YouTube Video for Brand Basics Assessment Answers

YouTube Video for Brand Basics Assessment Answers

  1. 28/04/2019 Your manager wants to know how Google can help your brand determine how your campaign affected the organic search query volume for related keywords on Google.com and YouTube.com. Which Brand Lift metric can measure that?
  2. 28/04/2019 Your agency is looking to achieve maximum reach and lift for your video campaign? Which Google products can you use?
  3. 28/04/2019 Your agency wants to extend your reach by adding YouTube to your TV media spend. What Google measurement solution can help you plan and measure reach and frequency?
  4. 28/04/2019 What is Google Preferred?
  5. 28/04/2019 You want to increase awareness among 18- to 34-year-old men. Which of these Brand Lift metrics would you use to see if your campaign is effective?
  6. 28/04/2019 Before running a campaign, you’d like to track aided and unaided awareness to understand how your customers perceive your brand. What measurement tool can you use to uncover these data points?
  7. 28/04/2019 What Google measurement solution uncovers things like how your campaign affected consumer research, interest, product consideration, and opinion development?
  8. 28/04/2019 Viewability is a measure of whether or not an ad had a chance to be seen by a user. What is Google’s solution for measuring viewability across the web and is accredited by the Media Ratings Council?
  9. 28/04/2019 Your manager wants to know how Google can help your brand measure how much more your consumers align with the brand identity after exposure to it — what’s the brand equity impact? Which Brand Lift metric can measure that?
  10. 28/04/2019 Your agency has specialized in running TV ad campaigns, but now you’re expanding into the thriving digital video market. Which YouTube offering was designed with TV media buyers in mind?
  11. 28/04/2019 What video ad solution can you use to drive visits to your mobile app and increase conversions?
  12. 28/04/2019 What does the Google Preferred Preference Score look at to measure popularity and passion?
  13. 15/02/2018 What’s the first step when determining the right video solution for your campaign?
  14. 14/02/2018 Your manager wants to know how Google can help your brand get in front of mobile users. What might you say?
  15. 14/02/2018 What does digital media offer that TV advertising does not?
  16. 14/02/2018 If the primary goal for your video campaign is influencing consideration, what are the KPIs you’d look at?
  17. 14/02/2018 These people are redefining what it means to be a celebrity by being approachable, conversational, and authentic to millions of dedicated followers. They can activate millions of fans with a click of the “publish” button — and some are sharing the spotlight with brands.
  18. 14/02/2018 Your agency is looking to run a video campaign that has flexible pricing, real-time optimization, and an ad format that allows users to opt out of watching. Where can you implement this campaign?
  19. 14/02/2018 Cards are a great way to increase engagement with your video ad or brand. Where do you create cards?
  20. 14/02/2018 Your agency wants to run an ad campaign that reaches audiences that are hard to find on TV, impacts customers with engaging formats, and allows your team to measure and optimize their campaigns in near real time. Where can you advertise to accomplish all three of these objectives?
  21. 14/02/2018 What is a key difference between reservation buying and auction buying?
  22. 14/02/2018 If the primary goal for your video campaign is building awareness, what are the KPIs you’d look at?
  23. 03/02/2018 Which ad format gives viewers the choice of whether or not to watch your ad, and helps drive brand consideration?
  24. 03/02/2018 TrueView video ads can be especially effective for driving what goals?
  25. 03/02/2018 What can you use to connect with people based on their purchase intent?
  26. 03/02/2018 You work for an advertiser or agency with an upfront deal. What is the best way to reserve Google Preferred inventory?
  27. 03/02/2018 How can you launch Google Preferred and/or Mastheads ads?
  28. 03/02/2018 You’re an agency that needs to know the technical specifications to build and implement your upcoming video campaign. Where can you go to find out how each ad format works, creative submission timelines, technical specifications, reporting, and third-party tracking capabilities?
  29. 03/02/2018 What is Google’s programmatic buying platform?
  30. 03/02/2018 Google helps marketers connect with people using what three kinds of data?
  31. 03/02/2018 On mobile alone, what platform reaches more 18- to 49-year-olds than any broadcast or cable TV network?

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