URLs rather than underscores.
  50. It is better to use underscores in URLs rather than hyphens.
  51. It’s possible to use Google Analytics to track search terms entered into a search box placed on your website.
  52. Keyword stuffing is:
  53. Meta tags and alt tags serve the same function.
  54. Multiple H3 tags can be used on all pages.
  55. Newsjacking refers to the practice of capitalizing on the popularity of a news story to amplify the impact of a piece of content.
  56. Nofollow links are not included in the calculation which determines the amount of PageRank that is passed through other links on a page.
  57. Page tag based web analytics uses IP addresses to identify unique visitors.
  58. Responsive design serves the same HTML for one URL and uses CSS media queries to determine how the content is rendered on the client side.
  59. Search engines are able to index websites based on IP instead of name.
  60. Spam complaints usually occur when the email loads for an extensively long time.
  61. Tag-based web analytics uses cookies.
  62. The abbreviation CTA means:
  63. The abbreviation UCE stands for:
  64. The best keywords are never long-tail.
  65. The canonical tag is used to instruct bots that the page can be indexed.
  66. The Canonical tag is used to:
  67. The disavow tool can be used to prevent low quality backlinks from harming your website.
  68. The error message “Forbidden” is an example of which HTTP status code?
  69. The Google Pigeon update mainly affects:
  70. The H1 tag:
  71. The hreflang tag is used to:
  72. The lifetime value of a client refers to:
  73. The meta description can help to:
  74. The Meta keywords tag can be used to increase the relevancy of keywords and improve rankings.
  75. The meta keywords tag is used by Google as a ranking signal.
  76. The more pages a website has indexed in Google, the better.
  77. The unique goal of advertising is to enhance sales.
  78. The XML Sitemap is used to help users easily navigate websites, providing a hierarchical list of links to all pages.
  79. Third party cookies are used in Google Analytics.
  80. To be considered mobile friendly, a website should have:
  81. To document a content marketing strategy can be beneficial in the long run.
  82. URL stands for:
  83. Using “domain keys” is a form of email authentication.
  84. utm_medium and utm_term are URL parameters that are both needed for campaign tracking.
  85. Very high keyword density is not an indicator of keyword stuffing.
  86. What % of people will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load?
  87. What are external links?
  88. What are internal links?
  89. What does the abbreviation SERP stand for?
  90. What is an XML sitemap?
  91. What is anchor text?
  92. What is local SEO?
  93. What is malicious duplicate content?
  94. What is NOT a benefit of local SEO?
  95. What is not considered as an effect of well-built backlinks in SEO?
  96. What is not true about a favicon?
  97. What is PageRank?
  98. What is robots.txt?
  99. What is the main purpose of the meta description?
  100. What is the purpose of “nofollow” links?
  101. What is W3C?
  102. What is www resolve?
  103. When adding the Google Analytics tracking code to your website, it should appear:
  104. When calculating what it costs to send a thousand emails, the rate used is:
  105. When carrying out keyword research for your pages, which of the following should you do?
  106. When convincing a potential buyer, the most important aspect of the interaction is:
  107. When searching for keywords, which tool would you NOT use:
  108. When speaking of title tag character limit or length, spaces are not counted.
  109. When the URL of a page is changed, it’s usually best practice to:
  110. Where does the expression “PageRank” come from?
  111. Which Facebook metric reflects the number of people who have seen the content?
  112. Which of the below best describes Facebook engagement?
  113. Which of the below statements is true?
  114. Which of the following animals is associated with a Google penalty that relates to low quality web pages and thin content?
  115. Which of the following animals represents a Google penalty that is triggered by low quality link building?
  116. Which of the following does Google consider as ‘Cloaking’?
  117. Which of the following HTTP status codes is returned when a page cannot be found?
  118. Which of the following is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?
  119. Which of the following is generally a bad email marketing practice?
  120. Which of the following is not a tool that can be used for social promotion?
  121. Which of the following is not an accepted markup format by Google?
  122. Which of the following is NOT mobile friendly?
  123. Which of the following is not one of four pillars of content marketing?
  124. Which of the following is the ideal length for a title tag?
  125. Which of the following redirects is known as the ‘Permanent’ redirect?
  126. Which of the following statements is true about a website’s title tags?
  127. Which of the following URL redirects is known to pass PageRank?
  128. Which of the following would prevent search spiders from crawling www.mysite.com/example in a robots.txt file?
  129. Which one does not belong to the 3 essential steps of content marketing?
  130. Which one of the below statements is false?
  131. Which one of these is a dimension in Google Analytics?
  132. Who needs local SEO?

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