YouTube Creative Essentials Assessment Answers

Explore creative strategies for telling effective brand stories on YouTube. Hear what works and what doesn’t, directly from the experts. Analyze your videos to see if you captured your audience’s attention. Creative Advertising: Introducing YouTube creative essentials, Collect creative intelligence, Design unskippable ads, Tell your story in 6 seconds, Who's behind that screen?, Reinventing storytelling, Unskippable experiments, Retain and entertain, Putting it all together, Pass the Assessment and earn an Achievement: YouTube creative essentials assessment.

  1. According to Ipsos eye-tracking research, approximately how much TV advertising goes unseen?
  2. Which report provides insight into the many ways viewers find videos?
  3. Which YouTube storytelling technique describes when a video ad changes based on viewers’ behavior?
  4. How can you validate a specific assumption about your audience?
  5. According to Deloitte’s Digital Democracy Survey, approximately how many millennials and Gen Zers are bingeing content weekly.?
  6. In the “Tease, amplify, echo” approach, what role does a piece of long-form content serve?
  7. To validate a campaign idea, which tool can be used to explore popular search queries?
  8. How can you create video ads to maximize effectiveness on YouTube?
  9. Which demonstrates the “Connect” principle in the ABCDs?
  10. Which demonstrates the “Brand” principle in the ABCDs?
  11. Which demonstrates the “Direct” principle in the ABCDs?
  12. Which is a best practice for creating effective Bumper ads?
  13. Your client’s main goal is to drive ad recall. Which creative consideration for Bumper ads supports these goals?
  14. How have Bumper ads performed in Google-run studies?
  15. Which report shows how long a video keeps its audience?
  16. Which targeting type can help your client reach consumers who frequent department stores?
  17. What can Brand Lift measure?
  18. Which demonstrates the “Attract” principle in the ABCDs?
  19. Your client is an online car marketplace. Which targeting type can help your client’s campaign reach people in the car buying process?
  20. Which story arc can be the most impactful on YouTube?
  21. How can you produce video ads to perform well on YouTube?
  22. Which report shows how long a video was watched in aggregate?

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